Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135: Wishful

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"Haha! Sure enough, it's a hero out of the boy. It's not a fluke that you can walk to this little guy!" The old man's voice echoed in the space. This voice was filled with a trace of triumph, full of a kind of what you want. carefree.

It seems that he had succeeded in conspiracy!

The black smoke condensed into the old man's appearance in the air again.

"Who the **** are you?" Zhao Yuande stared at the old man with a rare dignified color in his eyes.

"I am the old man of Tianming! Little boy, you successfully passed my test, as long as you can take me out of this endless black prison, I will give you a great opportunity!" The old man's voice is still so bland , Still smiling so humiliatingly.

The dignified color on Zhao Yuande's face became heavier and he felt that behind the prison wall, a strong breath prevailed, and this breath had already reached the middle of the fairyland!

Obviously this old man was just a ghost image of the powerful prisoner behind the wall.

But why doesn't its body appear? Instead, they want to create the ghost image of this old man? Did he discover the identity of the reincarnation of his own universe? Dont dare to come down to kill yourself?

Zhao Yuande quickly grasped the main point of the matter, why the other party laughed so proudly after being defeated by his ghost, and occasionally because he took the initiative to move his hand!

As the identity of the reincarnation of Zhou, there are many loopholes to be drilled. Just like this old man, he usually uses only a little bit of tricks and becomes fooled by himself!

If it was the little tripod that he really caught just now, the other party would never dare to do it himself!

But it is too late to know now! He can only consider how to face this powerful opponent!

This kind of strong man can't fight with his current means, and Wa Palace has just been used just now, and it can't be used anymore in a short time.

And his cultivation base is too low, and Zhongyue simply cannot exert more powerful power, and may hurt the other party, but it is unlikely that he wants to beheaded.

Do you have to wait for the allocation of other people to end, and fight this guy together?

However, with the strength of the other party, even if the thirty-six people are added, it may not be an opponent!

"Okay! My senior is Tianming old man!" Zhao Yuande calmed down his mood a little bit, trying to keep himself calm. "Predecessor cultivated for the whole world, since he can already come out, why not leave by himself?"

"Oh! Little one, you don't know. After the twenty-fifth floor, there is a strong ban on each floor. Even if the prisoner gets out of prison, he can't escape this layer!" The old man sighed softly. "Otherwise I won't be imprisoned here for such a long time!"

"So how do I help seniors?" Zhao Yuande continued to ask.

"You only need to take this little tripod out!" said the little tripod again in the old man's hands.

However, this time Xiaoding is a lot more real. Zhao Yuande knew it a little bit, and this time Xiaoding is real!

"This little tripod?" Zhao Yuande didn't reach out, but looked at the other party with some doubt. "I'm afraid this tripod is also locked up by the thirty-tier ban, even if I earn income in storage space, or the inner world. Will be detected!"

"Haha! Not bad! But the treasure you just took out, although that treasure is a bit incomplete, but at least the breath is also the Ninth Grade Xianbao! One Ninth Grade Xianbao can naturally block another Ninth Grade Xianbao. Investigate!" As soon as the old man said this, Zhao Yuande was shocked.

"You said... the endless black prison is a ninth-grade fairy treasure!" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little trembling.

"Yes! It's a Jiu Pinxian Bao!" The old man nodded appreciatively. "This is a Jiu Pinxian treasure brought by an ancient **** from Chaos. Later, this ancient **** died in battle. This Jiu Pin Xianbao's spirit was also severely damaged. After being discovered by the king of the fairy emperor, he turned it into a place where prisoners of all heavens and thousands of worlds were imprisoned."

"Little guy, as long as you save me out, I will tell you how to charge this nine-grade fairy treasure, and I will also tell you where a treasure in the fairy world is." The old man's voice was full of temptation.

"Since the seniors instructed how to collect it, why don't you collect it?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help asking.

"Oh! The little guy is still suspicious." The old man was not angry. It seemed that he was imprisoned for too long. He hadn't found a person who was talking. He was a little excited when he heard Zhao Yuande's question. "Then I will tell you, you see Have you got the treasure in my hand?"

"What kind of treasure is this?" Zhao Yuande watched Xiao Ding radiate a glow.

"Ruyi Qiankunding, Seven Grades of Fairy Treasures, Ruyi's Size, Ruling the Spirit Treasure..."

"Hey! This is Ruyi Qiankun Ding!" The old man proudly said, "I was accidentally locked in this dark place just for this treasure. This is a Qipin Xianbao, intact! And this is endless Although the Black Prison is very strong, it is broken, and I dont know how much material to spend and how much effort to spend to restore it to its original state!"

"And now even if I charge the endless black prison, but it is completely useless! And my baby can use it freely, and the power it exerts may be more powerful than the broken endless black prison, and there is a restoration of the endless black prison. The material used in my baby can definitely be promoted to Jiu Pin Xian Bao!"

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded secretly when he heard what he said, and felt very reasonable.

He is now in this situation. The Wa Palace and Jingzhongyue are in his hands. Although the Wa Palace is super powerful and surpasses the Ninth Grade Immortal Treasure, it is dilapidated. He has invested a lot of manpower and material resources to barely fight. Can be used once.

Jingzhongyue is different. It is complete and very powerful. It has no weaknesses other than being too glaring, and can always surprise him.

It's like killing nine infants just now!

Jing Zhongyue's grade obviously does not exceed the scope of Jiu Pin Xian Bao, but it is practical!

If the two want him to choose practicality, he naturally chooses Jing Zhongyue without hesitation.

But its the emotional Wa Palace that carries many dreams and the hopes of many friends. If he really wants to choose one from the other, he can only choose one, and he will still choose Wa Palace!

This has nothing to do with it, just because he is Zhao Yuande, he has his own thoughts and the beliefs he insists on!

"Desolate! Are you there?" Zhao Yuande flew a ray of spirit into the Wa Palace in the sea of knowledge.

"Master! What's the matter?" Mo Gu's face with an ugly smile, accompanied by a child quietly beside him.

"Mo, can we suppress a Qipin Xianbao in the Wa Palace?"

"Qipin Xianbao... It should be possible! But what is this Qipin Xianbao? You have to know that Xianbao has its uniqueness when it reaches the top of Qipin. So many, you say it, let me analyze it!" A hint of curiosity appeared on Mo's face.