Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133: Unlucky Shi Kui

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"Yes! There are thirty-six people behind me, and they are splitting the money!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly.

"Split?" Shi Kui's eyes showed a fine light.

He came to the 30th floor and found many prisons holding prisoners, but he felt the strong breath of the prisoners, and he dared not go in.

Although his current combat strength is able to fight against the early strongmen of the fairyland, it is only a short-term confrontation. If he really meets the prisoners of the fairyland, he still has self-knowledge.

Zhao Yuande said that those people are splitting up stolen goods, are they slashing a 30-story strong man?

"It's good, it is to divide the stolen goods!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled. "We joined forces to behead a nine-infant beast!"

"What! Nine babies of ancient fierce beasts!" Shi Kui's eyes tightened suddenly when he heard Zhao Yuande's words.

He once felt the breath of a nine babies in this layer, but the actual combat power of the early fairyland, but did not expect to be killed by Zhao Yuande and his group.

At this moment, there was a sense of fear in his heart, and there was an urge to turn around and escape.

But at the next moment his face suddenly smiled, because he heard the fighting sound, and it was very fierce.

"Oh! It turns out that you escaped because you were afraid to be involved in the battle because of the uneven distribution of stolen goods. I was almost deceived by you!" Shi Kui sneered and glanced at Zhao Yuande, "So! Look at what we met For the sake of you, you hand over the treasure, and I will leave you with a whole body."

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande sighed softly, "Shi Kui, in fact, I don't want to kill you. If you kill me, my name will appear on the fairy jade list, which is contrary to my usual low-key character! I didn't expect you to be If you are aggressive and want to die, then I will only give you a ride!"

There were more killing sticks in his hand, pointing at Shi Kui remotely.

"Boy! Arrogance!" Shi Kui snorted coldly, his dry hand shot towards Zhao Yuande's void.

The dark and ink-covered hands have covered the sky and the sun, and the horrible pressure swept the entire corridor like tide.

Hundreds of feet away, the oil lamps that have not been extinguished for hundreds of millions of years have all been blown out under this horrible palm, and the prison walls on both sides made a slight clicking sound, and a thin crack appeared on it.

You have to know that these prisons can block the existence of the powerhouse of the fairy realm, and they will be cracked by this palm, which shows the strength of Shikui.

"Oh! Even with the palm, then I won't bully you!" Zhao Yuande put away the killing stick, and suddenly there were three bright stars shining on his body, and the breath on his body suddenly climbed, just one It instantly rose to a point where people were shouting.

"Take me a punch!"

Zhao Yuande broke out all his strength, and punched hard with a fist towards the inky black hand covering the entire passage.


The fist and palm hit together, making a loud trembling noise.

Centering on them, the ground beneath the feet suddenly split into two halves, revealing a dark space.

The walls on both sides were instantly sunken into it. If it were not for the blue light flashing on it that prevented the wall from collapsing, I am afraid that there are already two holes in the prison.

If there is a hole in the prison, the prisoners will inevitably rush out of it, which is definitely the most dangerous.

At the moment of impact, Shi Kui only felt that the opponent's fist seemed to be a big world turning in horror. His palm struck on it, and suddenly made a crisp sound of bone fracture.


He watched as his arms were destroyed in an instant, the stubble and flesh flew out, and then the half of his shoulders, and even the whole body.

An irresistible force directly flew him fiercely, his body hit the wall fiercely, as if it fell slowly like a pool of rotten meat.

"Humph! Is this the tenth strongest player known as Xianyubang?" Zhao Yuande came to Shi Kui in one step with a faint smile.

At this time Shi Kui's chest exploded, his body was broken, and his life was already ten or eight!

"You... how can you be so strong..." Shi Kui's eyes were rounded, and he looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, his voice intermittently, "This... this... is not true, I'm dreaming!"

"Hum! Shi Kui, your vision is too shallow, and the combat effectiveness is too weak! You have fallen all the way from the Immortal Jade List. I think that with your current combat ability, you can sit firmly in the tenth position of the Immortal Jade List. Lucky!" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"" Shi Kui's face was very angry, but he couldn't say a word.

His tenth place was indeed a fluke.

When he entered the twelve ascendant city, his cultivation practice was the middle of the **** emperor, ranking fourth among all.

However, in the process of fighting for treasures, he met Shangguan Zhantian and was easily defeated by the other party. His position suddenly fell to eighth.

Shi Kui was also a bit unlucky. He wandered through the dangerous places in the Fifth City World, but did not get a little decent chance.

However, his bad luck has not yet reached the end. In an encounter, he encountered a wilderness and was seriously injured by the other party. If he didn't sacrifice his hand, he would tell him where he was!

He finally healed his wounds, and his trembling practice in the world of the Fifth City finally found a cave of the ancient strongman in the snowy sky, which raised the state to the late Emperor.

He had just walked out of the cave mansion of the ancient strongman, and he encountered a snow beast comparable to the fairyland, chased by heaven and with nowhere to go.

Happened to encounter the wilderness of the Silent Star Realm, at this time the wilderness is fighting with another snow beast.

He hated the wilderness without hesitation, and launched his life-saving means, corpse surgery!

When this kind of corpse surgery is launched, he will completely lose his life, but at the same time he loses his life, he will also lose any action ability and combat power, and will even fall into a short sleep, looking like a dead person.

You should know that this is the unique master of the third vice-master, but this technique is not used for combat, but can be cultivated by using this state of half-sleeping, half-awakening, half-dead and half-living, to comprehend various avenues.

If this technique is used in front of humans, it is almost death, but for these beasts that have not opened or have just opened their minds, it will have a magical effect.

As soon as the corpse surgery was launched, the snow beast chasing him flew into the wilderness.

The wilderness never thought that Shi Kui used the celestial corpse, only when he was beheaded by the snow beast, so he didn't care too much. When he saw another snow beast attack, he aroused the bear War of intent.

The wilderness had the upper hand against a snow beast, but it was a bit reluctant to deal with both ends.