Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1159

Chapter 1159: Enmity And Grudges Are Not Counted In Life Or Death

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What's more, he will need such a helper in alchemy later. If the other party enters the outside gate and becomes a disciple of the outside gate, he can even accept it as a disciple.

With this thought, he showed a slight smile.

"Okay! Go back! I might send someone to find you in the miscellaneous area in the future." The thin old man waved his hand and motioned for Zhao Yuande to leave.

Why didn't he say this? In fact, he wanted to see the other party's qualifications. If the other party can successfully enter the outside door this time, he has this qualification. If he can't enter, then he comes as an alchemy boy use.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the hall and suddenly felt chilly behind him. Only then did he realize that the cold sweat just came out.

His current cultivation level is too low, and a powerful person who comes out of the world can easily suppress him. To Li Donglei, it is almost possible to kill him!

He wasn't before he blew himself up, and he didn't have many treasures in his hands. Now he only has two more cultivation experiences than ordinary cultivators, and he has a strong physical body.

He felt that he really needed to practice hard, hurry up and raise the cultivation base, go back to the twelve ascendant city, and kill the guy who attacked himself with an endless black prison!

He walked into the teleportation circle, and the guardian disciple in black robe was still there.

The disciple saw Zhao Yuande walk out of Deacon Zhong's alchemy hall completely, and he could not help showing a shocked expression on his face.

Not long ago, he heard a scream from the hall!

"Brother goodbye!" Zhao Yuande naturally knew what he was thinking, waved at him, and stepped into the teleportation array!

Zhao Yuande was very happy and got a top grade Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan, and the deacon obviously paid attention to himself. If he can successfully advance to the realm, he should be able to get his olive branch.

In the early days, it was possible to get a deacon in the fairyland, and it was considered to be able to mix up outside.

He returned to the miscellaneous area beautifully and walked towards the rows of wooden houses.

"Huh! How did this boy come back? Did he sneak back without completing the task?" The fat man Yu Feng happened to see Zhao Yuande coming out of the teleportation array, and his eyes suddenly showed a puzzled look.

"You... you stop!" The fat man rushed in front of Zhao Yuande in two steps and looked at him up and down, then sneered, "Why don't you go to Alchemy Peak to perform the chore task? You know the punishment for giving up the task halfway Can I just drive you out of Xuan Jizong!"

"Who said that I did not complete the task, I have completed the task, and now I come back to rest!" Zhao Yuande glanced coldly at the other party, his eyes showing a trace of disgust.

"You dare to lie! See if I don't send you to the law enforcement hall, let you taste eighteen days of punishment!" Fatty Kenken believes that the mission time is obviously one day, and he returned after more than three hours, and Still so arrogant.

He grabbed Zhao Yuande's shoulder and tried to catch him.

Is Zhao Yuande able to catch this kind of person? He withdrew his body and opened the other hand.

"Fat, do you want to do it with me?" Zhao Yuande stared at each other coldly, pointing his finger at the grudge ring not far away. "Want to go there!"

"Hi! Your kid turned the sky! Dare to challenge the uncle, today the uncle will give you a lesson, let you know the uncle's great! Let's go... The grudge ring!" At this time there were a lot of handy disciples, they looked at Yu Feng must not admit it.

What's more, he was able to be a manager in this miscellaneous area, not because his cousin was an outside disciple, but he worked hard with one punch and one foot!

"Complaint! You can watch it today!"

Hearing the four words of grudge and grudge, all the disciple disciples suddenly came to spirit.

"Yu Fat is very powerful. His fat right is a war armor, and he can't move him with ordinary fists!"

"But it wasn't that a guy who didn't know life and death had practiced body exercises for several years, but he was beaten to death by the fat man from time to time!"

"It is said that this fat man Yu has never been defeated in the yin and yang union, so our disciples in the miscellaneous area have always served him!"

"How long do you think this kid can stay with the fat man?"

"At most ten breaths, ten breaths will be beaten!"

"Unfortunately a little white face, it may become a pig's head in the future!"


Not far away, Shen Zong had just returned from his handy job. When he saw so many people gathered around, he hurried up.

Hearing everyone's discussion, I knew that Zhao Yuande was going to fight against Yu Fatty on the stage!

He originally wanted to stop it, but the light in his eyes shone, and finally stopped.

The other party was able to return from Alchemy Peak to complete the task, which made him a little surprised, but it was only an accident.

Maybe Elder Zhong did not feel alchemy today and canceled the task, maybe he had good luck to help Elder Zhong alchemy succeed.

But this is not a reason to offend yourself.

Although this person is not ordinary, there are really a few unusual characters among this handy disciple, and he is not lacking.

But if the opponent can beat the fat man, he really has to make a good relationship.

"Let's go! Enmity and grudges!" Zhao Yuande heard these people's comments and saw Shen Zong's hesitant look, but he didn't care.

These people will soon be left behind by their own footsteps, and they soon know what is beyond their reach!

He strode up to the grudge ring and looked at the opposite fat man with sarcasm.

"Boy, how dare you come to see me with this kind of eyes, believe it or not I will kill you!" Yu Feng felt a humiliation, he was obviously ignored, he vowed to let the other party know what regret is, and then Let him die in despair.

"Isn't Yu Tong trying to kill me with your hand? I'll give you a chance, life and death on the stage of grudges are not counted." Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered with a slight sneer, and the tone was faint, but what he said made his heart burst out. .

But Yu Feng quickly showed a cruel smile, he had absolute confidence in himself.

Self-confidence comes from strength. Although he dare not say that he is invincible in Yin and Yang, but no one is his opponent in this miscellaneous zone.

The miscellaneous zone was chaotic. He was challenged in the grudge ring countless times, but each time ended in victory.

Otherwise, how can he manage the affairs in this miscellaneous area?

"Boy, I just wanted to make you die faster. There should be no pain when I was slapped by Deacon Zhong. But if I was beaten to death, it would be extremely painful!" Yu Feng sneered step by step. Towards Zhao Yuande.

He had a fat body, like a walking giant bear, and the trembling ring at the foot of each step shivered.