Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154: You Are Going To Die Soon

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"And..." Fan Ying whispered to Zhao Yuande some things that needed attention.

Although some are her hearsay, and some are her own understanding, the exaggeration is unrealistic, but Zhao Yuande keeps nodding, his face showing a happy look.

Li Donglei was walking in front of him, listening to the conversation between the two behind him, he could not help but gritt his teeth.

He did not understand why Fan Shimei would be so enthusiastic about a waste that was picked up from outside. Where is this waste stronger than himself?

"Brother! Don't be angry, I guarantee that this kid will not survive tomorrow!" Yu Tong saw the fierce face of his boss and hurriedly joined the voice.

"Don't smash me this time, otherwise don't blame me!" Li Donglei looked gloomy and glanced coldly at Yu Tong.

"Brother rest assured, rest assured!" Yu Tong smiled, but he was very angry.

At first, he had high hopes from his family, but after entering Xuanji Sect, he was just an outside disciple.

As soon as he entered the outer door, he was humiliated by a group of old fritters in the outer door. He lay in his cave house for three consecutive days and was seriously injured. He only found that he was too naive.

In this world where people eat people and respect the strong, you are bullied if you are not strong enough!

At this time, he could only be humiliated, this brother who had humiliated him hard, Brother Li Donglei.

From a high-level family genius to a whispering younger brother, this kind of transition gap has greatly changed his heart, his appearance is flattering, his heart is gloomy, fierce and cunning!

On the one hand, he hated Li Donglei and wanted to kill him quickly, on the other hand, he was also humiliated and tortured for some newcomers to satisfy his perverted psychology.

Entering the tall mountain gate of Xuanji Sect, the people galloped all the way, and finally stopped in front of one of the lowest peaks.

As soon as he stopped, Zhao Yuande felt a breath of fire rushing towards him, and he could clearly feel the existence of the rules of fire.

Now as long as he is willing, the next step can feel the rules of fire in the fairy world.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but nodded secretly. No wonder so many powerful players in the lower realm were rushing towards the immortal world. The rules, rules, and even the avenues here are more complete than the lower realm.

"Okay! It's here! Brother Yu, please take him in! Let your cousin take good care of him." Li Donglei waved his hand and winked at Tongtong.

Yu Tong immediately turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Let's go! Be a little better in a moment, but don't let down Brother Li and Sister Fan's cultivation of you!"

Yu Tongsen's eyes were full of fierceness.

"Then please ask Brother Yu to lead the way!" Zhao Yuande ignored his Chi Guoguo's eyes and calmly followed Yu Tong to the miscellaneous area.

"I am coming too!"

Fan Ying wanted to keep up, but was stopped by Li Donglei.

"Sister sister! It's not good to go to the miscellaneous area as your deacon disciple! And Master Fengjie has high hopes for you. You don't want Master Fengjie to know that you have ever entered the miscellaneous zone!"

Li Donglei took out Fan Ying's master as a shield, which made Fan Ying's face suddenly show some fear.

"Brother, you must not pass this time out, or the master will definitely punish me!" Fan Ying looked at Li Donglei's face and begged.

What Fan Ying fears most is her master Feng Jue Xian Ren!

After he entered Zongmen, he was valued by Feng Jue Xianren and he was accepted as a disciple.

This fabulous immortal is an outstanding female immortal who is extremely cold, arrogant and severe, and never smiles even to her disciples.

What she dislikes the most and most despise are those disciples who do not want to be aggressive. She was dispatched by Zongmen to manage many chores, and the miscellaneous area was within her jurisdiction.

She mentioned in front of Fan Ying more than once that the miscellaneous area is the most lazy place of the entire Xuan Ji Sect. The disciples there do not want to make progress. Only tens of thousands of people can enter the outside door every six months.

Let her not contact with the people in the miscellaneous area so as not to affect the mentality of cultivation, let alone go to the miscellaneous area to hang out, it is better to practice more at that time.

"Sister and sister, rest assured! Brother I am that kind of talkative person?" Li Donglei nodded, showing a gentle smile.

"Thank you, brother!" Fan Ying smiled.

"Okay, I will have a chance in the future. Brother, you will help you come and see this Zhao Yuande, let him practice well and strive to be able to enter the outside door after a month!" Li Donglei laughed, "We should go to the mission area to deliver the task."

Li Donglei sneered in his heart. When Fan Shimei remembered this kid next time, I am afraid that the other party had become a corpse!

"Well!" Fan Ying looked at Zhao Yuande's back, and followed Li Donglei with some reluctance.

"You are going to die soon!" Yu Tong walked in front and passed on the voice to Zhao Yuande, "Who told you to provoke people who should not provoke, don't blame me after you die!"

Zhao Yuande had known his thoughts for a long time, neither panicked nor lost his color, but quietly followed behind him, as if he had not heard anything.

"You... It's no use ignoring me. My cousin will teach you how to be a man in a while!" Yu Tong's panic-stricken expression was expecting to see him, but he found the other person's Gujing waveless, as if he didn't listen. When he was threatened, he couldn't help but feel angry, he really wanted to slap this guy to death!

However, although the Xuanji Sect is respected by the strong, it has very strict rules. It is forbidden to do it in the Zongmen. All grudges can be learned on the grudge ring.

There are almost all the Xuanji Sects in the grievance ring, and there are every mountain, every region, and even a miscellaneous area.

As long as the disciples within Zongmen had grievances, they could only break the grievance ring and settle on the stage.

There is no respect and humility on the grudge ring, only victory or defeat!

As long as Xia Lei is in the ring, no one can seek revenge, otherwise it will violate the rules!

The punishment for violating the rules is quite serious. The lighter ones are sent to the flame cave, the frost cave... and some other caves with bad conditions, the severe ones directly kill the flesh and destroy the soul!

I heard that there is a soul-eating purgatory deep in the Zongmen, and those who are not forgiving will be thrown into the soul-eating purgatory and will be tortured by eternal life forever!

Zhao Yuande is still breezy, and will be treated as air.

But he once reached the realm of Divine Emperor, and also killed many powerful people at the peak of Divine Emperor, which made many people talk about it.

The threatening provocation of Yu Tong in front of him seemed to him that the little ant had raised his fist at the elephant all the time, not at a level.

"Good! You are very good... I will let my cousin greet you well, let you die better than life!" Yu Tong gritted his teeth, but did not dare to attack, almost suffocated an internal injury.