Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1160

Chapter 1160: One Punch

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At the same time, the momentum of his body is constantly rising, and the blood rushes out of his head, turning into a violent smoke straight towards the Xiaohan.

"It's a bit interesting! It's not that hard to beat!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yu Feng who was walking step by step across the face, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The smile is full of confidence, this smile is very charming.

There were **** female handyman disciples under the stage. When they saw this smile, they couldn't help but sigh in their hearts. Many of them couldn't help but close their eyes lightly, couldn't bear to watch Zhao Yuande being beaten to death by Yuzi!

However, Zhao Yuande was really thinking, what means did he use to achieve the other's life?

"Hi! Regret Mountain Boxing!"

Yu Feng's fat body jumped violently, punching him towards Zhao Yuande.

Accompanied by his punch, the whole scene of grudges flew through the sand, and the wind raged.

In a trance, everyone seemed to see a tall giant bear, flew down towards Zhao Yuande on the stage, and even the voids around them seemed to be squeezed, rippling up and down.

"It's over! This guy's over! This fat guy may have been really angry. One shot was a lore. It was this punch that directly knocked out the previous manager!"

"Hey! I thought there was excitement to see, but I didn't expect it to be a crushing situation in the end, boring..."

Everyone is very pessimistic about Zhao Yuande and thinks he is already a dead man!

In the face of this powerful offensive, many people under the stage were a bit soft at this time.

Because they all retreated under this trick and suffered a big loss.

This Yu Feng looks very fat, in fact, very fast.

It was just a moment that Zhao Yuande had appeared in front of him. The huge fist carried the sound of the wind and thunder, the scene was terrifying!

If ordinary people had long been faced with no face, Zhao Yuande only raised his head at this time to face this punch.

Yu Feng clearly saw a bit of sarcasm in the other party's eyes, and he inexplicably felt a guilty conscience.

But at this time, both guilty and confident have become settled, because he can no longer look back, and there is no way back.


Yu Feng's expression was fierce.

"It's you who died!" Zhao Yuande only raised his fist at this time.

The fist came out flat and bland, without any terrifying power, and even the wind did not bring a trace, just like ordinary people casually raised their fists.

"Hey! It seems to have given up resistance..."

Many people saw this scene and immediately sighed!


A huge impact sound instantly rang through the entire grudge ring.

The ring was centered on the impact, and the sky was filled with dust, and the field of vision was blurred.

A figure flew out like a meteor, and then slammed into the light defense screen of the ring.


The defensive light curtain made an overwhelming crackling sound.

This is a miscellaneous area, and the defensive light curtain on the grudge ring can withstand the power of the domain at most.

But even this is scary enough. The broken light curtain shows that the intensity of this collision has reached the limit!

"It's so powerful! This Yu Feng can't provoke him. I'm afraid he can already fight against the strongest one in the field!"

"It seems that in the future, it is still necessary to have a good relationship with this guy..."

"This person must have been suppressing the realm, waiting for a blockbuster after a month of outside door testing!"

"This guy is unlucky..."

Shen Zong in the crowd has turned around at this time, and there is still a little disappointment in his heart.

But at the next moment, someone suddenly screamed in disbelief at the ring where the dust gradually dissipated.

"That's...that's...he's okay...then just flew out...Yu Fat!"


At this time, everyone focused their attention on the grudge ring.

They really saw Zhao Yuande standing proudly.

At this time, Zhao Yuande still had a slight smile in his mouth, his eyes swept over many handy disciples under the stage, and finally landed on Shen Zong, then shook his head gently.

Shen Zong suddenly felt that he had missed something, and his heart was mixed at this time, but he finally sighed helplessly and turned away.

He knew that he missed the opportunity to make friends with Zhao Yuande. The strength of the other party was beyond his expectations.

But he is not that kind of brazen person, will not go to kneel and lick because the other party is strong, because he is also proud of himself!

Zhao Yuande didn't even look at you, Yu Feng lying in the corner of the grudge ring, strode the meteor off the grudge ring.

When everyone saw him, they didn't retreat consciously. They felt an invisible pressure from the other person's body, making it difficult for them to breathe.

Knowing that Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared in the wooden house, everyone felt that it was back to normal.

Someone also started to rush to the stage to investigate Yu Feng's situation.

"Yu fat man is dead!"

"Ah! All the bones in his body have been broken, and the internal organs have become powder..."

"How great is this Zhao Yuande's strength, that he can smash the body of Feng directly with one punch, and now Yu Feng is like a balloon filled with plasma, and it will be broken accidentally!"


Everyone heard this, the horror in his eyes was even heavier.

They involuntarily turned their attention to the wooden house where Zhao Yuande disappeared, and suddenly regarded that place as a forbidden place.

Yu Feng's death soon reached Yu Tong's ear.

"Damn! This kid is definitely a spy, absolutely!" Yu Tong shook his fist hard, his face showing a terrible color.

He knows his cousin's fighting strength best. This cousin looks fat, but he is born with divine power. When he was in the family, he was playing the same order without opponents.

Even if he was bullied by this cousin in the first place, if he didn't have his own qualifications, he entered the realm of the field early. I am afraid that he is still called the younger brother behind the other party.

"No! I must tell Brother this matter and let him think of a way!" Yu Tong raised his leg and walked out of his cultivation cave, toward Li Donglei's cave.

Zhao Yuande was killed at the peak, causing a small storm, but the Fengxian who managed the miscellaneous area ignored it at all.

Enmity and grievances are life and death, and you die if you die!

If it weren't for Yu Feng, who was in charge of the miscellaneous area, no one would report it.

The fabulous fairy just waved his hand and asked the disciples who had reported up to re-designate a handyman.

Zhao Yuande casually found a wooden house to stay.

He completed the task of alchemy peak, and then had three days to rest.

He finally started real cultivation.

At this time, he had completely adapted to the gravity of the fairy world, and transformed one tenth of the aura in his body into the aura of the fairy spirit.

Now that I am in the late stage of the yin and yang unity, the soul is also able to reach this level, but don't worry about this. My soul upgrade will not have a bottleneck next, just need continuous accumulation to be promoted!