Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Black Wind's Chance

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As the night fell, Zhao Yuande had prepared many materials at this time, and the black bear was nervous with some body shaking, Yi Jie and Ji Yuling were obviously envious of watching.

"Wait a minute, let me go and see that guy!"

Zhao Yuande directly entered the copper furnace space.

At the moment, in the copper furnace space, Jin Fei gritted his teeth and scolded.

As soon as he saw Zhao Yuande appear, he suddenly rushed up and attacked.

All of Jin Feis items were taken by Zhao Yuande, and there was no aura in the space of the copper furnace. His injuries could not be recovered. Todays combat power is less than 10% of the original.

The weak shot is only for Zhao Yuande's tickle.

Zhao Yuande slapped Jin Fei on the ground with a backhand slap and smiled: "Jin Fei, if you are willing to submit to me, I will keep you alive, otherwise today I will kill you directly!"

"Bah! Do you dare to kill me? I am a disciple of the Master of the Great Waste Sect. As long as I die, you will be chased by the Great Waste Sect endlessly!" Jin Feizai's face showed a slight smile of embarrassment, " You try to kill me!"

"Really? I'm the least afraid of threats!" No one can copy his way, as long as he is given enough time to stand on top of the four major families, let alone a shit.

He slapped Jin Fei directly on the ground with his backhand and knocked him out.

"It's too cruel to pull a person out of a special physique. It's too cruel. I'll take him out and let the black wind solve it by himself! This guy is not a human being. There's no psychological pressure to do these things! Big deal, I'm pointing around! If according to the previous thoughts, he wouldn't frown, even if he eats 100,000 people, he won't frown, but now when he comes back again, the environment is not the same. The environment changes people!

"Black Wind, you come with me!" Zhao Yuande simply grabbed Black Wind into the copper furnace space and handed Jin Fei directly to him. "This guy has a engulfing body. I have a way to transfer this physique to you. Is it okay for you to operate yourself?"

"This kid has the legendary engulfing body? Why don't you pass it on to yourself?" The black bear hesitated and sneered. "Or come on! I'm already a yin and yang unity, and I have opened the strong devil's bear. Partially inherited."

Although the black wind is not reliable on weekdays, it is indeed very wise in these big and bad things, which makes Zhao Yuande a little touched, and can think of himself at this critical moment, this is the brother!

"Well, don't bother, my physique is stronger than this, I don't need it at all!" Zhao Yuande threw a lot of materials and gluttonous true spirit trips in front of the black bear, said, "You come to operate, I will guide next! "

"Hey! That real person is welcome!" Black Bear happily separated these things from Zhao Yuande's usual appearance, throwing Jin Fei into the tripod.

"Remember, there is only one chance, and there is no second time if you lose it! You must master it well, don't really steam him, otherwise you are eating people!" Zhao Yuande is beside While guiding, help him correct his mistakes.

Jin Fei was severely wounded by Zhao Yuande, and he was stunned again. No matter how the two guys played around, there was no sign of waking up.

"Yes, you did a good job in this step... Black Wind, you are stupid! This elixir will take another ten breaths before throwing... Quick! Take this opportunity to start drawing his swallowing body... I rely on Black Wind, you are really Good luck, this is... you actually formed the prototype of the inner world!"

After more than two hours of tossing, Heifeng didn't know whether a stupid bear had a stupid blessing, or a blind cat touched a dead mouse. In the end, he not only got the swallowed body but also took advantage of it to open the prototype of the inner world!

This means that as long as he deepens the comprehension of some wind attributes, he can directly condense his own domain, even if he doesnt care about the consequences, he can directly sacrifice the prototype of the inner world and turn it into his own domain!

However, this is to promote seedlings, and it will be hundreds of times more difficult to achieve the world in the future than ordinary people!

"Hey! This real man will be so mad! If the bald man dares to provoke the real person again, the real person will chew him and swallow it!" Black Bear laughed proudly.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the self-expanding terrible black wind and smiled at the corner of his mouth. He raised Jin Fei from the gluttonous real spirit tripod, and then directly brought him out of the copper furnace world.

"Did this guy be cooked by you?" Master Yi Jie saw Zhao Yuande and Heifeng coming out of the world of Copper Furnace, and suddenly came to the spirit and joined together.

"Throw this guy on the street and let him die by himself!" Zhao Yuande threw Jin Fei directly to Heifeng and let him deal with it.

"Hey! Seeing that he has completed the face of the real person, the real person will make him more comfortable!" Heifeng lifted Jin Fei's feet, and walked out while lifting it upside down.

"Brother Zhao, Heifeng he..." Yi Jie looked at Heifeng's back with some envy, "He really got the swallowed body?"

"Good, but also formed the prototype of the inner world!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yi Jiedao meaningfully. "How about, will Master Yijie also come to such a show?"

"No! No..." Master Yijie hurriedly waved his hand, "The poor monk can't do such a thing as drawing the physique from others!"

"Haha! I didn't say this!" Zhao Yuande waved at him, "Come, come with ears!"

The master of Yijie leaned his ears doubtfully.

"Actually, I want to help you..." Zhao Yuande's voice is getting smaller and smaller, but Master Yijie is listening to it more and more joy, and finally he dances.

"However, the materials are very difficult to deal with. I just want to open them. How about we open the materials together?" Zhao Yuande said the key point.

"No matter how difficult it is, it will not fail us, the world's first food, roar!" Master Yijie is full of confidence and fighting spirit.

"What are you two doing sneaky?" The black bear turned back at this moment, looking at the state of the ring and suddenly had the urge to beat him.

"Dark wind, you are sneaking, we are bright and upright!" Yi Jie is full of confidence in his future, and suddenly swelled up. He forgot that the dark wind has just improved a lot, he is no longer an opponent!

"Hey, you bald guys dare to scold me! Real people want to teach you!" The black wind rushed up and flew the Master Yijie out.

"Xiong Blind Man, I'm fighting with you!" Master Yijie was annoyed and rushed back to fight against the black wind.

It is a pity that Master Yijie soon discovered that he was completely suppressed, and soon he was only beaten and did not fight back...

"Brother Zhao! Help!"

"Okay wind... Hey! You bastard, you dare to bite me, you dare to provoke my majesty, we will pick him up together as soon as we quit!"


Not far away, Ji Yuling looked at them with some envy, and she wanted to be in this small circle herself.