Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1126

Chapter 1126: The Plate Is Gone

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"Everyone, we only need to break through this void, and we should be able to return to the corridor!" The red-haired old man stared at the crowd with a staring gaze.

"Yes! Break through the void, you and me join hands!" A middle-aged man with a vain body shrouded in black mist all over the body, "The opening of this door to the void is a shuttle between the two worlds and is different. As you shuttle through the dimension space that this small world is attached to, you must do your best."

This person is the strong man who can open the gate of the void, and he begins to depict Taoist runes directly at the position indicated by the redhead.

"Brother Zhou, I think there is always something wrong!" Zhao Yuande sent a message to Zhou Yang, "I feel that the voice of the red-haired strong seems a little familiar."

Zhao Yuande swore that he had never seen this red-haired old man, but when he spoke, there was a strange smell in his voice.

"Brother Zhao, you worry too much!" Zhou Yang chuckled with a smile, "I know this person, it is the rectification of the ancestral ancestor of the fairyland in the middle of the fairyland!"

"Oh! Maybe I thought too much! Zhao Yuande nodded, but his expression did not relax.

He again took out a set of eternal fine gold armor and put it on quietly, even put the eternal tower combat suit on the soul of the soul, and Jing Zhongyue in his palm was also ready to go.

Soon a huge rune was portrayed in the void, and the power of the endless void was rippling, as if to break the door of the whole world.

"You guys, let's go together and inject spiritual power into the Fu array!" The middle-aged man in the black mist first patted the Fu array one by one, and the rolling power was injected into it.

Others have also learned a lot, and began to inject power into the Fuzhen.

The Fu array was slowly excited, and a blurry light gate in the void appeared from time to time.

"Everyone puts more effort on it, and we can immediately..."

At this moment, suddenly a huge roar came from the depths of the earth, and then the entire small world began to violently oscillate. An irresistible force of terror suddenly dented the entire earth into a huge tens of thousands of miles. Potholes.

Grunt! Grunt!

Underneath the huge pit is like a huge toad continually inflating, but in a blink of an eye the big pit instantly turned into a giant peak of tens of thousands of feet, and a terrifying force of destruction was brewing in the mountain peak.


The summit of the giant mountain exploded suddenly, and the blood-red magma spewed out from the summit instantly, rushing straight out of the cloud.

It was only at this moment that cracks began to appear on the ground, and these cracks were hundreds of feet wide and thousands of feet wide in an instant!

The blood-red magma in the crack rolled and rushed...

Just a moment the entire small world turned into a sea of magma.

"No! The small world is going to be destroyed! Let's speed it up!" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"It's really cruel! It really exploded!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help grinning. If it was still in the body of the Fire God, I'm afraid he would be seriously injured now, and he wouldn't be able to escape.

Under the full strength of everyone's strength, the Void Gate took shape in the blink of an eye.

"Come on! Throw in the fairy jade quickly to maintain the operation of the void gate!" The middle-aged man in the black mist first escaped from a large number of fairy jade to replace his spiritual output.


A violent explosion was heard again beneath the earth, and the magma sea of the entire small world was completely boiled at this time, and huge waves of flames rose into the sky.


Another loud noise came!

The earth was torn, and a huge trench of tens of thousands of miles appeared on the earth.

It can be clearly seen that at the bottom of the huge trench, a blood-red round bead that is hundreds of millions of times brighter than the sun seems to be a person with a seizure and is shaking madly.

"Come on! The core of the world is about to explode!" Some people were suddenly terrified when they saw this scene.

"It's done! Hurry to enter the Void Gate!"



Just when Zhao Yuande's figure just disappeared into the void gate, and seven or eight people behind him did not enter, the blood-red bead finally exploded at once!

Suddenly the entire small world lost all its light in an instant. With blood-red beads as the center, hundreds of thousands of miles of void, all matter was instantly blown into nothingness, the void gate and the seven or eight strong men who did not enter the gate, Also disappeared together.

The void was torn, dozens of strong men appeared in a dark space, and finally Zhao Yuande felt an irresistible force coming from behind, flew him out of the air, and hit **** the hard ground. on.

At this moment, Zhao Yuande felt his body's bones making an overwhelming soft sound, his internal organs and his internal organs were all broken into pieces one by one, his knowledge of the sea was shaken, his soul was traumatized, and his whole head was a little confused.

If he hadn't put on the armor of eternal gold, he felt that this blow really hurt him.

The key to the injury of the soul and soul can not be recovered with an undead body, which is the most headache for him!

"Where is this place?" Someone had already begun to observe the space.

Although it is dark here, it is impossible to block the sight of these powerful men.

"Hey, this is a large hall, this scale is impossible on the 25th floor... according to the size of the palace, this may be 28-9 floors, or even 30 floors!" Just someone in a flash Found something wrong.

"Yes! It's definitely not the twenty-fifth floor. Isn't the location we just found a bit biased and appears in a deeper prison?" The middle-aged man of Black Mist frowned slightly. "No! I'm definitely according to Brother Pan The indicated position... Brother Pan... What about Brother Pan?"

"Well? I just saw Panzheng passing the Void Gate, why can't I find it?" Someone suddenly shocked.


A golden light rose into the air and instantly illuminated the whole hall.

There were more than thirty strong men at the scene. They look at me. I see that you haven't found any trace of Panzheng.

"Brother Pan..."

"Don't call it, I just felt that this person is wrong, the red light in his eyes is very evil." Zhao Yuande looked pale and stood up from the ground, "I think other things are not important, we still Hurry up and find a way to leave here."

"No! The void here is imprisoned, and we can't shuttle at all!" Someone suddenly exclaimed.

"Find the door to the prison, we will force it open!" someone suggested.

"The gate is here, but..."

Everyone looked at it soundly, and really saw the gate of the prison, but at this time it was wrapped in a heavy light, and a force of vanity rumbled around the gate.