Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144: Black Rock And Wa Palace

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"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

The middle-aged beautiful woman's finger lightened, a force of divine soul was injected into Zhao Yuande's eyebrows, and a very mysterious cultivation method appeared in his knowledge of the sea.

"Sure enough, it's so subtle!"

Zhao Yuande just read the first few sentences, and suddenly felt a very mysterious, suddenly knew that this is a very deep method.

If the true cultivation is successful, a thousand miles will be within his monitoring range, and all the wind and wind will not escape his ears and eyes.

"Okay! Yes! I would like to thank my seniors here!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand. "Since this, we are considered to be two different, I'm gone!"

"Xiaoyou! What are you in a hurry? I still need some auxiliary training materials to practice listening to the world. I have some of them here for my son!" The middle-aged beautiful woman took out a storage ring and handed it directly to Zhao Yuande .

Zhao Yuande did not doubt that he was there. The spirit of the soul explored into the storage ring and found that it was indeed the material mentioned in some exercises, so he could reach out and take it.

He took the storage ring, and his figure disappeared into the wind and snow.

"Master, he's so powerful! Our little movements won't be discovered by him!" The petite and slender girl looked at Zhao Yuande's back and couldn't help worrying on her face.

"He is powerful, and he is only a dead man after today!" The slim red-haired woman had a pair of cold eyes.

"Hey! No way! The power of our Xianhong City is too small! Several super powers unite to force us, and we have no way, just to live!" The middle-aged beautiful woman's face showed a trace 'S regretful color, "It's a pity this boy, I will never do this kind of disobedience again!"


Zhao Yuande went all the way and saw a lonely giant peak. The low mountain surrounding the giant peak gave him a feeling of standing tall.

On Jufeng, he felt a fascinating aroma, even through the endless wind and snow, all passed into his nostrils.

He sneaked up the giant peak and found a huge bird's nest. There was a big white bird in the nest guarding a golden fairy.

"Drunken Dream Vine, a product of immortality, can be used to make a drunken dream, and it is highly toxic..."

"I don't want this thing!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. It was poisonous and could not eat you. The remaining effect was harmful. Once I heard the name "Zuishengmengdandan", it was no serious medicine.

But when he was about to leave, he suddenly found a golden sheet of paper in the bird's nest. The material of the paper is very special, like gold, gold, and jade, and weird writing on it.

Although Zhao Yuande didn't understand what these words meant, he knew what they were.

"Brother! Another baby is here!" Zhao Yuande split a ray of soul and returned to the inner world, and found the old man with white beard.

At this time, the old man with white beard was participating in the research on the stone tablet, and his face showed the color of thinking from time to time.

"What's the matter? Didn't you see that Brother is working hard?" The old man with a white beard waved his hand impatiently.

"I have discovered the treasures of your starry sea again. I want you to examine them!" Zhao Yuande projected the golden paper in the bird's nest to the old man with white beard.

"This...this seems to record a seems to be the rise and fall of the Ice and Snow Sect!" The old man with a white beard could only see a few lines of words, and scratched his head anxiously, "you hurry Get in and let me see, this Snow God Sect is a super big gate in our star sea, but it was invincible in the star sea in the past, but then I dont know why it quietly disappeared again!"

Zhao Yuande nodded, this would certainly not be a trap.

The big white bird is not powerful, just a middle-aged beast, equivalent to the existence of Divine Emperor Realm.

Zhao Yuande solved it with a punch, and came to the bird's nest, where the golden sheet of paper was taken.

"Well! Yes, it's really the rise and fall of Snow and Snow Sect! Where did this silly bird get this paper from?" The white-bearded old man frowned, thinking. "It's all weird, you go inside again Look, I think the beasts and beasts here are somewhat similar to those in the starry sea. Is it true that the Ice and Snow Divine Sect is behind the time and space gate in the middle of this snowy sky? This paper floats out of it , And then got sucked by a silly bird?"

Zhao Yuande nodded, he also has such curiosity, and there is no problem with his physical body going in again, but if he wants to surround him, if he goes in again, I am afraid that the physical body can't bear it!

"Your brother, this exploration may be extremely dangerous. In order to ensure that you will leave a drop of essence blood and a trace of soul, I will hide it in Black Rock, in all your treasures, if something goes wrong Only Heiyan can be completely preserved." Old man with a white beard woke up the body of Zhao Yuande in retreat.

"Every sword handle can really..." Zhao Yuande didn't believe it. "Can't the Wa Palace be good?"

"Wa Palace... This treasure is really good!" The old man with a white beard nodded affirmatively, but then he whispered, "The treasure is good, but it has its own world, and there are people who control this world, and you are just The nominal master! If you are in danger, you cannot save you except the destruction of the Wa Palace. Do you think the guy named Mo will save you?"

"Uh! No!" Zhao Yuande knew that what this guy did was for the purpose of Wa Palace's future, not to mention to save himself, even if he wanted to save himself, he would consume the great interests of Wa Palace. Not necessarily agree!

"So, don't point to the Wa Palace. Before it is restored, you basically don't have any permission to use it!" The old man with a white beard seemed to have seen everything long ago, watching Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered.

"This is indeed the case!" Zhao Yuande has no way to refute, that is the case.

"But I am different from the Wa Palace. We are one. Before you find me a body, I will die if you die, so I will try my best for your life, because this is also saving my own life! "The old man with a white beard smiled on his face, he continued, "So we are the real combination of interests, both glory and loss! As for the Wa Palace, you do not need to manage them now, it is not worth it! Of course in the future If you are strong, you can help it find resources and repair materials, so that you will get more benefits."

Zhao Yuande nodded, and the old man with a white beard was indeed justified.

"Heiyan can really be compared with the Wa Palace?" Zhao Yuande is most concerned about this issue.