Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: Restart

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He spent a huge price, exhausted all his accumulation to urge this endless black prison, but ended up with nothing!


Endless Black Prison hit the ground fiercely, directly destroying the tens of thousands of miles.

The door of time and space also flashed a few times under this collision, and disappeared into the void immediately.

With the disappearance of the gate of time and space, the snow and sky domain disappeared into the world of the fifth city.

Under the unknown land, the dragon screamed in anger!

But it did remember Zhao Yuande's words firmly, and did not rush out.

Its small eyes are filled with sadness, as if his own dear ones have left.

"Squeak! Squeak!"

After the little guy was sad, there was a trace of tiredness in his eyes, so he fell deep into the ground and fell into a deep sleep.

Do not know how much time passed, Zhao Yuande woke up from the groggy.

Feeling the thin aura in his body and the feeling of powerlessness in his body, he couldn't help but widen his eyes.

"Brother! What the **** is going on? Why is this... my cultivation is... my strength!" Zhao Yuande's voice was hoarse, as if he was crazy!

"Cough..." The old man with white beard quickly appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. He said a little embarrassedly, "Brother Brother! It's really embarrassing, your sperm blood and spirits have been in the space channel of different dimensions for a long time, So too much power is lost, and its not easy to bring you back to life!"

"What!" Zhao Yuande felt that his head was about to blow up, but he was directly knocked down the prototype and became a low-level cultivator.

"Your state should be stronger than your reincarnation as the reincarnation! And now you have got rid of the shadow of the universe and become a free man, and have a lot of cultivation experience, have a strong foundation, want to return Does it take a long time for the peak?" The old man with a white beard smiled smugly. "And, from now on, I will really teach you how to practice the Taoist practice, which will really make you an invincible person who eats all over the world." Hand food!"

"You... Brother! How do I think you have been planning for a long time, all this will not be your conspiracy!" Zhao Yuande obviously felt a conspiracy taste.

"Oh! It happened at the right time!" said the old man with a white beard smiling and huh, "In fact, what I didn't tell you is that the identity of the reincarnation of Zhou will greatly limit your development, and you will be punished when you grow up to a certain point. Eternal temperance will become a chess piece in his hand. And all the exercises you practiced, you get all the adventures, he is aware of it, you should help him to practice! This time you die, and I will take your blood He Shenshen uses the method of time lapse in the body of Black Rock to baptize you, fill your incomplete soul, free you from the shadow of the universe, and grow into a real powerhouse, so that you can successfully step out of the chaotic sea !"

"Incomplete soul? What do you mean?" Zhao Yuande grasped the key.

He was not too surprised by what the old man with white beard said about Zhou. The other party was able to resurrect himself. This is already a great favor!

No matter what the other party has in mind, that is not excessive!

"I have said long ago that what you call the heavens and the worlds is just an incomplete world. Why do the cultivators here always get out of the sea of chaos? That is because your soul is better than our cultivators in the sea of stars. The most important soul essence is missing! It is only this difference, so that your cultivation base can no longer enter the so-called fairy emperor realm, and you cannot find the right direction into the chaotic sea!" The more he said, the more excited, and the more he talked, the more he said with envy, "Now you are the real you, and now you practice me to eat Taoist inheritance and get twice the result with half the effort! Only you can practice Yuanshen resurrection!"

"Yuanshen Resurrection! What kind of practice is this? I seem to have the same work with the undead!" Zhao Yuande was infected by the old man with a white beard, and he also felt agitated, as if a bright future was waving to himself.

"The so-called Yuanshen resurrection technique is the sacred palace of the palace of the Xuanji Supreme Soul in the sea of stars, and it is a supreme divine skill that only disciples can qualify to practice. Extremely powerful, immortal! Even if it is truly annihilated, it will re-condense in the sea of stars and souls!"

"You have an immortal body, a soul and soul resurrection technique, practice me to eat the Dao inheritance and invincible the whole world to dominate the entire sea of stars in the future..."

"Well, Senior Brother, don't you say that you want me to practice Dao Gong? Isn't it good for me to practice?" Zhao Yuande felt that he had fallen into this old guy's calculations, and he would have to practice without practice!

"Haha! Just waiting for you!" The old man with a white beard was flushed with excitement. "Haha! I finally have a real heir to eat Taoism! Accept all the cultivation methods I have eaten Taoism!"

Zhao Yuande felt that the fingers of the old man with white beard lightened slightly in his eyebrows, and the majestic spirit was like seawater, pouring into his somewhat fragile knowledge of the sea!

"Hey! If it weren't for you to pass on this method to practice your skills, I will definitely let you start your cultivation again from the realm of blood and sea gods, but unfortunately you can only start from the combination of Yin and Yang now!" The old man with white beard seems slightly dissatisfied , "But you have practiced well in the first few realms, the sea of blood is big enough, the fetus is strong enough, and the knowledge of the sea is also good..."

Zhao Yuande quickly accepted this magnificent message, and was suddenly stunned by the cultivation methods inherited from the Taoism!

The cultivation method of eating Tao is to eat!

Of course, this is not eating in the true sense. To use another word to describe it is to swallow. If you look for another word, it is plunder!

First cultivate a engulfing black hole in your own body, and then use it to engulf and plunder everything that has energy to Huawei's own power!

"This is our heritage of eating the Tao! It's too evil!" Zhao Yuande felt that he couldn't accept it for a while.

Cannibalism, beasts, vegetation, minerals...especially cannibalism!

"Actually, we don't eat humans, but devour their power, plunder their power, after swallowing the plunder, you can release them again, so you will feel better?" Old man with white beard knows, Zhao Yuande But a very principled person, he would never do such a cannibalistic thing!

Only by changing the way of eating and changing the way, he will accept!

"Okay! Then how do we eat Dao to achieve the avenue, is it just to eat and eat? Eat humans, eat beasts, eat everything. Isn't it against heaven and heaven? Will Heaven Dao come down to Heavenly Tribulation to kill me? ?"