Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131: Beheaded

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Zhao Yuande is not polite, sweeping his sleeves directly into the storage space.

Everyone saw the scene suddenly change color, they also despised Zhao Yuande, otherwise the prison just now would not be beaten to death by Zhao Yuande.

"You, I killed Panzheng just now, and found Jiuying's nest, and he was trapped in it. Just out of danger, you don't think I am controlled by Jiuying!" Zhao Yuande looked calmly toward the battlefield. Come.

"Brother Zhou, can't you see if I am sober or under control?" Zhao Yuande turned his attention to Zhou Yang again, and his eyes were full of light.

"Everyone, I think Brother Zhao is not under control. We can detail him!" Zhou Yang looked at Zhao Yuande carefully. He could not see any confusion in his eyes. He was completely normal.

Everyone also has their own judgment, and at a glance, Zhao Yuande is completely sober.

"Exactly! The old hag was greedy and deserved of death! Brother, hurry up and join us in beheading the nine babies. The babies on it are equally divided among us!"

"The little brother happens to be physically strong and much more useful than the old hag..."


Every strong man saw the power of Zhao Yuande's stick just now. Although the old woman was underestimating her enemies, she was able to smash the body of a **** emperor peak strongman at once. This physical power is absolutely terrible.

"That's good! I'll be with you!" Zhao Yuande's figure flashed to Zhou Yang to fight against the nine infants.

Jiuying was panicked at this time, but it knew Zhao Yuande's true strength, and the other party had no chance of survival as soon as he joined him.

"Little friend! Could you discuss it? I will give you a hundred thousand pounds of essential blood. How about you and me working together to kill these people?" Jiu Ying no longer had the psychology of playing before. This is really begging.

"No! Kill you, I will kill these people again. All the blood in your body is mine. This has no appeal to me!" Zhao Yuande did not exert his full strength at this time, but joined hands with everyone. Attack, the combat power only released a little bit.

He wanted to see what tricks the nine babies could play.

"You..." Jiuying was choked back by Zhao Yuande, but how could it be willing to die here, and continued, "If you don't accept me, I'm willing to be your servant and sign the Heavenly Dao Contract with you !"

"Oh! This..." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the other party's proposal was good, but the indifference clearly warned him that these nine babies were really too insidious and cunning. In case of bad operation, they might be punished.

And he took the nine babies, this group of people will certainly not let him go easily, he must want to share with him, he can't kill these people!

"Don't think about it, we teamed up to kill all these guys. I can make the oath of heaven first, and I will never break the oath, otherwise I will be killed by heaven!" Jiu Ying saw Zhao Yuande seemingly moved. Strike while hot!

Zhao Yuande frowned. He always felt that there was a magic in this guy's words. There was a kind of people who couldn't help but wanted to agree.

Realizing this, Zhao Yuande's heart suddenly became angry.

The other party dared to use the power of the soul to image his own judgment. He sneered secretly in his heart. Since you want to find death, don't blame me.

"Okay! Okay! I promise you, but you have to make an oath of heaven first!" Zhao Yuande pretended to agree, and the words were full of excitement.

"Hey! Even if you are sly and ghostly, you can't escape my palm!" Jiu Ying smiled coldly, but he made a heavenly vow in her mouth, but in the end he said that Jiu Ying was the victim of the disaster.

Nine infants were a big family in ancient times, and now there are not ten thousand or eight thousand who survived. He said the word nine infants directly. This is fraud.

It's as if Zhao Yuande made the oath of heaven, and finally said that it would be a punishment for violating the oath.

"That's good! I pretended to be seriously injured by you, and then I was in a rage, and I should solve a lot of strong people in an instant. The next thing is simple!" Zhao Yuande suggested.

"Good!" Jiu Ying will not refuse, since the other party has already believed in himself, then today's battle must have ended in one's own life, maybe there can be more than one powerful body...

Nine babies looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with a trace of greed.

"Brother Zhou, prepare your killing move immediately, and I will give you a chance to create in a moment!" Zhao Yuande saw that the other party had promised, and Ma sent a voice to Zhou Yang.

This person's pure Yang Taoist phantom is the most powerful of these people.

"Nine Infants! You eat me a stick!" Zhao Yuande swept the Nine Infant's head with the killing stick in his hand.

He gave Nine Infants a wink, and this stick-like light flutter seemed to have no energy at all.

Nine infants immediately grasped the experience, and immediately rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"Boy, you ruined my plan, and today I let you die!" The voice of Jiu Ying was filled with endless anger. He decided that even if he could not kill the boy opposite him, he would beat him to life. , And then swallow it directly, and then deal with other people, so that there will be vitality.

But when Jiuying was full of excitement and wanted to strike Zhao Yuande directly, he suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis in his heart.

Startled in his heart, he looked at Zhao Yuande, who swept toward him with a stick, as if there were no abnormalities, and the other practitioners who attacked him still maintained their rhythm.

Do you feel wrong?

At this time, a voice sounded from Jiuying's sea of knowledge.

"Are you ready? Let me go down with this stick. You must seize the opportunity. Remember not to start too heavy, otherwise my fighting power will be greatly discounted."

"Relax!" Jiu Ying's heart was peaceful.


At this time, Zhao Yuande's killing **** stick directly hit a stick on one side of his head. This stick was weak and seemed to have no food at all.

Just as happy in the heart of Nine Infants, Zhang Kou will spit out an ice and fire dragon that will hit Zhao Yuande hard.

But at the next moment, he seemed to vaguely see a spread of Zhao Yuande's palms, a bright moonlight flashed.

"Mingyue arc cut!" Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted, the bright Yuehua instantly illuminated half of the sky.

"Brother Zhou! On the other side!" Zhao Yuande sent his soul to Zhou Ming.

Zhou Ming felt the bright moonlight that Zhao Yuande exploded in an instant, and he was very happy.

He had been brewing for a long time, and the phantom shadow of the pure Yang Taoist ancestor appeared, and a blue swordman's head crossed the void, cutting directly from the other side of Nine Infants' head, just opposite the moonlight exploded by Zhao Yuande's Jingzhongyue.

Nine babies felt the crisis of death came instantly, but his body was too large to hide from hiding.

"Poo! Poo!"

Jing Zhongyue directly cut off the five heads of Nine Infants, while the swordman of Chunyang Daozu cut off the four heads of Nine Infants.