Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 114

Chapter 114: The Establishment Of Hope Zong

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"Well, Black Wind! If you eat it, who will pay us Lingyu!" Zhao Yuande didn't know when he appeared next to Black Wind, and grabbed him, and he was a cruel criticism!

"Oh!" Heifeng touched his head embarrassedly and smiled, "I can really eat him, I just scare him!"

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande glared at him fiercely, turning his head to say to four people, "Don't mind you, this guy is so unreliable, just get used to it!"

"Ah, it's okay!" Several people even touched the cold sweat above their heads and waved their hands together. How dare they say more, didn't they see the **** man is warning them with fierce eyes?

"Black Wind, you still come in and help me!" Zhao Yuande waved at him and went back to prepare.

"It's almost the same!" Heifeng grinned at the four people, revealing white teeth, and frightened them again.

This guy walked behind Zhao Yuande and walked in.

Zhao Yuande decided to use wild tiger claws and Sanyuan braised wolf meat for the two gourmets this time. The level of these four people is relatively low. They can't enjoy too high-class cuisine. These two are the most suitable.

The wild tiger claw strengthens the physique, the ternary braised wolf meat increases the strength, and the blessing of the gluttonous true spirit tripod definitely meets the requirements of these four.

Two hours after the time passed, the first wild tiger claw was sent up, just one limb claw of a third-order wild tiger!

This barbaric giant tiger has a height of seven or eight feet, and each paw has a weight of one hundred pounds. Combined with a special method of cooking, the whole paw is golden and oily, which makes people have an appetite.

The four people smelled the scent and were already hungry and unbearable, and immediately began to gobble up when they came up.

Nuo Das tiger claw, but Zhangcha Kung Fu was eaten up by four people. When the four people were addicted, the medicine was attacked!

The four had heard of it for a long time, and they all sat cross-legged on the ground, each exercising their own exercises.

"Haha! My physical strength has increased by a full 20%!" The fat man first opened his eyes from cultivation, and immediately excitedly danced with his hands and feet. "It's worth it!"

"I... I have increased by 40%!" The big-faced man is now in the early stage of Lingtai's pregnancy. His physique is already very strong. Now the increase of 40% in combat power and endurance has greatly increased, and it is even more effective against opponents of the same rank. Is sure!

"Haha! God, really god!" The young man called Sikong Brother opened his eyes at the moment with some tears in his eyes. "My constitution is congenitally inadequate. Taking many medicines has not improved. I didn't expect... woo! "

This guy was crying and bursting into tears.

The people were silent, they were all ordinary practitioners, and they felt the same about this young man's words.

"Don't be discouraged, haven't we found this place? The world's first food is our hope!" The big-faced big man suddenly shouted his arms, "It's not as good as the four of us to set up a small sect, it's called hope!"

"Hi! Good idea!" Everyone nodded their heads, although some of them had a family, but they were not popular characters. It was also fate that everyone could get together.

"Boss, give us wine!" The big-faced man shouted loudly. "Today I Zhongxiong invites everyone to drink a glass of wine. We hope that Zong will also formally set up!"

As soon as the door of the back room opened, the black bear put four glasses of wine on the table.

"Humph! The kid's voice is quite loud, and he is still waiting for you!"

"Oh! Your grown-up doesn't remember the villain, I'm just a snap..." The big-faced man slapped himself with a slap in the face. "Can't I plead guilty!"

"Okay! Here are four glasses of wine for you! Don't pay!" Black Bear reminded again with some pain. "Boys, do you know how much spirit jade this glass of wine has? For two hundred thousand, remember it!"

The four of them just remembered, where is this place, the big man sweating with fluke, facing the black bear with gratitude and gratitude, and thanking the boss Zhao Yuande for nothing.

This is the courage, 800,000 Zhongpin Lingyu said to give away!

Zhao Yuande just heard the emotions and aspirations of the four people. These people are similar to him in the previous life, so he decided to help them a little, so that they can get out of their own way!

After four glasses of wine, they suddenly felt that the aura in the abdomen seemed to explode, like a big river hitting the whole body!

They were all pleasantly surprised to enter cultivation.

"I... I broke through! I entered the Lingtai Pregnancy Realm!" Si Kong suddenly burst into a bright light, and a sound like a chicken breaking through the eggshell sounded from his body.

He was originally in the late stage of the Blood Poseidon's realm, and he could break through only one step, but he never found this opportunity. He didn't expect to break through the realm just by drinking a glass of wine here!

He was so excited that he jumped on the ground like a child!

Although the other three were not promoted at this time, they were all happy for him, and their hearts became more and more united.

"I Zhongxiong decided that we hope that after Zong's establishment, we will help the world's No. 1 food to spread to every corner of the entire East Emperor Great World, so that everyone knows that there is a No. 1 food in the world!" , The face of the horizontal meat makes people do not feel dazzled when they see it.

"Agree with me! Zhong Xiong, you are the strongest among the four of us, and I support you to become the suzerain of the hope sect!" The fat man applauded.

In this noisy shop, four young and energetic youths made a big wish. In the future, Zongzong Hope, who will be the whole world of the East Emperor, was established here!

The four of them ate the last big meal here, three yuan braised wolves, and each of them also had a big breakthrough. After the four people thanked Zhao Yuande in the evening, they really started their way.

Before leaving, Zhao Yuande gave them a jade card engraved with the world's best food. As long as he holds this jade card, no one can discount 20%. This is his encouragement to the four people, and it is also a kind of A way to envelop people.

"Boy, are you worth this?" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande somewhat puzzled.

"You know what a fart!" Zhao Yuande gave him a glance, "This is an investment, I see their potential, I believe they will make a difference in the future!"

"Oh! Ha ha!" Black Bear touched his head. "You see if I have the potential, it's better to help me... Yeah! The real person has forgotten, you said you want to give this real person a big chance!"

The black bear suddenly widened his eyes and pointed at Zhao Yuande. "You will not forget the boy!"

"You're memorable! I didn't forget, but are you ready?" Zhao Yuande looked at Heifeng. "This opportunity is dangerous. If you don't succeed, you might be punished!"

"Humph! Don't scare the real person, you are not afraid of death. What can you do?" Heifeng's neck showed a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water.

"Okay! I will prepare for you tonight, you must not drop the chain temporarily!" Zhao Yuande smiled at the black wind and turned his head back to the back room.