Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1145

Chapter 1145: Waiting For You For A Long Time

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"What do you say!" The old man with a white beard blows his beard and glares. "You have heard that there is a different-dimensional space channel leading to other regions in that treasure. Black Rock is unique! And even if I have not fully discovered Black Rock All secrets! The solidity of Black Rock is even more difficult to imagine. Even if the entire world is destroyed, Black Rock will be fine!"

"Okay! I listen to you!" Zhao Yuande nodded and handed his own drop of essence and blood to the old man with a beard of white beard.

"That... otherwise you move the inner world into Black Rock together, and attaching the inner world to Black Rock has greatly improved your combat power!" Old Man with a white beard suddenly raised another one Suggest.

"I said! Brother, what's wrong with you today?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other person puzzled, wondering if the other party was nagging today.

"Cough...hehe!" The old man with a white beard smiled a little embarrassedly. "Actually... Hey, since you asked me, just tell me! Actually, I think you are unlucky today, of course, this is just my own feeling!"

"I'm unlucky? Are you saying that I might be killed here?" Zhao Yuande suddenly understood the other party's meaning. The other party was preparing to be able to be reborn at his own time!

"With my current strength, who can kill me in this Fifth City world? Brother, aren't you kidding!" Zhao Yuande felt a little weird, and the other party was confused.

In terms of taking 10,000 steps back, even if I can't beat the opponent, can't I escape?

"It's just my feelings, just in case it's needed!" The old man with white beard was not angry and still smiled.

"Okay! Brother said it well. Since that's what he said, he attached the inner world to Black Rock." Zhao Yuande thought for a moment and nodded. The other party's good intentions are also for his own safety considerations.

The key is that there is no relative loss of your loved ones in the inner world!

"Hey! Boy, you have been promoted too fast recently, and some self-confidence has swelled up to prevent you from remembering some things. You will still make such mistakes in the future!" Old White Beard sighed softly in his heart, "But The earlier this lesson, the better, otherwise it will become uncontrollable in the future!"

"I don't know what this disaster will be, but I never feel wrong..."

Where did Zhao Yuande know the thoughts of the old man with white beard, just according to what he said, quickly attached his own inner world to the world of Black Rock.

The world of Black Rock seems to be a huge passage. At this time, he only occupies one entrance of the world of Black Rock, but it is as big as a big world!

Exploring forward is the dimensional space channel mentioned by the old man with a white beard. The terrible disasters in the channel are constantly roaring. Even if the fairyland strongman enters it, he will be killed instantly.

Outside, Zhao Yuande's avatar moved all the way, and soon came to a huge canyon. There was a thunderous snoring sound in the canyon, and it turned out that a thousands of long snow sleepers were sleeping.

"Squeak!" The little guy woke up instantly in Zhao Yuande's arms, his little nose kept shaking, and the haraz in his mouth wet the clothes on Zhao Yuande's chest.

"You little greedy ghost!" Zhao Yuande petted his big ears, warm and silky.

The little guy rubbed around in Zhao Yuande's hands with joy, his face full of attachment.

"Okay! Go! This Xuejiao's cultivation is just like an ordinary beast, very simple for you!" Zhao Yuande threw the little guy directly to Xuejiao.

But the moment Zhao Yuande threw the little guy out, he suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis coming, and the goal turned towards the little guy in his hand.

At this moment, the little guy's body was covered with white hair, like a little hedgehog, even piercing Zhao Yuande's fingers.

"Damn!" Zhao Yuande frowned and instantly pulled the little guy back.

At this time, a dazzling sword light crossed the void, wiped the little guy's head and flew a pinch of white hair above it, and then directly penetrated Zhao Yuande's chest, wearing Zhao Yuande directly. Cold.

"No... It's highly poisonous!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a burst of numbness coming from the wound, and a dizzy feeling instantly surged over his head.

immortal! Undead tree!

Zhao Yuande is a doppelganger. His apparent flesh is not as good as his body. However, under the resilience of the immortal body and the tree of immortality, the toxins were removed instantly, and a black blood flowed out from his wound.

The black blood fell on the ground, and suddenly made a strange noise, instantly turning a snow-covered ground into a dark area.

"All come out to kill this kid!" At this time, dozens of powerful breaths came from all directions towards yourself, and each of the lowest breaths was the peak of the Divine Emperor, and there were even many powerful fighting forces beyond the peak of the Divine Emperor.

Zhao Yuande put the little guy on the ground and told him, "Sneak into the ground immediately, and the battle will not end, it is not allowed to appear!"

The little guy showed hesitation in his big eyes, and looked at Zhao Yuande like that.

"Obey! Not only can you not help me by the side, but also become a burden!" Zhao Yuande shouted.

"Squeak!" The little guy focused on his head and plunged into the snow and disappeared!

"You finally came out! I've waited for you for a long time!" He slowly stood up straight, and there were more killing sticks in his hands, and a pair of eyes stared at the void in front of him.

One figure after another appeared in all directions, there were as many as thirty-two people, among them there were even seven forces that surpassed the Divine Emperor!

What makes Zhao Yuande frown is that in the dark there are still several strong breaths that are firmly locking himself, including the strong man who just shot himself against him.

"Zhao XIV! Your doomsday is here!" One of the black-faced big men looked at Zhao Yuande with a sneer. "It's strange that you are too arrogant and dare to challenge the rules of the fifth city world!"

"Zhao XIV, I know you are strong, but these people are enough to kill you, and today you will be killed in the snow and heaven!" The other voice is a woman, and the voice is gentle, but it is cold in Zhao Yuande's heart. .

"Don't be wordy, so let's start now!" Zhao Yuande's expression was cold and his murderous intentions skyrocketed. It seems that he is going to kill one today!

Zhao Yuande has two bodies, and the body appears beside him.

The top of their heads turned green again, a total of five time-limited avatars!

"You block these people, I will kill the guy who secretly holds the sword! I feel that guy is the most threatening to me!" Zhao Yuande's body flew into the air in a flash, and he punched fiercely somewhere in the void.