Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Sima Feiyun

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The next day, at dawn, there was a knock on the door outside.

"Heifeng opened the door!" Zhao Yuande kicked Heifeng's ass.

"Why me again!" Heifeng touched his **** to open the door.

"Haha, Brother Heifeng, is Brother Zhao here? I brought you VIPs!" Helian Qingyang walked into the shop with a big smile.

Behind him, there is a handsome and determined young man, his eyes shining brightly like a pearl, and he walks even more vigorously. The whole person exudes a special momentum all the time.

"Why do you jump in line?" Someone outside dissatisfiedly protested loudly, "We have been waiting here all day and night!"

"Yes! Why?"

Someone immediately responded, but there was a lot of excitement outside!

"Brother Helian, is it really so popular here?" The young man turned his head and looked out at the crowd, showing curiosity in his eyes.

"I can still deceive Brother Sima not to succeed!" Helian Qingyang looked at the practitioners outside, instead of being angry, he showed a warm face, "You, everyone! The younger brother is Helian Qingyang of the God Market, as long as today You give your little brother a face, who will be useful to the little brother in the future, the little brother must be incumbent!"

For the one around him, he made a great promise is worth it!

"The son of Lord Helian? It turned out to be you...Since you have a distinguished customer, we deserve it!" A young man who was more adept at beating his horse hurriedly agreed to give Helian Qingyang a good impression.

"City Master Helian and Master Helian are tired of working for the God Market, don't we give him that face?" Someone stood up and asked loudly.

There is a kind of blind obedience, and when someone comes forward to say this, everyone suddenly agrees.

"Thank you all!" Helian Qingyang clenched his fists and saluted everyone outside the door.

"Sir Helen please!"

"Brother Helian is very respectful!" The young man called Brother Sima looked at Helian Qingyang and could not help but nodded slightly.

"Haha! Brother Helian came to visit, and there was a distance to welcome!" Zhao Yuande came out of the back hall with a big smile, followed by the master Yijie.

"Come here, Brother Zhao, let me introduce you, this is Sima Jiatianjiao, Sima Feiyun! Our generation legends! The top ten of the younger generation!" Helian Qingyang gave Sima Feiyun to In front of you.

"It turned out to be Brother Sima! Brother Zhao Yuande has seen Brother Sima! It's really a long time to admire his name!" Zhao Yuande seemed to be looking at this old friend of the previous life. Although this guy is very strong now, he was beaten by himself in the previous life, and the scene is still there. In front of him, thinking of this, he couldn't help but want to laugh.

"Brother Zhao seems to know me?" Sima Feiyun's observation ability is very strong, and he can see the smile in Zhao Yuande's eyes. This smile is not malicious, but a familiar smile.

Sima Feiyun searched the memory in his brain, but he couldn't find any trace of the teenager in front of him.

"Hey! I don't know. I'll meet you for the first time today!" Zhao Yuande told the truth and didn't fake it, so there were no flaws.

"Okay, today I have a treat. Brother Brother Zhao has something to do, don't be soft!" Helian Qingyang arched his hand at Zhao Yuande.

"OK, then the two of you will wait here for a while!" Zhao Yuande waved back to the back hall with Heifeng and Master Yijie.

"Huh! That figure seems a bit familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere before?" Sima Feiyun saw a figure turned away, a look of doubt on his face, he just did not pay attention to the one ring and the black wind, I thought they were all Zhao Yuande's guards.

"Is it a black wind or a ring?" Helian Qingyang knew the names of the two.

"Yijie! Sure enough, it's really him. How could he be someone else's man here?" Sima Feiyun didn't quite believe it.

At that time, he went to the Tianchen Temple with his father to visit the contemporary master. He once met a young monk, who behaved in an extraordinary manner and was faster than himself. Although the two did not speak, he deeply remembered This young monk.

Later, when I inquired about it, he was the priest who passed down a monk.

Later, I heard that this young man took a ring and was driven out of the mountain gate by Tianchen Temple for something.

He didn't expect to see each other here today. The other party is the same age as himself, and he has practiced to reach the yin and yang union!

"Does this Zhao Yuande really have the kind of food that helps people upgrade, as is the legend, that is, such a ring will be put under the fence?" Sima Feiyun seemed to understand, the interest in his face became stronger and stronger, and he also became more and more What kind of food are you looking forward to?

"This guy is also here! It's abominable that the hurting girl can't go out yo-yo!" Ji Yuling grunted, and seemed to dislike Sima Feiyun very much.

"Hey! Just now I didn't expect him to come, otherwise I wouldn't go out! Fortunately, he didn't find me, otherwise he would really lose the adult!" As soon as he abstained, he seemed a bit lonely.

"What a shame! What a shame here!" Heifeng slapped on the back of the head of a ring, and screamed, "Here, there are food, drink, and surprises at any time. Love doing!"

"Bah! I'm confused! Other people can't come if they want to come! It's time for me to fight!" Slap on the black wind slapped, and only then quit.


"Hey! Since it's time to fight, then I'm welcome!" Heifeng slapped again.

"Damn Black Wind! You dare to beat me, the poor monk fights with you..."


"Hey! These two unreliable guys are making trouble again!" Ji Yuling propped up a small chin and boredly watched the two guys tearing each other out without knowing what they were thinking.

"This is your small stove! Eat it slowly, but this is black jelly meat, it has a great effect on your understanding of the rules of water!" Zhao Yuande passed a large bowl of hot meat soup, let the spirit of Ji Yuling who was thinking about it blindly. As soon as she was about to say thank you, she heard Zhao Yuande's words passed on again, "I have already remembered one million Zhongpin Lingyu!"

"Humph!" Ji Yu's aura pouted and muttered in a low voice, "It's really annoying, go to the eyes of money!"

"There is money to travel thousands of miles, no money can't do anything at all! Girl, you were born in a big family and you don't know the suffering of ordinary people like us!" Zhao Yuande walked out of the back hall slowly with two large bowls of meat soup.

"You're still an ordinary person, then I'm even worse than ordinary people!" Ji Yuling felt secretly and scooped a spoonful of meat soup into his mouth.

At the moment when the meat soup entered the mouth, her thoughts stopped spinning. She only felt that the meat soup in her mouth stimulated her taste buds, and a sweet and smooth delicious taste echoed in her mouth.

The meat soup slowly flows into the abdomen along the esophagus, and she feels as if she is in a huge water with no boundaries, transformed into a black dragon with a huge body, a breath of water...