Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127: Controlled Puppet

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"There are forty-nine large arrays of voids covering the gate. I am afraid that we people can't break through for an hour!" The middle-aged man's eyebrows in Heiwu grew wrinkled and tight, he exclaimed suddenly, "I remember The voice that tempted us on the 25th floor is somewhat similar to Panzheng's voice, is it Panzheng!"

"Hey! I'm not upright, I'm Jiuyuan Patriarch! Little guys, you have entered my site, and then you will become my food!" A cold, strange laugh came from the depths of the hall.

A figure came out slowly, with a strange smile on his face.

"It's just..."

"No... The spirit of Panzheng has been swallowed by this monster, we are introduced into that space by it, and then it uses everyone's trust in Panzheng to open the void door to the monster's prison! We are now in this monster. Among the calculations!" Zhou Yang came out at this time and looked at a few solemnly, "We have to unite, as long as we unite, we can fight even if it is a strong man in the fairyland!"

"Good! Unite and cut this monster!" Everyone responded immediately, life and death crisis, as long as they could do anything, let alone fight together.

"Hey! Useless, you weak ants, don't know how strong I am, you will soon kneel in front of me and tremble!" Pan Zheng's face showed a sarcastic smile, and his feet kept still. Step by step.

"Slain Panzheng first, let this monster lose a ray of soul!" Zhou Yang shouted, and the first sword thorn pierced Panzheng.

Immediately after dozens of powerful attacks, overwhelmingly covered the past.

"Hey! It's useless!" Pan was smiling coldly, he went forward regardless of it.

And those terrible attacks seemed to be directly drawn by a terrible force and fell into another void.

"This is the move of the void! The opponent can move the attack even more, which has reached a limit of the Void Avenue!" The middle-aged man in the dark mist who has a deep understanding of the way of the void suddenly changed greatly.

"Don't we have any chance of winning?" Everyone instantly felt a despair filled with hearts.

"There is, but..." The middle-aged man of Black Mist stopped talking.

"At this time, what are you waiting for!" Everyone seemed to see a glimmer of hope when he said this.

"This requires the cooperation of all of you! I am proficient in a large formation, which should be able to stop the other party's conspiracy! However, it requires thirty-six people to join hands to control the large formation." The middle-aged man of Black Mist glanced at everyone, his eyes scorched, " As long as there is a big success, we will be safe and worry-free!"

"Is it just safe and worry-free? How can we escape?" someone asked.

"After the formation of a large formation, the space in the formation is under my control, and then I can move the Dafa and move everyone out of this prison." The middle-aged man of Black Mist is full of confidence, which makes people feel this at first glance. People can be trusted to do things.

"Okay! There is no other way, let's start!" Seeing a glimmer of hope in the life and death crisis, no one wants to miss it.

At this time, many people feel that a crisis of life and death is gradually coming. Even if they have doubts in their hearts, they have to do what everyone wants.

"A total of thirty-eight more than you!" At this time someone counted.

"That kid's cultivation is the lowest, you go out to block Panzheng, don't let him come close to us, destroy our big formation!" Many people suddenly turned their attention to Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Zhao..." Zhou Yang stopped talking, but just shook his head gently. He couldn't reverse the situation himself, he could only shut up.

"Never mind! Brother Zhou, you have to be careful, I will stop it!" Zhao Yuande nodded slightly to Zhou Yang and preached, "Brother Zhou, don't believe that person completely, he will lose all of you instantly. Combat power..."

Zhao Yuande didn't continue to say that, he knew he said that the other party should be able to understand what he meant.

Even if he is left in the formation, he will use the avatar control, so that the real body lurks just in case.

Now he has been sent out to stop Panzheng, but instead he has his intentions.

At this point, his injury has been fully recovered, but the injury of the soul is still a little bit, but this has not affected the combat effectiveness.

He came to Panzheng in a blink of an eye, pointing the stick at his opponent.

"Stop it! I won't let you go half a step!" Zhao Yuande's voice was dull, and there was no sense of tension in it.

Because just now, he was confirmed by the old servant in the Wa Palace.

The power of the broken world just now can be resisted by the Wa Palace!

Although it will deepen the damage of Wa Palace, it is worthwhile to be able to save your life!

As Zhao Yuande's realm is getting higher and higher, there are more and more opportunities to find those materials. Wa Palace will one day be completely restored in Zhao Yuande's hands!

With the preservation of the Wa Palace, Zhao Yuande was extremely calm at this time.

"Little guy, as long as you don't stop me, I will let you go out!" Pan Zheng stopped his body, his face smiling like a smile.

"Okay! Your acting is too clumsy! I know, you are not in a hurry to attack those people, you are just waiting for them to form a large formation, and then go to collect the fruits of victory!" Zhao Yuande stared at each other with his eyes staring deadly. Emoji.

"Oh! How did you guess?" Pan Zheng didn't admit or deny that his face was still undone, but he looked at Zhao Yuande quietly.

"There is no need to tell you!" Zhao Yuande waved the killing **** in his hand, where he did not cast the Four Spirit Sticks, but used the stick as a halberd and exhibited the eternal halberd.

"It's useless. You can't hurt me with your cultivation practice!" Pan Zheng smiled in the corner of his mouth, and casually flicked it. The light and light appearance made Zhao Yuande laugh.


Although Zhao Yuande didn't light up three stars at this time, he didn't completely explode his physical strength, but it was still not resolved by the other party with a flick.

Pan Zheng only felt as if he was hit by a magnificent giant mountain on the mountain. The whole person flew out suddenly and hit the wall heavily.


Zhao Yuande obviously heard bursts of bone cracking.

"You... your kid is really insidious, you hide the cultivation base!" Pan Zheng frosted up from the ground.

At this moment, his body was fragile and his chest collapsed, but he walked toward Zhao Yuande again with a somber face.

"Give me a death!" Zhao Yuande didn't hesitate anymore, he slaughtered the **** stick in his hand and came straight.

Pan Zheng now saw the appearance of a phantom of a towering tower in the void, and suppressed it in front of him.

A powerful horror force that made him tremble instantly swept the spot.

Pan Zheng's injuries were not light at first. At this moment, he saw this terrible power, and his face changed again and again.