Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1130

Chapter 1130: Greedy

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Suddenly Zhou Yang opened his eyes and pointed his finger at Jiuying.

The eyes of the blue phantom opened instantly, and two bright eyes instantly illuminated the entire space.

The three-foot Qingfeng sword in his hand shook, and a blue swordmand flew out.

The cyan swordmand seemed to be invincible, directly cut the void, and appeared in front of Jiuying in the next moment.


Jianmang swept!

Nine infants' nine heads flew in an instant.

Just as the head of Nine Infants flew up, the big burst of smoke disappeared, and thirty-three people instantly regained their freedom.

But before everyone was happy, they heard an angry roar from the depths of the palace!

A behemoth that filled the entire space appeared in front of everyone at an incredible speed.

"It's the real nine baby!"

Seeing this figure, all the strong men couldn't help but look all changed.

"Everyone join forces, otherwise we are not its opponents, hurry!" Zhou Yang shouted loudly!

Everyone had just escaped from death, and suddenly felt the horrible death crisis again.

In order to survive, they all exploded at this time.

These people had a war with the Fire God in the underground world, and they already had the experience of teaming up, so the team immediately stabilized the situation, and even Jiuying had an instant tie.

Nine babies saw that they had failed, and they could not win these people. They suddenly became very anxious.

Although he is confident that in the end these people will all die in his own hands, but... but there is a chaotic holy body with three stars awaiting him.

In case the other party breaks free of the void blockade under his own hands and joins hands with these people, I am afraid he will be finished!

However, the more anxious it is, the less it can find a breakthrough as soon as possible, and the situation is deadlocked.

When Zhao Yuande saw Jiu Ying leaving, he suddenly felt that the void in the hall was blocked.

However, this kind of Void Blockade was not a long-term plan, but just a random act. At that time, Nine Infants did not expect how long to trap Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth, he heard the rumbling battle sounds from outside, and the angry roar of Nine Infants, knowing that he had given Zhou Yang's reminder an effect.

Now that group of people is inseparable from the Nine Infants War.

He punched on the blocked void, and suddenly there were ripples in the void.

"Well, this level should not fail me!" Zhao Yuande felt the strength of the Void Blockade, and Shu could not help but frown.

"Boom! Boom..."

Ten full punches in a row, the Void Blockade made a clicking sound, and could not bear the force of Zhao Yuande. A huge crack began to appear.


His last punch hit the cracked center fiercely.


The sound of broken glass sounded.

The void blockade in the hall was suddenly broken.

"Broken!" Jiu Ying turned his head back, a trace of panic appeared in his eyes.

If you let the other party join hands with these people, it will be difficult for you to turn over.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhou Yang reappeared again with the phantom shadow of the pure Yang Taoist ancestor above his head.


Although Jiuying's resilience is natural, it can recover instantly, but it will consume a large amount of sperm and blood in the body.

This sword makes it never dare to fight again.

The huge body slammed into several practitioners, flickering away from the body in the other direction of the hall.

These strong men imprisoned in prison can escape anywhere, but they cannot go to the gate of prison alone.

Even if the door is open, they cannot escape from the inside.

There is a special prohibition on the gate specifically for prisoners in prison, and even Xianjun can't get rid of this prohibition!

"Chasing! This guy is scared! Catch up and kill him, this treasure of Nine Infants is richer than the Fire God Centipede!" Suddenly someone shouted and fled towards the figure of Nine Infants.

Many people listened to this person's words and suddenly showed greed on their faces, so they hurried to follow.

Zhou Yang's eyes flashed and he could only keep up in a hurry after thinking for a while.

This is the case now. If they are separated, they will be found by Nine Infants, one by one, and then everyone will only have the share of death. If they want to survive, they must go together!

As soon as Zhao Yuande rushed out of the hall, he felt the breath of Nine Infants, and his figure followed him.


Jiu Ying's body hit a light curtain heavily, and the huge body rebounded, his face full of gloomy colors.

"This... how is this possible..." Nine babies and nine heads roared angrily, and almost all the gloomy faces dripped out of water. "I know, it must be the aftermath of the small world explosion passed from the teleportation array, or else How can the retreat I have already prepared be blocked!"

"Ah! I'm fighting with you!" Jiuying now suddenly feels mad.

He designed to attract these people, and finally saw Zhao Yuande, who was the lowest repaired but strong flesh, and he couldn't help but attract him together.

But I didn't expect to have my own nightmare!

It was at this time that the thirty-six strong men had chased behind him. Nine infants had no place to escape, they could only turn around and fight hard!

At this time, the situation was very good, and everyone joined forces to suppress the Nine Infants, but someone suddenly saw Zhao Yuande carrying the killing stick and rushed over.

"This kid... wasn't he controlled by Jiuying? Was he here to rescue Jiuying... Go out and stop him!" Someone shouted suddenly.

"I'm going!" A black shadow rushed out and killed Zhao Yuande. This is an old woman with a thin torso, and his eyes gleamed ferociously in her eyes. She shouted sharply, "Boy, you die for me !"

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande frowned. Do these people really think of themselves as being controlled?

wrong! This person clearly has a greedy light in his eyes, apparently trying to kill himself to **** the treasures on himself.

Knowing the other party's intentions, he didn't even show mercy on his hands, and the powerful force of the gods burst out with a violent wave of killing gods in his hands.

Killing God stick with a burst of hurricane toward the old woman fiercely.

There was a sarcastic smile in the corner of the old lady's mouth, and the leading cane greeted him directly.

But as soon as the dragon cane touched the killing stick, the old woman's face suddenly changed greatly, and she felt a force she couldn't resist.

She wanted to scream and want to retreat, but there was no chance at all.

The killing stick swept across her, her leading cane shattered, her body shattered, and the things hidden in the world in her body wowed and fell to the ground!

Her soul was floating in mid-air, looking at Zhao Yuande in horror as if she was stupid.

"Huh! Old stuff, you have a good abacus!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, without letting her mean, and pointing a little.

"Ah! Rao Ming! Dao friends save me!" The old woman shouted in horror, but now she only had the spirit of the soul, and she was seriously injured in the violent shock just now. How could she escape Zhao Yuande's fingers?

As soon as her voice fell, she was cut in half.