Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1132

Chapter 1132: Shi Kui

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The huge body of Nine Infants smashed to the ground with a bang, splashing the dust all over the sky.

The nine pillars of blood sprayed from its neck, and instantly stunned everyone who was stunned in place.

"Haha! Brother Zhao was really resourceful and powerful, and finally slaughtered this beast!" Zhou Yang showed a slight smile on his face, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes showing admiration.

"Without Brother Zhou's help, and all the checks, it is impossible to succeed!" Zhao Yuande did not completely attribute the credit to his own head, but wrapped everyone in it.

Everyone listened to the conversation between the two, especially when he heard Zhao Yuande's words, all of them suddenly nodded secretly.

"Let's do it quickly! Don't waste this blood anymore, you can refine the panacea and refine the flesh!" Zhao Yuande will start to take the blood of the nine infants in the storage space already prepared.

Many people are not interested in the sequel of Nine Infants. They are interested in the treasure of Nine Infants and the various materials on it.

When Zhao Yuande collected all the blood, the others supervised each other to dismember the nine infants. The body of Nine Infants is not very huge. The most valuable thing is the nine beads bred in its nine heads. These nine beads have different attributes and are the nine avenues that Nine Infants understand.

At this time, the nine beads exude a variety of bright lights, and they are placed in front of everyone, and everyone's eyes are scorching.

"The treasure of Nine Infants has been discovered here!" Just as everyone was thinking about how to distribute the nine beads, a sudden cry of surprise came from the direction of the hall.

"I don't want any treasures anymore, I just want the bead!" Zhao Yuande pointed to a gray bead.

At this time, there are thirty-three people here, and only four people have entered the hall. These thirty-three people have the right to decide where this bead belongs.

"This is the Void Avenue realized by Nine Infants. Its Void Avenue has reached an unimaginable level. The value of this bead alone can reach the other eight!" An objection was raised immediately.

"In the hall, there is the treasure left by Nine Infants. Maybe there is something better, and I am most credited for beheading this Nine Infants!" Zhao Yuande argued for his reason.

He had to take this bead today, and with this bead his understanding of the Void Avenue will go further.

It is of great help to many realm levels after the old man with white beard.

It even allows him to greatly improve his chances of success when entering a different dimension space channel.

"Yes! If this Ninth Baby did not have Brother Zhao, we wouldn't be able to beheaded so easily. His request was not excessive!" Zhou Yang stood up to help Zhao Yuande speak.

"Yes, so be it! If there is a fairy above the sixth grade, we earn it!" One of the old men with a ruddy complexion and a tall body also nodded gently at Zhao Yuande, which is a sign of goodness to him .

Since someone stood up to speak, and there was more than one person, the treasure on the other side attracted their attention, and many people nodded.

Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction, and directly ingested the gray beads into his hands.

The remaining people carried the beads and the bodies of the nine infants directly to the depths of the hall.

Zhao Yuande was playing with the gray beads, feeling the breath of the Void Avenue coming from above, and couldn't help but have the urge to immediately enter the practice of retreat.

However, he knew that there were dangers here, and it was better to let the body out.

Helplessly put the beads away, he came to the gate of the prison.

Nine Infants were dead, and the prohibition of the Taoist void at the gate completely shattered. He smashed the gate of the prison with one palm and stepped out.

There is still a long corridor outside, but the prison here is even more beautiful than the 25th floor.

The walls outside each prison gate are covered with dense and mysterious runes, and these runes still have an inexplicable power flowing to this day.

Zhao Yuande suddenly understood that these mysterious runes blocked the prisoners in prison and prevented them from escaping from the gate.

He did not wait for those strong men to divide the stolen goods, but walked alone in the empty corridor.

Basically, every jail distance will have a prison gate closed, and there is basically a strong breath in these gates.

Zhao Yuande didn't break into these gates directly, challenging the powerful prisoners.

Because he doesn't know how many floors are here, and the group of powerful people behind him can't make him trust, what if he fights these monsters and defeats these guys to get cheap?

So he has only seen it in prisons from time to time, feeling the strong breath in it, silently calculating whether he can easily win it.

"Huh? There was a fight."

Zhao Yuande suddenly heard a burst of fighting from the strongmen in the prison just now, and suddenly a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He had known for a long time that these guys would fight evenly, and it would be wise to get out early.

But I don't know what kind of treasure these people got in the hall.

He shook his head and sighed, as the so-called man died of food and death for food, this battle does not know whether Zhou Ming can survive?

While he was sighing, there was suddenly a strong sound of breaking the sky, and a strong man roared.

Zhao Yuande felt the strong man's breath, and could not help frowning slightly, but was somewhat familiar.

The next moment a gust of wind swept through, and a thin figure like a corpse appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

"It's you... Zhao XIV!" The cold voice was filled with a chilling chill.

After seeing Zhao Yuande, the corpse suddenly burst into fierce murder in his eyes.

"Oh! Isn't this Brother Shi Kui? I didn't expect you to come so many years earlier than us and still wander around in this endless black prison!" Zhao Yuande naturally knew this guy, which was Shi Kui encountered in the Real Dragon Palace.

This person is a disciple of the third deputy master of the Pantheon. In that year, he was a hero in the exploration of the Real Dragon Palace. Xiu Wei was the peak of the Divine Emperor, second only to Ji Ming.

But bye-bye this time, Zhao Yuande found that the other party's breath was extremely powerful, and he had entered the peak of the Divine Emperor.

This person's cultivation has entered the peak of the **** emperor, but the Xianyubang is still ranked at the end, which also reflects the strength of the above nine people!

Zhao Yuande even suspected that the first two might even have entered the fairyland!

"You... you didn't come by yourself?" Shi Kui looked up and down at Zhao Yuande, and found that the other's cultivation practice didn't seem to have grown much, but it was only in the late Emperor Shen Dynasty.

He knew that Zhao Yuande had a fighting ability beyond ordinary people, but there is a range even if he is against the sky, how can this person appear here? Is it accompanied by elders?