Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: Still Important

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"Dead! You all deserve to die! I want to kill you all here!"

The fire **** centrifuge roared back to the sky, and no longer ignored Zhao Yuande, but rushed towards the group of powerful people in a mad rush.

It knew at this point that it was no longer possible to send Zhao Yuande out, and he would die in his hands sooner or later. He could kill one or the other before this, and finally...

Zhao Yuande's speed is very fast, and soon appeared in the places where countless forks are distributed.

"This branch is the widest, and the direction of the heart must be here!" Zhao Yuande quickly distinguished clearly and rushed directly into a large blood vessel that was countless times thicker than the one just now.

In this large blood vessel, the blood looks like the ocean, especially in the center there is a transparent, thick tube like a heating pipe, in which a liquid with a brighter color than blood flows.

A powerful life energy came from this tube, which is countless times more magnificent than when Zhao Yuande's avatar showed the ghost of an undead tree!

"This must be the heart of the Fire God Centipede! And what is flowing inside this thin tube should be the blood of the Fire God Centipede! The real essence in it." Zhao Yuande seemed to think of something. He seemed to have heard about it in the last life. The worm's heart seems to be just a relatively thick tube.

"Since that is the case, then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande showed an excited expression on his face. "The blood here should be comparable to the blood of the Black Dragon, so we must get more!"

Although the flame god's shell is extremely strong, the flesh is more resilient, but the blood vessels are not so strong.

His sky-cutting finger waved it all in half.

The rolling blood seemed to flood the floodgate. Zhao Yuande hurriedly opened his own body and began to absorb these blood madly.

How can the Fire God Centipede not know about this level of destruction, but it has already fallen into madness at the moment.

In just a dozen breaths, it has killed nearly ten strong men.

At this time, everyone felt that something was not right, the breath of the fire **** began to weaken a little, and it was obviously very seriously traumatized.

Everyone began to focus on defense, and gradually began to grind words.

Although Zhao Yuande cut through the heart of the fire **** centipede, the most important channel to transport sperm blood, but its body is too large, and there are too many sperm blood in the body, and it will not be able to lose its life for a while.

Instead, it stimulated the bloodthirsty killing of the fire **** Centipede, his wild and indifferent nature.

At this time, it is completely acting in accordance with its instinct, but it sets a warning bell for itself, of course, its strength is reduced to a certain level, at this level, it will automatically wake up, and then it will be the last jade. It's time.

Of course, Zhao Yuande and the strong men didn't know these at this time. They were just grabbing and fighting continuously, but they didn't know that the more they went, the closer they were to death.

"Squeak!" Just when Zhao Yuande looked at his obtained blood with excitement, suddenly a voice rang in his ear.

"Huh? Little guy, what's the matter with you?" While Zhao Yuande was extremely excited, the little guy in his arms suddenly had a voice, and his face could not help showing a weird look.

"Squeak!" The little one gestured his little paws, with an anxious look in his eyes.

"Huh?" Although Zhao Yuande couldn't understand its cry, he communicated with the little guy and instantly understood the meaning of the other party.

"You mean this flame **** is very dangerous and may explode at any time?" Zhao Yuande said there was a shocked look on his face.

This guy is so big. If he really blew himself up, I am afraid that the entire small world would also be destroyed in the explosion. He would definitely die in this state!

The little guy nodded vigorously, pulling Zhao Yuande's clothes desperately.

"When may it explode?" Zhao Yuande asked unwillingly.


"at any time"

Ok! Still important!

Zhao Yuande looked helplessly at the spurting blood, if he had gone, he would be wasted!

Fortunately, he has collected tens of thousands of pounds of essential blood, and it is not countless.

"Hey!" He sighed, tearing the void, and stepped directly into it.

When Zhao Yuande stepped out of the void, he found himself in a sea of boiling underground magma.

The huge endless flame **** was above the magma sea, attacking the dozens of powerful people insanely.

Zhao Yuande's appearance instantly caught the attention of those people.

"Brother Zhao, how did you come out?" Zhou Yang first sent a voice to Zhao Yuande.

Hearing Zhou Yang's voice, Zhao Yuande hesitated a little.

This Zhou Yang is pretty good, and has worked with himself. Although he does not have a deep relationship with him, he cannot watch him die like this.

And now if he leaves, these people will certainly have doubts in their hearts, maybe they will leave with them.

Thinking of it this way, he immediately told him that the Fire God Centurion was about to explode.

Zhou Yang is not a fool, and suddenly combined with the current crazy state of the Fire God, he immediately judged that what Zhao Yuande said could definitely happen.

Naturally, Zhou Yang will not escape alone, and will tell everyone at this time.

Suddenly everyone's face changed suddenly.

Although they did not get any benefits, but life is more valuable than anything.

Everyone hit it off, and even the strong men who studied the Void Avenue opened the door to the void directly.

As these people stepped into the gate of the void, Zhao Yuande appeared on the ground of the small world at the next moment.

"Who remembers where we just entered, if the beast explodes, the entire small world will be destroyed, and all of us will die inside." Suddenly someone exclaimed.

Because as soon as they entered this small world, that door disappeared.

However, there are powerful people who are proficient in the Void Avenue. They should be able to use the clues to show the position of the portal. By then, the power of the united people can completely break this void.

"Can't remember! The whole piece is yellow sand, who can remember where in the end!"

"I can sense a special spatial fluctuation, it should be in that direction..."

Everyone followed this strong man, flying all the way, and soon appeared before a void.

"Yes! It's here!" This strong man was an old man with red hair. His eyes seemed to have a hint of red light, glancing in the void, and a piece of fantasy appeared!

Everyone really vaguely saw a Taoist figure emerge from this illusion.