Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146: Tenma Shrine

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A huge phantom of the ancient world was suppressed from the void, and the wind and snow around them all stopped at once!

"Go! This kid is too strong, I am afraid that the combat power has exceeded the peak of the Divine Emperor, and we will cut him together!"

Dozens of figures shot at the same time, and powerful attacks again and again made Zhao Shizi and those five avatars back again and again.

In the hands of Zhao Xie, the four spirit sticks are played by killing the **** stick, and the four shadows of the four dragons, the blue dragon, the white tiger, the Zhuque Xuanwu, almost fill the entire void!

"This kid is still able to use the four spirits. This is the heir to the great ape king! How many secrets are there in him?" Someone saw the shock of the four spirits.

"Haha! Kill him, all the babies on him are ours! Don't keep your hands!" Someone's eyes flashed with greed, and he wished he could rush directly to take all Zhao Yuande's things for himself.

Zhao Yuande's ancient world in the void is suppressed, and a dark shadow rushes out of the void and escapes towards the distance!

"This person is too powerful! Let's join together! Otherwise, he can't really suppress him!" Hei Ying is a woman with a black mask, with a trace of panic in her voice.

She didn't expect that the other party could see her hiding place directly and attacked directly.

If it weren't for her to escape fast, this blow would be enough to hurt her.

Injured in front of the strong here, that is a dead end.

Three black shadows emerged from the sky, and three sword lights spurred towards Zhao Yuande at an incredible speed, but only one percent of the moment reached Zhao Yuande's forehead!


Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, his fingers empty.

The three sword lights seemed to be caught in the quagmire of time, and the flight speed was suddenly many times slower, and Zhao Yuande's body flashed off the killing three swords.

"The Avenue of Time! What exactly did he understand!" The voice of the masked woman was full of shock.

Three bright stars lit up instantly on Zhao Yuande's body, and a powerful blood rose to the sky, instantly dispersing the wind and snow around him!


Zhao Yuande's body disappeared in an instant, and the next moment had appeared in front of the masked woman, punching her with a punch.

This speed has simply exceeded the limit of the person. The masked woman felt the punch had hit her chest before the reaction.

"Give it!" The voice of the masked woman was full of fear. A jade charm exploded on her body instantly, and a silver mask lit up all over her body.


There was a loud noise, and the mask around her body shattered directly after supporting a tenth of a moment. Zhao Yuande punched her chest fiercely, blasting her clothes directly, exposing A set of dark armor!

The armor defense was beyond Zhao Yuande's imagination. His punch was blocked by the armor and did not directly break the woman.

However, this masked woman was still boxed by a powerful force. She spurted blood out and sprayed the mask on her face!

Suddenly revealed a horrified face!

"This woman..." Zhao Yuande glanced at the woman's appearance, as if she had seen it there before!

Just as Zhao Yuande hit the woman with a punch, he suddenly felt three strong winds coming behind him, and three swordsmands had appeared on his back.

The other party also knows that Zhao Yuande has a strong physical body. To kill him, he must break the sea of consciousness, as long as the soul of the dead soul is no longer strong.


The void around him suddenly became extremely heavy, and three swords thorns in front of him, suddenly changed direction, and shot directly into the ground.

Zhao Yuande paid attention to Zhao XIV and the five avatars not far away.

They were retreating at this time, and Zhao Shixi was backed up again and again by powerful attacks, and his body was already scarred!

"Dead!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth, and the figure appeared again directly in front of the mask woman, pointing at her with one finger.

Tiantian means silently, without any signs, directly in front of the woman.

The woman had been hit hard originally, and her body flew to the extreme that she felt a huge crisis, and her subconscious body crooked.


The woman's half body flew up at once, blood spewed from the wound, and she could even see the beating heart in her chest.

She was a little less biased and this blow cut her heart in half!

"Save me!" The woman screamed in horror. She already felt the vitality in her body subside rapidly. If she continued, she might die.

"You're dead!"

Zhao Yuande stepped forward, his fingers flicked out of the colorful gods, and overwhelmed the women.

"You finally came in!" At this moment, a voice rang in Zhao Yuande's ear, he suddenly felt the world change, and the whole person seemed to fall into a terrible void at once.

It was dark all around, and an endless and terrible atmosphere swarmed towards him from all directions.

Startled in his heart, Sky's eyes opened, and he saw that creatures like ghosts were rushing towards him.

The bodies of these creatures are half-empty and half-real, as if they were horrible monsters traveling between yin and yang.


The first creature rushed in, Zhao Yuande blasted away with a punch, but suddenly penetrated the opponent's body!

"Bao Mi coax!" Zhao Yuande's mind flashed, and he drank the three words of Buddha.

The loud sound of the Buddha shook the Quartet, and even shattered all the creatures in front.

However, the shattered body re-assembled at the next moment, but the breath was a little weaker.

"Where is this!" Zhao Yuande felt the trouble of these monsters.

"Hey! This is my Sixth Grade Xianbao Heavenly Demon God Realm, you have the ability to break it! Otherwise, the endless Heavenly Demon will kill you alive!" A surly laugh came from the sky.

"This voice... Xiandi Gong Tianxing!" Zhao Yuande felt that things were a little tricky. This star was ranked seventh in the Xianyu List!

"Come out!" Zhao Yuande can no longer hide!

His palms spread slightly, and the moonlight was shining in a well.


Jing Zhongyue erupted in a dazzling brilliance, and directly opened the void!

The outside world is bright!

"What is this! Why is it so powerful! My Sky Demon Divine Realm was suddenly broken!" Sky Star's horrified voice came.

"This is a legend...Jing Zhongyue! Only this treasure will have such a powerful power, this guy is lucky!" So many powerful people, naturally also people who know the goods, quickly recognized through clues. This treasure.

"I rely on! Jing Zhongyue, he actually has Jing Zhongyue, but that is a piece of extreme killing weapon from ancient times. I heard that it appeared in the lower realm before!"

"Slaughter him, these babies on him make me jealous! Must kill him!"

The other party encountered his own treasure in Chi Guoguo's case. Can Zhao Yuande not be angry?