Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1128

Chapter 1128: Nine Babies

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"Hum! Since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!" Pan Zheng roared, and a black light burst out of his body, rushing towards Zhao Yuande.


The phantom of the tower fell directly, crushing Panzheng's body instantly into a pool of meat.

And at this moment, the black light seemed to go through the void directly, and suddenly swept directly into Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge.

"Hey! Boy, no matter how strong your body is and strong spiritual power, but your state is too low, your soul..." The black light turned into a nine-headed monster snake, which appeared in Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge, but in his mouth Before he finished his words, he exclaimed.

"How do you... in your sea of knowledge..."

"Little Nine Infants dare to be so presumptuous!" A golden palace was floating in Zhao Yuande's knowledge of the sea, a loud and powerful voice resounded throughout the knowledge of the sea.

"You... who the **** are you?" The nine-headed monster snake looked at the small palace, its body stood up, nine heads widened their eyes in horror, an unbelievable look.

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that your courage is too big! Give me death!"

The golden palace is naturally the Wa Palace. Although the Wa Palace is scarred at this time, it is not comparable to ordinary Xianbao.

The Wa Palace was shocked, and the nine-headed monster snake shattered instantly.

"This is the Nine Infants of the Ancient Fierce Beast?" Zhao Yuande's soul looked at Wa Palace and asked, "Do we want to grab it and make it our coolie?"

"This kind of fierce beast is really too cruel and cunning. If it can't be completely tamed, it will be harmful and unhelpful to let it enter the Wa Palace!" The voice of the old servant Mo sounded, and the tone was full of aversion to Nine Infants.

"Since this is the case, how do we kill it?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The weak point of this fierce beast is the head! But it has nine heads. If one is cut off alone, it will grow out in an instant. Unless nine heads can be cut off together, it cannot be killed!" The old servant sighed, " If the Wa Palace can recover one-tenth of its power, it can be easily killed. But now it has only one percent of the power. Although it is enough to kill the beast instantly, it encounters nine infants...If it is not possible, it can only be left. Now!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded silently.

But he was not so pessimistic. The nine infants were kept here for so long, and there should be little power left, and this would certainly not be the nine infants that chaos first opened. This is just a descendant of the nine infants.

And before being confined to the 30th floor, its original combat power was only a fairyland. It has been confined here. Its combat power may now have at most the early stage of fairyland.

Zhao Yuande felt that even if he could not kill the other party, it should be a breeze to get out of the other party calmly.

Everything that happens in the sea of knowledge is not instantaneous,

Zhao Yuande killed Panzheng with a single stick, and a black light flew into Zhao Yuande's eyebrows in Panzheng's mind. This scene was seen by everyone.

Although they were all struggling at this time, they still felt a sense of horror in their hearts. They knew what it meant.

Zhao Yuande must have been controlled by the black light. It seems that the other party gave up the body of the body and chose Zhao Yuande's body. What does that mean?

But just when they looked at Zhao Yuande worriedly, they found that his extraordinary body didn't go to the large array, but went to the depths of the hall.

Many people are puzzled, but at this time the face of the middle-aged man in the dark mist is anxious and shocked.

"Hurry up! Fully manipulate your spiritual power and infuse into the large formation. We must seize all the time!" The middle-aged man in Black Mist looked at Zhao Yuande's figure that was gradually away, his eyes lightly cold.

Zhao Yuande didn't pay attention to the 37 people. He knew what he was talking about, and these people would not believe it. They certainly thought they were controlled.

He simply walked deep into the hall, he wanted to find the nine babies hidden in the dark and kill them.

"What a fog!"

The more Zhao Yuande walked deeper into the hall, the more he felt that the humidity was very heavy, and there was misty mist when walking.

A pungent blood came from the depths of the hall at this time.

"Hey! Boy, your courage is so big!" A deep and hoarse laughter came from the depths of the mist.

"Nine babies! I know you are hiding inside. Come out and fight me if you have the ability!" Zhao Yuande keeps walking, Zhong Zhongyue is ready to go in the palm of his hand, he does not believe that the other party is in a strong and low-end live Zhongzhongyue Beheaded.

"Boy, I have to say that it was a mistake of me to bring you in!" The voice paused a little, and continued, "It would be better if I let you go and give you a certain amount of compensation. Then how about we not infringe each other?"

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande didn't expect the other party to say that.

This is clearly a sign of weakness, but according to the indifference, this kind of beast is cunning and cruel, and there must be some conspiracy among them.

"Since you are so sensible, then compensate me a million pounds of blood, and I will leave immediately when I get the compensation!" Zhao Yuande said directly.

"What are you talking about! One million pounds of essential blood? No, too much... give you up to a thousand pounds!" The voice suddenly became angry when he heard this number, but after a short pause, he resisted. Anger, began to bargain with Zhao Yuande.

"One thousand catties? You are calling Hua Zi!" Zhao Yuande shook his head straight, his face disdainful.

"Good! Five thousand pounds, this is my limit!" The voice thought out this number for a moment.

"Five thousand pounds, I won't go one or two less!" Zhao Yuande simply acted and made a full set, so good to talk, I am afraid it will cause the other party's suspicion.

"Ten thousand pounds... absolutely no more!"

"Thirty thousand pounds..."

"Fifteen thousand"

"Okay! Fifteen thousand is ten thousand five!" Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction when he heard the number, "Hurry up to me, I will turn around and leave!"

"Come and get it yourself!" After that voice fell, a wide road appeared in the mist.

At the end of the road, there was a vaguely steaming palace, and the shadow of a nine-headed monster flickered inside.

Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed and he said, here he is!

However, he has absolute self-confidence in his own strength, and with powerful treasures such as Jing Zhongyue and Wa Palace, he will not be afraid of the other party's tricks.

He strode toward the palace in a stride.

In just a few steps, he had already arrived in front of the palace, at this time he could already feel the strong air in the palace.

The fighting power of the opponent is definitely in the early stage of fairyland!

Zhao Yuande immediately analyzed the strength of the other party, which made him unable to help being a little more careful.

He carefully sensed that he did not find the imprisoned void, nor any traps.

Striding into the palace, he saw a gloomy middle-aged man sitting at the top of the hall, seeing the shadow of the nine infants behind him.