Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1148

Chapter 1148: Refined Endless Black Prison

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"No...I don't want to die...forgive me!" the black masked man wailed and cried.

He watched all the protection on his body shredded by the Thunder Dragon, and then torn to pieces.

"Ah! Honglian Yehuo..."

"No! Xuanming ghost fire..."


"Zhao XIV...I was wrong! I am willing to surrender you...Ah!"


Under the horrible sky-tribulation, no one can bear a blow!

In just a few breaths, Zhao Yuande shuttled through the void twenty-four times in a row, catching the powerful men who fled around one by one!

Then there was the Heaven Tribulation, who showed off his skills and killed them all.

The place chosen by these guys was originally intended to prevent Zhao Yuande from escaping, but did not expect to eventually become their cemetery

"It's a pity that someone still escaped!" Zhao Yuande stood in the middle of a sea of thunder, frowning a bit, most of his secrets were exposed this time, and it seems that there will be great troubles in the future!

"Don't care anymore. Let's go through this robbery first!" He began to deal with the terrible robbery in the void.

He evolved the boxing fist to fight the falling looting, and used the horrible flesh to receive the baptism of thunder and flame again and again.

Although the wounds were scarred in the end, the blood in the blood sea was almost all dried up, but the help of the Heavenly Tribulation was very great for him!

To make his physical body stronger and stronger than before, to make his soul grow stronger almost to break through the last level and enter the fairyland, making the fourth star point in his body more and more stable, as long as Zhao Yuande now finds enough energy should Soon it will be able to break through the four stars!

"Avatar returns!"

Zhao Yuande sat cross-legged in the middle of the huge pit that was hacked by the Heavenly Tribulation. At this time, he was in an absolutely weak state. If a strong enemy came, he might directly kill himself.


Zhao Yuande suddenly realized that he had lost contact with the doppelganger.

"What's the matter? Why is this happening?" Suddenly his face changed suddenly and Huo stood up.

"The Heaven Tribulation is over. Why didn't the wind and snow in the wind and snow field land again? What happened?" He searched around and found that he left the wind and snow field unconsciously and appeared in an unknown place. In the name space.

"This..." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a strong sense of crisis that had never been before falling from the top of his head.

He looked up and saw a huge dark shadow void suppressed, and the terrible power instantly sank the ground below him for dozens of feet!

This phantom seems to be a huge world, but I am afraid that it will be more terrifying than the real world, and it will be more powerful!

His body seemed to be nailed to the ground like a nail and could not move.

The huge shadow still landed slowly, and every time he landed, Zhao Yuande's heart sank.

Because he did not know how to fight this terrible shadow, as if everything was in vain!

"Jing Zhongyue! Cut me!"

Zhao Yuande clenched his teeth to urge Jingzhongyue, and a moonlight cut through the void and directly fell on the huge black shadow in the sky.


The moonlight penetrates directly into the dark shadow as if the mud cow is entering the sea.

Zhao Yuande felt that this moonlight cut did not cause harm to the other party, just like using a needle to pierce the elephant. Even if you are working hard, you cant hurt the other persons flesh, because you cant wear the elephant skin. .

"What the **** is this!" Zhao Yuande felt anxious in his heart, he felt that he would die if he continued like this!

"Haha! Brother Zhao, this is an endless black jail! What do you think?" A clear voice sounded in the void, and there was not much pride in the voice. It seemed that it was not surprising to be able to kill Zhao Yuande.

"Who are you!" Zhao Yuande suddenly changed his face when he heard the words "Endless Hell"!

He didn't expect that he didn't collect the damaged Jiu Pin Xian Bao, but was taken away by others, and he used it to attack him.

It's no wonder that super soldiers like Jing Zhongyue can't cause damage to them. It turned out to be this treasure!

"It doesn't matter who I am, what matters is that you are going to die soon! After you die, everything you belong will belong to me! With the endless black prison, I will be able to cross the heavens and the heavens!" Not as excited as he said in his words, as if all these were things in his pockets, Zhao Yuande's things were just for him to take away.

"Are you so confident?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"Then let's wait and see!" The voice remained calm, as if nothing was worth mentioning in his eyes, "Now I will cut your avatar!"

"Huh! I'm delusional!" Zhao Yuande heard this, and his face changed suddenly. He couldn't care too much anymore. The Wa Palace, which had been silent in the sea for a while, appeared immediately above his head, facing the endless suppression of the sky. The black prison ran away.


Wa Palace was beyond the existence of Jiu Pin Xian Bao. This time it struck the endless black prison, and immediately flew high in the sky.

The voids around him instantly shattered, and the heavens and earth became silver again. Zhao Yuande instantly returned to the snow and snow field, and he also saw that the avatar not far away was fighting a man in black.

"Who is this person!" Zhao Yuande looked at the man in black on the battlefield and felt that this person's figure was a little familiar.

"Avatar returns!" A big shout.

Zhao Xie, who fought with the man in black, instantly appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, then rushed into his body.

Gained by the doppelganger's aura, Zhao Yuande felt that the fighting power had recovered a bit, and he sneered at the man in black.

The man was covered with a black robe, and a grimace mask was on his head.

"Zhao Yuande! You finally offered your last resort, is that Wa Palace? But Wa Palace has been damaged so much since ancient times, how many times can you sacrifice?" The man in black looked up at the sky and sneered. "You still think about how to deal with my endless black prison next!"

"Not good!" Zhao Yuande couldn't feel the snowy sky again in the next moment. The huge figure of the endless black prison was once again shrouded, and the power was even more terrifying than the previous one.

The endless black prison is shrouded, the avenue is disordered, and the heaven and the earth do not exist, as if the endless black prison is the master of this world!

Zhao Yuande felt as if he were a weak ant, and the endless black jail pressed down from his head was like a ruthless big foot, trampled down.

"What to do! What to do!" Zhao Yuande had a lot of thoughts at this time, but he couldn't think of a way to fight the endless black prison.

"Indifferent! I want to sacrifice the Wa Palace again, otherwise I will definitely die here today!" Zhao Yuande's ray of spirit came to the Wa Palace.

"Okay! But after this time the Wa Palace could no longer bear the repression of the endless black prison. I am afraid that the Wa Palace will really be crushed. The master must escape as soon as possible!" Mo Guban's face could not help but reveal a trace Silk helpless.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande also felt helpless.