Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147: Heavenly Tribulation

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"Today you will all die!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande rushed out of the dark Heavenly Demon Divine Realm, he turned into a terrible storm and killed him toward the black cultivator closest to him.

Zhao Yuande heard that this person recognized Jingzhongyue just now!


A bright moonlight cut through the void and split the black cultivator directly from the beginning.

"Damn! Join forces! Let's join forces... Otherwise, you won't know how many people are going to die today!" Stars, who had been shredded in the Demon God Realm, shouted hysterically at this time.

He was really scared. The more he fought, the more afraid he was. The other party seemed to be a **** of killing.

These geniuses who are in the sect gate and recognized in the heavens and the world are like little sheep in his hands!

I am afraid that only the first few of the Xianyubang can fight him!

In the distance, a figure rushed, it was on the battlefield of the avatar, except for the avatar of Zhao XIV, all other avatars were exploded!

There were only three strong men left to procrastinate, and all the others rushed towards the body of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande swept away, there are more than 30 of these guys, and there are more than ten fighting forces beyond the fairyland.

A sharp smile suddenly appeared in the corner of his mouth.

"Have you all gathered together? If it is gathered, let me die!" Zhao Yuande suddenly burst into a terrible breath, rushing towards the sky, and the sky above him was like a snowflake. Spilling, a burst of crisp and sweet days sounded instantly in everyone's ears.

"This...this is...he broke through the Divine Emperor Realm at this time!"

"What is he going to do... Do you want to fight against us with this Divine Emperor Realm's cultivation practice! It's really whimsical!"

"Oh! This can only speed up his death. You know that this will lead to heaven punishment... Heaven punishment!"


At this moment, the snow and wind disappeared, and a huge black cloud appeared in the void above the head, and the red sky thunder turned into a flying dragon!

An extremely powerful pressure came to the earth in an instant, and the range of thousands of miles was shrouded in this terrifying power. Everyone understood it at this time!

"Flee! He wants to ride thunder with us!"

"What to escape! Isn't it Thunder Tribulation? He can get through, can't we get through it? Who is not a genius, what kind of Thunder Tribulation we haven't experienced!" Tian Xing's voice sounded like a thunder in the ears of everyone.

"Yes! When he was thundered, he was the weakest. We killed him in the sky!" Someone looked at the black cloud above Zhao Yuande's head and couldn't help but show a terrible look on his face.

"Destroy him while he is ill, don't give him any chance, kill!"


Many of the people who just fled just now slowly gathered around them, their eyes full of greed.

Several treasures exposed by Zhao Yuande just now have made them into a crazy state!

Especially Jingzhongyue, if anyone can get this treasure, it will be even more powerful!

At the very least, you can cross the challenge and defeat the strong one level higher than yourself.

In front of these people, there is a suffocation in their hearts. After a while, this treasure of Zhao Yuande will become a fuse between them, and a crazy killing will be launched.

Zhao Yuande looked at these dead and alive guys with a mocking smile on his face.

He has felt that under the oppression of Heavenly Tribulation, the interference of the two ways of wind and ice on the way of the void has disappeared, which means that he can freely shuttle through the void again!

And Heavenly Tribulation is aimed at him, that is, he is the center, no matter how he passes through the void, there will be no interference!

In other words, after seeing the power of Heavenly Tribulation for a while, these people want to escape, which is basically impossible!


A thick thunder crashed down towards Zhao Yuande's head.

Thunder appeared crimson, like a huge blood-red sky sword, so straight and chopped down, directly tearing the void into two halves, and a sky-filled black crack appeared in the sky.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a terrible force to suppress it, even if it was as strong as his physical body, he felt unable to resist at this time!

At this time, there were more than thirty people around Zhao Yuande. The blood-red sky sword composed of Thunder was cut down. They suddenly felt as if the end of the world was coming. No one dared to speak out and wanted to be in Heaven. Killed Zhao Yuande.

"Escape! This kind of sky-tribulation is not something we can resist at all. We will kill him again when he is the weakest after the crossover!"

"Don't be chopped by the sky sword transformed by the thunder, otherwise the soul will be destroyed, and this kid might die in this sword!"

"All offer the strongest defense..."


"Do you want to escape now? Is it a little late!" Zhao Yuande grinned, stepped into the void, and appeared directly in front of Tianxing in the next moment!

"Tian Xing, you are dead!" Zhao Yuande's blood exploded instantly, which urged all the spiritual defenses of the whole body, and a powerful fairy appeared above his head.

These fairy treasures are all obtained from this period of battle, so they are not distressed at all!


"Ah! I..." Three or four pieces of Xianbao above Tianxing's head shattered instantly. He was chopped by the sky sword, and was instantly annihilated by the terrible power!

"Is this the so-called Xiandi Gong genius? Is this the seventh-ranked Xianyubang character? Trash!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

But at this time he was also uncomfortable, several pieces of Xianbao exploded above his head, and was suddenly broken by the terrifying Thunder Sky Sword.

Sky Sword finally landed on his body, and a sword splashed the flesh and blood of his body, revealing the big white bones.

"Undead!" He shouted, his flesh was reborn, and he recovered all his injuries in an instant.

"No... impossible!" Someone screamed in shock.

"Broken! Broken! He actually has an immortal body, and he has practiced to such an extent that it seems that we people today..."

"I'm not going to play with you! Let's go..." Someone directly shattered the already-prepared Charm of the Air, and his body disappeared in a flash.

"No! Run away..."

"You can't escape!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the people who went directly through the air.

The treasures in these people's hands can directly break through the void, and he naturally has no way to pursue them, but others can't survive today.


A thunder dragon was directly culled from the void, and the target was naturally Zhao Yuande.

"You... this is you!" Zhao Yuande stepped into the void in one step, and appeared in front of a black masked man in the next moment. "The things that hide their heads and tails, your end is here!"