Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155: Baihezhou

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"Brother Yu, why are you here! Did you come to find your cousin again? He is now allocating tasks in the miscellaneous hall, you just go directly!" Outside the miscellaneous zone, a guarded miserable disciple saw Yu Tong Come, suddenly nodded and bowed waist, very flattering.

"Huh!" The arrogant color that appeared on Yu Tong's face swayed and walked Zhao Yuande in front of this handy disciple.

It is only in front of the handy disciples that Yu Tong will pick up the feeling of the family's young master again, which makes him like to come to the handyman area very much.

"Bah! It's not a good thing with Yu Feng's smashing raccoon dog, disgusting!" The guard's handy disciple saw Yu Tong walking away and couldn't help but sigh with a disgusted face.

The miscellaneous area is plainly a gathering place for some miscellaneous disciples, live here, accept tasks, and practice!

The basic job of the miscellaneous disciples in the miscellaneous zone is to help the various peaks and areas, clean the sanitation, clean up the garbage, reclaim the land, spread the news...

You need to do three hours a day, and the time underneath is your time to practice.

Strictly speaking, miscellaneous disciples are not disciples of Xuanji Sect, they havent registered in the martial arts at all, they live without a sense of existence, and are despised by everyone!

Some people can turn humiliation into motivation and strive to enter the outside through semi-annual promotion trials. Most people will lose their fighting spirit and will be disappointed to leave Xuan Jizong.

They soon came to the miscellaneous hall in the miscellaneous area.

Because it is morning and it is time to assign tasks, dozens of long dragons line up in front of the miscellaneous palace to take on today's miscellaneous tasks.

Many people saw Yu Tong's arrival and nodded and bowed to him, making way for him.

However, they were all sullen in their hearts. This inner disciple came to the cemetery area to show his majesty. Isn't he tired?

"Cousin! Haha! You're here!" A tall fat man saw Yu Tong, and suddenly the fat on his face trembled, and the enthusiasm almost rushed.

Yu Tong frowned, and there was a trace of disgust in his eyes, but he quickly smiled on his face.

"Cousin, this time I came to recommend a disciple to your miscellaneous area!" Yu Tong pointed to Zhao Yuande. "Cousin, you have to take good care of him!"

Yu Tong took extra care of the two words, and the opposite fat man looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile on his face, and there was a trace of ruthlessness in his eyes.

He naturally knew what his cousin meant. He had done so much and knew it well.

The disciples around the house looked at Zhao Yuande with some sympathy, some gloating, and some indifference.

There were a few close to Zhao Yuande, and he quickly withdrew backwards, fearing that he might have a relationship with Zhao Yuande.

"The cousin is at ease, he will hand it to me!" The fat man bowed to Tong, "Will the cousin go to sit with me?"

"No, I just returned from patrolling the mountain gate. I'm going to the mission area to deliver the task!" Yu Tong waved his hand, showing a cold expression on his face, and turned and walked away!

Many people looked at Yu Tong with an envious expression, and being able to become an outside disciple was the first step in their growth.

"What's your name?" The fat man looked at Zhao Yuande, a sneer on his fat face.

"Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"You newly entered the miscellaneous area and you still don't understand the rules of our miscellaneous area. I will ask someone to talk to you!" The fat man glanced at the group of people, and soon pointed to a young man with a big eyebrow, "It is your application Zong, come and tell him the rules!"

The teenager called Shen Zong glanced at Zhao Yuande, a little indifferent and ruthless in his eyes, and he nodded slightly.

"Come with me!" Shen Zong stepped out of the crowd and walked towards the neat rows of wooden houses not far away.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the young man, and his eyes could not help revealing a weird look.

He saw at a glance that this young man was magnificent, not mortal.

Feeling this difference, he hurried away.

"Shen Tuzong, the descendant of the Shen Tu family, disciple of Xuan Jizong's miscellaneous, in the late stage of Yin and Yang combined, middle-level ingredients..."

Shen Tu Family!

Zhao Yuande couldn't help frowning, is he now in Baihezhou?

He once met Shen Tuxue and Shen Tu Yinghao in Zhenlong Palace, and became friends with the two. He did not expect to meet the people of the Shen Tu family here. .

But why did the heir of the Shentu family come to Xuan Jizong? Is this to break into the enemy? Have you met the chess piece laid by the Shen Tu family?

Just when he was cranky, Shen Zong had taken him to a wooden house.

"Come in!" Shen Zong's voice was cold, as if there was no trace of emotion.

Zhao Yuande nodded and followed Shen Zong into the wooden house.

The furnishings in the cabin are very simple, a bed, a table, a futon, two chairs!

"Sit!" Shen Zong sat on a chair without expression, and then pointed to the chair opposite, beckoning Zhao Yuande to sit down.

Zhao Yuande nodded and sat down.

"I see that Yu Feng is not kind to you, you have to be careful!" Unexpectedly, the first sentence that Shen Zong said was actually this, which made Zhao Yuande slightly surprised.

"Don't be surprised. In fact, I am proficient in the technique of observing people and seeing that you are not an ordinary person, otherwise I will not talk to you much." Shen Zong waved his hand, his tone was still indifferent.

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Brother Shen is also very human. I also feel this. But now that we don't know about Xuan Jizong from time to time, please tell Brother Shen to help me introduce it. !"

"Alright!" Shen Zong nodded, and was not surprised by Zhao Yuande's reaction. He told Zhao Yuande all the details of Xuan Jizong.

Under the other party's story, Zhao Yuande gradually learned about Xuan Jizong.

He really is in Baihezhou, Xuanji Sect is one of the five major forces in Baihezhou, the other four forces are, Shen Tujia, Sun Family, Tianyizong, Baidi Palace!

Among the five forces, Xuanji Sect belongs to the middle reaches. It is not as good as the White Emperor Palace. It is evenly matched with the Tianyi Sect and is slightly stronger than the Shentu and Sun families.

Xuanji Sect is located in the south of Baihezhou, close to Baihe Daze, and enjoys a superior geographical position.

Baihe Daze is the largest gathering place for monsters and beasts in Baihezhou, and also the place with the most abundant monsters and beasts. Therefore, in the Xuanji Sect, there is one of the largest exchanges in Baihezhou, Xuanjifang City.

In the Xuanji Sect, it is divided into six classes: handyman, outer door, inner door, true biography, elite, personal biography. The hierarchy is very strict.

The disciples in the miscellaneous area have to do miscellaneous activities for three hours a day, and then they will have their own cultivation time. Each month, ten pieces of inferior immortal jade are used as cultivation resources.

Every six months in the miscellaneous area, there will be a test to promote outside disciples. As long as you successfully enter the field, you will be eligible to take the test. If you pass the test, you will become an outside disciple.

The outer disciple is an official disciple of Xuan Jizong, and he has registered and made a record in Zongmen!