Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1158

Chapter 1158: Muddle Through

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Zhao Yuande used to be a holy pill master in his previous life. There are countless times of alchemy. Naturally, he is also very experienced in controlling the ground fire.

Although this body is still low, the place where he is is in the fairy world. The spirit energy and even the spirit energy of the fairy world are very abundant. The consumption of spiritual power in the fire control is within the controllable range.

Looking at Zhao Yuande's skillful movements, the thin old man frowned slightly. Why did a handy disciple have such alchemy techniques? Is he a spy sent by another sect?

wrong! If it is a spy, it is impossible to show amazing talent now! Rather, it will be revealed only when it becomes an outside disciple or even an internal disciple, so that it will not be doubted.

Is it... forget it, alchemy first!

If it turns out to be the Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill, my successful promotion to the Immortal Practitioner, the status among the sects will be upgraded by one grade. By then, even if the level of the elder exists, it will give me some face...

Zhao Yuande controls the fire, the thin old man puts the medicine, and controls the various changes of the elixir in the Dan furnace...

After three hours, when Zhao Yuande felt that his spiritual strength was not enough, the lean old man put in the last blind material.

"Seal the furnace! Give me control of the fire, the success or failure is in a single thought!" The thin old man's face was extremely dignified, and the soul controlled the materials in the Dan furnace, melting, mixing, removing slag, forming...

"Stop the fire! Turn on..."

The thin old man looked very excited, shouted, and stopped Zhao Yuande's output of the ground fire, and then grabbed the void and opened the furnace cover directly!

The golden light was shining in the red furnace, and the golden peas, the size of broad beans, dripped in the red furnace.

"Haha! It's done!" The thin old man's palm was emptied, and suddenly all the pill medicine flew out of the pill furnace and fell into his palm.

"Twelve, nine top grades and three middle grades! Haha! I finally succeeded in refining the Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill! I have become a fairy pill master! Haha..." The thin old man looked excitedly at the twelve gold in his palm Dan, he smiled back and forth, unscrupulous.

Zhao Yuande only felt that his head seemed to be beating drums, and his chest was short and breathless for a while, his mouth was shocked with blood.

"Hold it, this is a top grade Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan rewarding you!" The thin old man was also generous, and directly lost a top grade Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was very happy and hurriedly received this immortality!

The value of this Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill, he can't enjoy it now, even if he goes against the sky, he will be boosted by the terrifying power!

Strictly speaking, this kind of elixir needs at least the powerful of the God Realm to be eligible to take it!

He plans to take the Elixir to Xuanjifang City and sell it, and then he can exchange a lot of materials he needs now!

The slender old man threw the rest of the immortality medicine into a white jade bottle, and then began to survey Zhao Yuande with interest.

"Boy, let's talk! Where did you come from? You, a miscellaneous disciple, have such an understanding of Dan Dao, which is absolutely abnormal! You said, is it the other spy who sent me to the Xuanji Sect?" The thin old man started The speech was still a little calm, but the more severe the voice became later, especially the last drink was like thunder.

If you are an ordinary cultivator, I am afraid to kneel down and beg for mercy at this moment. You have to recruit everything, even the eighteenth generation of your ancestors.

But Zhao Yuande is different. His two generations were human and his mind was calm. This method had little effect on him.

"Deacon Master, I am not a spy. My family is in a big catastrophe. I fled from Xifengzhou and accidentally fell into a void vortex. This only drifted to Baihezhou. If you don't believe that you can trust someone to Xifeng Chau went to find out, my Zhao family is also a little famous!" Zhao Yuande told the thin old man the story he had made up long ago.

There are hundreds of thousands of miles between Xifengzhou and Baihezhou, and ordinary people can't get there in ten lifetimes. Even the powerful in the fairyland will take ten or eight years to fly.

However, if you have money, you can go to the teleportation array. It is said that the cost of one teleport can almost buy a second-grade fairy treasure!

"You actually came from Xifengzhou?" The thin old man was half-confident and looked at Zhao Yuande again and again, "With the terrible tearing power in the vortex of the void that your realm can bear? Do you dare to lie to me, believe it or not? You can be killed here!"

"In fact, the disciples are majoring in the physical body in the family. Now the physical strength should be comparable to the later stage of the realm of the realm, and even further can compete with the physical body of the world's strongest, so they can..." Zhao Yuande naturally will not have such a loophole.

"Really?" The thin old man's finger swept into the void of Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's sleeve was instantly cut by a terrible force, but his arm was not cut by this force, but only a red mark was left.

"Oh! Sure enough, your physical body really reached this point! Yes, really good! Your strength should be enough to become an outside disciple!" The thin old man nodded, but he still had doubts on his face, " Since you came from Xifengzhou, tell me what powers there are in Xifengzhou and what kind of powerful people are there!"

"Okay! In my Xifengzhou Xiandi Palace is the strongest in the Ming Dynasty. There are three Xiantian Xuantian real people in the palace, Wan Huaqing and Nangong Tianzheng! But the Ji family is actually hidden in Xifengzhou The strongest strength, although I know the Ji family, I dont know some strong people, but I heard that the Ji family has a peerless genius called Ji Mingzhen! Under the Immortal Emperor Palace, there are the uncles family, Zi Yunzong, Xianhong City ..."

Zhao Yuande has already done all his homework. He has told all the major forces like a few family treasures.

The thin old man on the side nodded again and again and soon believed Zhao Yuande's words.

Even if he wanted to know the information, it was a bit impossible, it was too difficult!

Although most of the strong men mentioned by the other party have never heard of them, but they do not prevent him from writing down, you can ask the Zongmen strong men in the future!

He felt that he should believe Zhao Yuande, and the other party could not be regarded as a spy at all. He had no similarities with the spy.

More importantly, the thin old man did not want him to be a spy.

Zhao Yuande's alchemy knowledge and alchemy technique helped him a lot, and he could definitely get credit for the promotion of the fairy pill master.

Although the slender old man had a strange temper and was moody, he was still a fair way and had the persistence in his own heart.

Zhao Yuande helped him, and he still felt a little grateful to him.