Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1152

Chapter 1152: Xuan Jizong

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"Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande felt that the spirit of fairy spirits was sucked into the black vortex in the body, and he quickly reported more than three times the spirit of Qi!

"In this case, wouldnt I have absorbed the aura while swallowing the aura of the fairy, and then returned three times the aura? This way... Isnt it four times faster that I can absorb the aura?" The vortex is too small, just a prototype, if it can continue to grow..."

The excitement in Zhao Yuande's face, the original gloom in his heart gradually faded with the good news.

"Haha! It won't take long, I will definitely go back! I want you to..." Zhao Yuande is clenching his hands excitedly, expressing his good mood.

"Who's yelling here, don't hurry to shut up!" A voice came from the sky.

He looked up and found that a strong man above his head was scanning him.

All three of them were wearing black robes... They were not very young, and one of them was faintly showing the world phantom behind him. It should be a strong man in the world!

The remaining two people seem to have an invisible field outside. When the air around them flows to them, they are all swayed by the field. These two people are powerful in the field!

The world is a young man of seventeen or eighty years old, with a face of unrelenting childishness, but he pretends to have an old and heavy look. It was this person who just asked.

And one of the strong men in the two fields looked like a fifteen-six-year-old girl. She was a lovely girl. Her eyes were very big. She grumbled around Zhao Yuande, seeming to be very curious about him.

The other person is a teenager, very thin, with some sharp-billed monkey gills, and the faces of the strong men who look at the world are all flattering!

After being powerful, you can see the truth and reality of the other party at a glance, and have never used it for eating identification.

But now he starts from the beginning again, cultivation is weak, he needs to be cautious in doing things, and he takes out the identification technique again.

His soul swept at the three people, and all the three people's messages appeared in his eyes.

"Li Donglei, a disciple of Xuan Jizong's outside disciples, world realm of double spirits...intermediate ingredients...matching recipes...list of ingredients...difficult to catch!"

"Fan Ying, a disciple of Xuan Jizong's outside disciples, the five-fold realm of realm in the field...intermediate ingredients...matching a list of materials...difficult to catch!

"Yu Tong, a disciple of Xuan Jizong's outside disciples, has four levels of freedom in the field... intermediate ingredients... matching recipes... is a table of materials... it is difficult to capture!"

Xuanji Sect, what kind of sect is this? The strongest in the world is only the outer disciples. Are the inner disciples at least all the emperor realm, the true disciple of the emperor, the elite disciple of the emperor, and the patriarchal progeny of the fairyland, and then Deacon up, elders, suzerain...

If it is this sort of order... I am afraid that this ancestor of the ancestral ancestor is an immortal emperor!

This is in the fairyland!

Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this question. What was originally impossible was changed because of the fairy world!

"I ask you! What are you yelling at here? Do you know that this is where my Xuanji Sect's mountain gate is located!" Li Donglei looked at Zhao Yuande, who was cultivated below but in a yin and yang unity, with a crazy expression on his face, I thought to myself that this person would not be a fool!

Where is the gate of Xuanji Sect?

As soon as Zhao Yuande heard it, he suddenly moved.

In the lower realm, he heard how powerful the Sect of the Immortal Realm was, and how the Zongmen disciples were rich in resources. Why not join him in a Sect practice?

"Hehe! This senior, the junior heard that Xuanji Sect was extremely powerful, so he came not far away, and wanted to join Xuanji Sect to become a disciple. I dont know if my senior would recommend me!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fist, full Face smile.

"Hum! You guys who are yin and yang together want to enter my Xuanji Sect to become a disciple! It's a joke. The requirements of my Xuanji Sect's outside disciples are the realm of the realm, and it must be reached before the age of 20! You have Is that qualification?" Li Donglei originally looked at Zhao Yuande unpleasantly.

He was instructed to take his younger brothers and sisters to patrol outside the mountain gate. They had to return, but he didn't expect to meet a fool who laughed wantonly in front of the mountain gate.

What made him so angry was that this person wanted to enter Xuanji Sect to become a disciple!

I am afraid that I will be in my twenties when I look at each other, and it is just a trash of Yin and Yang!

If such a person recommends Dao Zongmen to go, he must not let the sisters and brothers laugh to death!

It should be known that in the fairy world, many strong children's birth will even be a yin and yang union, and they will reach the realm at the age of three or five, the world at the age of ten, and the emperor at the age of fifteen!

And the children of ordinary people can also reach the sea of qi and blood, and there is a vast sea of blood pregnant in the body!

They can do more with less effort, and it is much easier than the children in the lower realm.

And in the fairy world, the rules are complete, the rules are easier to comprehend, and even comprehend the avenue is not difficult.

And like Zhao Yuande, this age is still in a state of yin and yang, you are either a fool or a lazy person!

"More than twenty?" Zhao Yuande touched his face and found the stubble with his face all of a sudden. He immediately remembered that he had been doing it here for three days and three nights. Can he grow his beard!

"Oh! I'm sorry, I'm actually nineteen." Zhao Yuande wiped his face lightly, all the stubble on his face was touched directly by him, and by the way, he picked up some unkempt hair and turned into a handsome and handsome. Handsome young boy!

"Huh! This elder brother, you are very handsome!" came a sound like a yellow warbler, it turned out to be the little girl Fan Ying.

After the little girl said this, a smiley face suddenly turned into a ripe red apple.

One of her hearts was thrashing at this time.

I don't know why, seeing this person has an inexplicable feeling in his own heart, and always unconsciously wants to take a glance at him.

"You..." Even Zhao Yuande was blushed by this girl.

"Cough...Sister, don't talk much to this kind of person." Li Donglei saw Fan Ying's pretty face, and she couldn't help but feel a bit gloomy.

He had been coveting this sister for a long time, but he didn't expect that she would say such a thing to an unfamiliar little white face, and he suddenly felt jealous in his heart.

No way! Never let this kid appear in front of the sister!

"Boy, go away immediately, otherwise I'm welcome to you!" Li Donglei glanced coldly at Zhao Yuande and issued an ultimatum.

"Brother! Why are you so fierce! He wants to enter my Xuan Jizong is a good thing, why do you want to drive him away!" Fan Ying looked at Li Donglei vigorously, as if he was stepped on a cat with a tail.

"Brother, doesn't he want to enter my Xuanji Sect? There are still many vacancies in the handy disciple. Let's start him as a handy disciple!" Yin Dao said, "If Brother doesn't look good to him, I command my cousin to kill him!"