Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: A Busy Life

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Of course, he also remembered the old man with white beard, Wa Palace would not desperate for himself, he did not control Wa Palace at all.

I seem to have borrowed something now, only the right to use it, and I will return it to others sooner or later!

Your own strength is the most important. These treasures are only auxiliary. In the end, you can only rely on yourself!


Once again offering sacrifices to the Wa Palace, and flying the endless black prison, Zhao Yuande did not hesitate to shuttle through the void at this moment, and appeared directly thousands of miles away.

"Well! It's so cold here! That's..." Zhao Yuande appeared from the void, and suddenly felt a terrible cold strike, leaving his body stiff for a while.

In the distance, he saw a huge flashing door of time and space, a chaotic color inside the door, and an endless wind and snow mixed with a huge body rushed out of the door of time and space!

It turned out to be the center of the snow and ice field. There is really a door to another world!

"In the end, the door leads to that world..." Zhao Yuande couldn't help but have such a problem in his mind.

At this time, the sky was dark again, and the top of the head was not known when it was shrouded in endless black prison, and the world and earth became a dark color again.

However, only the door of time and space in the distance is still standing, but the snow and snow flying out of it is much less, and it seems that the suppression of the endless black prison has also affected it.

Zhao Yuande felt helpless again, this feeling he had never encountered since his rebirth!

Am I really going to die here?

Zhao Yuande looked up at the sky, and the endless black prison slowly suppressed it, causing his heart to fall to the bottom.

"Sure enough, as the elder brother said, the Wa Palace has begun to not respond to me at this time!" Zhao Yuande had both anger, helplessness, and a trace of understanding!

The void seemed to be suddenly frozen into a big ice tuo, and his body could hardly move.

He seemed to be a prisoner who was killing his neck at the moment, waiting for the executioner to cut off his head with a knife.

"Even the inner world is blocked?" Zhao Yuande's desperate discovery at this time could not even open the storage space and the inner world!

"No! That direction seems to be able to move!" Zhao Yuande looked at the door of time and space, because under his perception, only the four sides of the door of time and space were not completely enveloped by the endless black prison.

"Zhao Yuande! Don't be in vain, you have no hope of escaping, just leave all your chances to me!" The black robe figure appeared in Zhao Yuande's sight again.

He stood high above the void, like an emperor who killed him, so he looked down at Zhao Yuande so coldly.

"Hum! You want beautiful! Burn me!"

The golden blood bead in the blood sea of Zhao Yuande's avatar instantly burned into an infinitely terrifying power, and instantly torn the void blockade around him, and rushed towards the door of time and space.

This drop of essence blood is the source of the power of the second avatar. Zhao Yuande instantly burned it, and the second avatar collapsed and became the past!

He stepped out dozens of miles in one step, only tens of feet away from the door of time and space, but he wanted to take the second step but found that he would take another step out!

Hey! Is this the real power of Jiu Pin Xian Bao? The endless black prison is still under severe trauma, and it has such power. It seems that I have been sitting in the sky too much!

"Haha! Even if you kill me today, you can't get my things! Give me in!" Zhao Yuande saw that he couldn't rush into the door of time and space, and Jing Zhongyue instantly released his palm and shot straight into the door of time and space.

"Damn! Damn!" Seeing this scene coldly in the sky, I couldn't calm down!

That's Jingzhongyue! A peerless soldier, if it comes to killing people, it must be far superior to all fairy treasures!

Don't look at the inexhaustible black jail that has no way to suppress Zhao Yuande, even Jingzhongyue can't hurt the endless black jail, that's because Zhao Yuande's cultivation is too low!

And the more powerful the person who cultivates is, the more powerful Jingzhongyue will be. If this time is controlled by a fairy emperor, it may be cut in half!

And the endless black prison he controls is now this kind of power, and it is still this power for personal control. Even if the immortal emperor controls the power, it does not have to play much!

So the endless black prison will be used to imprison the prisoners!

"Brother! Hurry to flee with Black Rock!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were completely red, and three stars in his body gave out a dazzling brilliance, and a terrible breath came from his body.

"Not good! He's going to explode!" The black figure in the sky suddenly looked red when he saw this!

The reason why Zhao Yuande blew so unscrupulously is that the old man with a white beard has left him a long way to go, that is, the essence blood and a trace of the soul hidden in the space passage of Heiyan's different dimension space!


After a loud noise, Zhao Yuande's body burst into nothingness.

A chaotic holy body that opened three stars exploded, and the power could almost directly annihilate a big world. The terrifying power instantly shattered the space around it, revealing a terrible crack in the void!


Wa Palace was the first to burst into a large crack in the void, and disappeared in an instant!

Zhao Yuande's voice came from the Wa Palace.

"Indifferent! You have helped me, and I will help you, and we will worry about it from now on, but you remember, treat my friends well!"

Indifferent and silent, there was a trace of sadness on the old-fashioned face.

"Master! I think we did something wrong!" The child looked at the old servant with some sadness.

"Hey! I only do this for the safety of the Wa Palace. I can't bet on the future of the Wa Palace!" Mo's voice became cold again, and he was helpless to do so. Everything was the Wa Palace!

"I think we will regret it sooner or later!" said Tong Tong.

"I never regret doing things! No regrets for the Wa Palace!"


At the moment when the Wa Palace respected the big cracks in the void, the sky kept falling with a big hand, trying to pick it up, but it was a step behind.


Another black light flew out of the center of the explosion and rushed towards another big crack.

"Don't want to go, leave me!"

The man in black looks terrible, but he doesn't want to fly so much power but can't get any benefits!

The big hand grabbed out like lightning, and grabbed toward the black light.


The black light directly penetrated the palm of this big hand and entered the big crack of the void without hindrance.

"It's's impossible!" The man in black looked at the pierced big hand in disbelief, and a horrified look appeared in his eyes!

But after the horror, it was endless anger, because after the explosion, nothing was left in place, even a little blood or even bone residue!