Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 113

Chapter 113: After Eating You Make A Tooth Sacrifice

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Zhao Yuande showed his hands and feet and made three dishes.

Everyone ate a lot of oil, especially Ji Yuling felt the yin and yang unity after the third course, and hurried back to the room to retreat!

Heifeng and Yijie were drinking monkey wine, feeling the continuous improvement of Xiuwei, the gradual change of physique, and the happy eyebrows all gathered together.

These three foods are all recipes to improve physical fitness and enhance physical strength, so everyone digests quickly, and Zhao Yuande and the three eat and chat.

Ji Yuling returned to the crowd with some disappointment, pursed a small mouth, this shock soon ended in failure!

But the light she hoped in her eyes became brighter and brighter.

"Hey! Does the big guy want to see the abyss evil spirits?" Zhao Yuande took out the abyss blood rune and shook it before their eyes.

"Abyss blood symbol! This is the good thing you grabbed from the little rabbit of Yu Chifeng? I don't think there is anything special about it." Heifeng strengthened the abyss blood symbol and looked at it in front of his eyes. I don't know what it does. Give it back to him again.

"The poor monk is a monk, and it is his duty to eliminate the demon and defend the Dao. The abyss evil spirit is not a good kind when it hears its name. Poor monk... Hey, yes! Can the abyss evil spirit eat this?" Bring the topic back to eating!

"Go! You bald guys know to eat!" Black Bear slapped a ring and flew out. He smirked in front of Zhao Yuande, "Hey, boy, this abyss evil spirit has no chewing head!"

"I'll fight with you!" Master Yijie must send his hair up, and when he rushes back, he fights with Black Bear!

Do not! His eyebrows were raised, he didn't even send hair!

"You are an abyss blood sign! An abyss blood sign that can communicate with the abyssal world!" Ji Yuling was not too surprised to see the abyss blood sign at first glance. After the black wind said its name, it opened his eyes and looked closely. , And found out that it really looked like the records in the classics, and then asked in shock.

"The little girl still has some insights, and today I will serve you the last feast! The phantom dream!" Zhao Yuande directed everyone to move all the tables and chairs away, revealing an empty space, "but now we have to do first Its the sacrifice of this abyss blood sign that leads to the abyss ghost!

Although the abyss evil spirits are powerful, they can scare ordinary cultivators, but in front of Zhao Yuande's black bears, they are weak and insidious guys.

He cut a thread from the flesh and blood of the demon to sacrifice, and each energy was enough to attract an abyss evil spirit.

After capturing twelve abyss evil spirits, twelve magic beads were obtained.

At this time the sky was already bright, and suddenly there was a knock on the door outside the door.


Heifeng stretched lazily lazily and was kicked hard by Zhao Yuande on the buttocks, and then came to the front to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, the black wind was taken down by the outside scene, and it was found that they were all black pressed heads.

"You are the boss of the world's first gourmet?" A tall, full-faced man saw the black bear open the door, and rushed up, grabbed his arm and asked eagerly.

"No... I'm not, I'm not!" Seeing the blood-stained expression in the eyes of these people, Black Wind suddenly ran and shouted in his throat, "It's broken! There's a door to pay!"

"Oh..." The big man stood awkwardly at the door and whispered, "I just came to eat!"

"We are all here to eat!" Everyone outside the door shouted in unison.

"Hey! Heifeng, you can't even do such a thing! It's so disappointing to me!" Zhao Yuande walked out at a pacing pace, and was shocked when he saw the situation outside. Come to eat?"

"Yes! All!" Everyone saw Zhao Yuande's scorching eyes even better.

"That's all lined up! We only receive one table guest every day!" Zhao Yuande saw the big man who had entered the door and pointed at him. "You are today's guest, do you have any companions?"

"Companion?" Dahan shook his head blankly, but suddenly someone shouted outside the door at this time, "Brother, take me one, I'd like to have more than 100,000 Lingyu!"

"There is also me, and I will give you more than 100,000 Lingyu!" A fat man with a big face crowded, struggling and beckoning to the big man!

"And me...and me...Zhong Xiong, and me!" A trembling stretched out from the crowd.

"You, you still have you, and Sikong brother!" Dahan immediately heard someone willing to give more spirit jade, and immediately ordered them, "is there any more?"

All of the people who were clicked showed their faces in amusement, their hearts full of anger, and hurried in as if they were victorious generals.

"Okay, up to four people at a time!" Zhao Yuande waved to the outsiders. "Come in line early if you want to come tomorrow!"

But there was no one to go at all, and some even sat cross-legged and began to practice and meditate.

They are all cultivators. It doesnt matter if they dont eat for ten days and a half months. The time for cultivating passes faster. It can be said that a few days passed by in the blink of an eye, and they finally came to the front. They dont want to lose this good opportunity. !

In the past few days, there has been a lot of publicity in the city. Some people have eaten here and successfully upgraded to the yin and yang unity, and some have a stronger body. Although it costs a lot to eat, it is still much cheaper than buying a panacea. They all hold Come and watch with a try attitude.

If the four guys just made any big progress, or really raised the level, they are worth this!

"Do you want food on that aspect? Physical body, soul, power, or various directions of perception?" Zhao Yuande looked at the big-faced man.

"I want a flesh!" Dahan chose the flesh without hesitation and turned his head to three people. "What do you want to talk about?"

"I...I want strength!" The fat man still panted a little now.

The other two did not speak, and they seemed to agree with them.

"You two said good 100,000 Lingyu to me!" Dahan reached out to the two of them, and the two took out Lingyu happily and handed it to each other.

"Then you wait, it takes two to three hours!" Zhao Yuande shook his head away, "Heifeng, you wait here again, to see if they have any requirements!"

"Good to come!" Black Bear swept the four people, and found that their fight was nothing more than a blood sea **** fetal realm and Lingtai pregnant **** realm.

"You, **** man, get some tea!" The fat man pointed to the black wind, feeling a little irritated. "The uncles say that your store comes to consume, shouldn't you get the tea quickly?"

"Hi! You are a cub, the real person doesn't show his power, and you still treat me as a sick cat. Today, the real person ate you directly to make a tooth sacrifice!" Black wind's whole body was released, like the river and the embankment. Directly envelope the four.

He opened the big mouth of the blood basin and bit directly at the fat man.

The fat man collapsed to the ground in shock. He never dreamed that a man was a strong man in a state of yin and yang, otherwise he would not dare to be so arrogant even if he was killed.