Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140: A Dead End

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This person is terrible, so that people who dare to come around can't help but talk.

"What a powerful flesh! Although this person is only in the late Emperor God, but with this terrible flesh, at least he can also fight against the strong man at the peak of the God Emperor!"

"It seems that this young man in Bajing Palace is dying!"

"The courage of this young man is indeed commendable, and he can sacrifice himself to complete Bajing Palace and let Bajing Palace survive!"

"Hey! This man is also a man!"


Hearing this remark, the disciples of Bajing Palace did not look good.

Although they had been ordered above, they still worried about Zhao Yuande in their hearts.

In the minds of these disciples, the same thoughts, no matter how a genius at the peak of the emperor, he will not be an opponent of a late **** emperor's strongman. Moreover, this late **** emperor's strongman is still a very physical existence.

But at this time, all the disciples suddenly saw a strange smile on Zhao Yuande's face.

He didn't dodge or resist, but pressed his palms gently toward the silver-haired middle-aged void.

Everyone only saw the silver-haired middle-aged man who was like a rainbow and mighty like a real dragon just now. His actions suddenly became extremely slow!

"This is... Avenue of Time! Void Avenue..." Someone suddenly exclaimed!

But before they exclaimed, the sky suddenly appeared a big hand covering the sky!

The big hand covered the sky and pinched the burning sun in the sky!

The sun shining across the world of the Fifth City actually lost its brilliance at this moment and was completely obscured by the big hand!

At the next moment, a fierce sunrise not much smaller than the real sun appeared in that huge palm.

And the original sun gradually began to recover at this time, the two suns radiated each other in the void, and the world of the Fifth City instantly became extremely hot!

"Ah... what's this!" The people in the Pantheon looked at the two suns in the sky with unbelievable fear in their eyes.

At this time, everyone in the Bajing Palace looked at Zhao Yuande with admiration. Only they knew that as a disciple of the Bajing Palace knew that this was the secret of the main vein. One of the most powerful magical powers of the Bajing Palace, photo day!

"This is your death time!"

Zhao Yuande's eyes screamed in the cold dream of Sen Hanmeng, and the sun wrapped in the sky with his big hands thundered and fell towards the ground!

The endless and terrible power crushed all the voids, and the sky was full of dark cracks in the sky. You could clearly see the void, the hurricanes of darkness raged, the stars fell, and the vast world was destroyed!

"Ah!" The silver-haired middle-aged man was like a bug on the spider's web at this time, desperately wanting to struggle to control Zhao Yuande's control of him, but he was only a little hard to let him work hard!

"No! No! Save me! I don't want to die!" The silver-haired middle-aged man looked in the direction of the Pantheon and wanted to find someone to save his life.

But when he turned his head, he found that the people in the Pantheon did not come to save him, but wanted to escape one by one!

However, these people who wanted to escape suddenly found that the entire space seemed to be imprisoned by people, and their legs and feet began to slow down!

"Hurry up! Attack the Void, otherwise we will all die here!" The strong men of the digital emperor's peak teamed up to hit Void Dream.


The void is broken, these **** emperor strongman suddenly rushed out of the imprisoned void cage!

"Kill me!" Zhao Yuande shouted at the scene.

Seeing this scene, everyone in Bajing Palace suddenly seemed to be beaten with chicken blood, and screamed and rushed towards the many powerful men who escaped to the Pantheon.

"We can't be here! Open it for me!" A powerful Emperor Peak Peak in the Pantheon instantaneously detonated a life-saving spiritual treasure, exploding the void into a large cave.

Hundreds of people flew out of this large cave in an instant, and most of the Divine Emperor strongmen escaped from it.

But the rest of them want to run away again, it is not so simple!

The mans incomparable sun crashed down, centered on a silver-haired middle-aged man, and the tens of miles of the area was suddenly sunk by the terrifying power of the sun. It was sunken by hundreds of feet, among which the terrible sun The fire was burning and became a flame hell!

In the Pantheon, three or four hundred strong men were hit by this shot.

The middle-aged silver-haired middle-aged man was instantly burned to ashes by terrible power, and some powerful cultivators such as God Emperor Realm God Emperor Realm, they survived luckily outside the flame hell.

But although they escaped the instant death, the terrible sun fire burned their bodies, making them extremely painful.

A group of guys in the Bajing Palace rushed over like a blood of chicken, and this group of guys who had no fighting spirit and had been scared for half a life had been harvested like leek!

Only after taking a photo session, Zhao Yuande directly eliminated three or four hundred pantheon cultivators, including silver-haired middle-aged people.

This time the Pantheon was fierce, and they instantly knew why Zhao Yuande could kill Shi Kui. The opponent's method was terrible!

Only need to be imprisoned in the void, time to master, and then take a picture of the sunset, even a powerful person in the fairyland will be seriously injured under this trick!

"Kill all the debris of the Pantheon, one will not stay!" Zhao Yuande shouted, and his figure disappeared in place. The next moment appeared in front of the strong man who wanted to escape from the Pantheon.

"You **** thing! Give me death!" A strong man of the Emperor's Peak peaked in the Pantheon.

His eyes were split, and they came full of confidence, wanting to shock the Bajing Palace, but they didn't expect that almost the whole army would be destroyed here.

This made his heart seem to bet a big stone, wanting to swallow the kid in front of him.

"Hum! Want to kill me, do you have this skill?" Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared again.

"How could it be!" The strong man suddenly fell down and suddenly felt a powerful crisis coming behind him, and wanted to turn back, but it was too late.

The fist has been hit **** his back, smashing his body.

"You... you will pay the price!" God Emperor's Peak Power Spirit escaped, incredible speed, even Zhao Yuande did not have time to shoot!

"Run away! Run away! Soon you will know that even if you go back, it is a dead end!" Zhao Yuande sneered coldly.

It was only a quarter of an hour, and all the strong men of the Pantheon stayed here except for a few souls.

All the onlookers in Haidong City breathed a sigh of relief. The kid in Bajing Palace is too cruel!

However, many people can't help but defamation in their hearts. Doing this in the Bajing Palace is not afraid of the pantheon's army!