Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1153

Chapter 1153: Heart Sprout

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"Oh! Yes, my Xuan Jizong is recruiting handy disciples now. If I want to come, I will introduce you!" Li Donglei suddenly changed his face and smiled, "Your cultivation base barely reached that of handicap disciples." standard."

"Yes! Brother, let him be a handy disciple! If you can be promoted to the realm after one month, you can participate in the Zongmen assessment and directly promote the disciples outside!" Fan Ying clapped her hands, her face showing joy.

"Oh! Thank you brother and sister!" Zhao Yuande blinked and nodded in agreement.

He saw that Li Donglei was not well-intentioned, and he definitely wanted to do harm to himself after he became a handyman.

But who is he and how can he be afraid of this? Although he is now cultivated as a yin and yang unity, he can enter the realm at any time as long as he is willing.

Although not necessarily Li Donglei's opponent, it is more than enough to deal with some handy disciples.

And at the speed of his cultivation, I don't know what level he can reach after a month, anyway, it should be more than enough to deal with Li Donglei.

"Let's go! I'll take you with you!" Fan Ying seemed to have such a good impression on Zhao Yuande. He flew down and took Zhao Yuande directly into the sky.

Zhao Yuande was grabbed by his hand and couldn't help but trembling, he said, this little girl... The women in the fairy world would not be so open!

"Don't be afraid! After you enter the realm of the realm, you can control your own realm to fly! Now it's time to experience it in advance!" The little girl felt Zhao Yuande tremble, and said comfortably.

"Yes! Sister said yes, I was nervous!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to follow her words.

"Damn it!" Li Donglei saw this scene, and immediately slammed Yu Tong's face. "It's you, what a bad idea, I haven't touched the little girl's hand!"

"Senior Brother is angry!" The color of anger on Yu Tong's face flickered away, looking at Zhao Yuande's back, but there was a color of resentment in his eyes. "Sister, I must tell my cousin to teach him well and chop his hands Come down!"

"Humph! If you can't handle this matter well, don't blame me!" Li Donglei snorted coldly and chased him.

"Li Donglei! One day, you will regret today's slap!" Yu Tong looked at Li Donglei flying in front and couldn't help but gritt his teeth.

"Don't keep up!" Li Donglei in front felt that the younger brother did not keep up with himself, and immediately turned to drink.

"Oh! Brother, I'm here!" Yu Tong followed with a smile on his face.

Zhao Yuande was held hands and felt that the atmosphere between the two was strange, and none of them spoke.

Fan Ying, the little girl, seemed to be really spring-minded, did she sneak a glance at Zhao Yuande's handsome face?

She felt a very special temperament on Zhao Yuande's face, it was a kind of self-confidence, a kind of indifference.

Just like when she first entered the sect, she saw the true sect of the sect, and their temperaments were so similar.

Do not! The little monk in front of him had a touch of kindness than his true master.

The true master brother gave her a feeling of being illusory and standing up above, insurmountable and unable to climb high.

And he...

It was said that it was outside the mountain gate, and they only flew a cup of tea to see a towering mountain.

Among the mountains are palaces, some palaces are towering, some palaces are gleaming with gold, some palaces have bursts of fighting, and some palaces have a horrible beast roar...

The mountains are as high as a thousand peaks. On top of each mountain stands a towering colossus. These colosses have people and beasts. Some of them are like heaven and earth, and some are like swords, and some are like real dragons. Tentatively, some are like Suzaku turning out...

Countless powerful cultivators flew in the sky and shuttled between the peaks.

"This... this is Xuanji Sect!" When Zhao Yuande had seen such a magnificent Zongmen, he couldn't help but open his mouth.

"Yes! This is Xuanji Sect! This 100,000-mile mountain range belongs to my Xuanji Sect!" Fan Ying saw Zhao Yuande's reaction and suddenly showed proud colors on his face. .

Anyone has a sense of pride in this sect.

"Sister, let's send him to the miscellaneous area together!" Li Donglei and Li Donglei came behind him, and Li Donglei glared fiercely at Zhao Yuande, then smiled at Fan Ying, "Yu Tong's cousin is We can ask him for help in the miscellaneous area!"

"Oh! Really? Well, thank you Brother Yu." Fan Ying glanced at Yu Tong and found that the other party nodded and smiled suddenly, beckoning to Zhao Yuande, "Come on! Follow us, I promise You will not be bullied by others in the miscellaneous area!"

"Hey! Silly girl, won't be bullied, I'm afraid I will directly ask for my life!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Tong He's sneering Li Donglei, his heart slandering.

However, he did not say that as long as he can become a handy disciple, he can be promoted all the way to the outside door, the inside door, the true story...

As long as you successfully enter the inner door, you should have a relatively stable supply of sect, and cultivation will be more effective.

"Thank you, Brother and Sister!" Now that the cultivation base is underneath, you can't even fly. In Immortal World is the bottom of the bottom, he must learn to forbear!

"Let's go! In the Zongmen, only the strong men above the fairyland are eligible to fly. We can only take two more steps! You Tong lead the way ahead!" Li Donglei waved his hand to Yu Tong walking in front , And he walked with Fan Ying, Zhao Yuande could only follow behind them.

"Hey! Brother, let's go ahead! I have a few words to tell this brother!" Fan Ying smiled at his brother and slowed down, came to Zhao Yuande's side and looked at him with his curious eyes Said, "My name is Fan Ying, what is your name?"

"It turned out to be Sister Fan, my surname is Zhao, and it's called Zhao Yuande." Zhao Yuande answered truthfully.

He is now in Immortal Realm, immense immortal realm, called Zhao Yuande must be tens of millions, he does not need to hide his real name.

"Zhao Yuande! Haotu's name, but I wrote it down!" Fan Ying nodded and suddenly lowered her voice, "Sister Zhao, you must practice well after entering the miscellaneous zone, I think you have reached the yin and yang union. At the peak, you only need to comprehend a rule to enter the realm directly. The miscellaneous area is close to the refining peak and there are rich underground fire veins. You can try to understand the rules of fire."

"Thank you, Sister, for your guidance!" Zhao Yuande felt more kind to this kind girl.

It is really not easy to maintain this kindness in this deceptive world.