Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1161

Chapter 1161: Bottomless Hole

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For cultivation, now is to understand a rule!

The rules of the fairy world are much more complete than the lower realm, and the control is more powerful!

In this way, my understanding of various rules in the lower realm cannot be copied, but can only be used as a basis to find new heights on this basis.

Fan Ying once reminded me that the side of the miscellaneous area is close to the underground fire veins, and the rules of fire are more active, then I began to sense the rules of fire!

The rules of fire he once understood in the lower realm, it is not very difficult.

But Immortal Realm is Immortal Realm. Although he can clearly feel the active fire elements in the air, when he wants to study them carefully, he finds that his own spirit strength can't hold these fire elements firmly.

If you can't hold it tightly, you won't be able to sense the various arrangements of the fire elements. Undoubtedly, understanding the rules has increased many difficulties.

"Hey! It seems that my soul power is insufficient. It seems that the most important thing now is how to increase the power of the soul! It's right to practice the primal resurrection..."

Thinking of this, Zhao Yuande gave up his understanding of the rules of fire and began to repair Yuanshen Resurrection!

But this practice highlights the problem again!

My knowledge of the sea is not stable enough to withstand the impact of many annihilations!

The practice of the primal resurrection technique is actually a cycle of destruction and rebirth.

A little bit of his own soul, and then a little bit of reunion, to gain more powerful power in the destruction and rebirth!

"That won't work! That won't work! How should I practice?" Zhao Yuande finally frowned at this moment.

"Hey! Stupid!" At this time, the voice of the old man with a white beard sounded in his knowledge of the sea.

"Brother teach me quickly!" Zhao Yuande seemed to be drowning and caught a driftwood.

"We are eating Dao heritage! You have forgotten your roots!" The voice of the old man with white beard echoed in his sea of knowledge. "Think of how you are going against the sky when you are weak. It is Dao inheritance!"

"I get it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly realized.

He remembered the biggest reliance on this rebirth and eat the inheritance of Taoism!

At the beginning of rebirth, I didnt eat Dao inheritance and couldnt grow so fast!

In just four or five years, he has grown from a weak family disciple to a super existence that can kill the **** emperor's peak strongman.

Eat Road paved the way for its rise!

This time to start again, he still has to rely on eating!

"Having been busy for a long time and returned to the starting point! Let's go to see the free food in the miscellaneous area!" Zhao Yuande got up and strode out of the wooden house and walked toward the canteen in the miscellaneous area.


"Brother, you are here!"


As soon as Zhao Yuande walked out of the wooden house, many people turned his eyes on him.

Most of the eyes at this time are full of flattery.

Zhao Yuande did not intend to have a relationship with these people, but nodded slightly to them.

The dining hall in the miscellaneous area is very large. At this time, many miscellaneous disciples are doing a variety of food in full swing.

There are dishes and meat, there are meat and vegetables!

Zhao Yuande scanned them one by one, and suddenly found out.

"Flame Wolf Meat, the meat of the fourth-order fierce flame wolf, has a trace of fire power... low-order ingredients..."

"Chiyang Rice, a second-order spirit, possesses a trace of fire power... low-order ingredients..."

"Brother, what do you need?" At this time, a handy student who was distributing food saw Zhao Yuande and immediately came up and asked enthusiastically.

"Oh! Flame Wolf Meat and Chiyang Rice, give me ten servings each!" Zhao Yuande was also polite and found a place nearby to sit down.

"Ten copies..." This handy disciple was dumbfounded, but still did what he said.

When all of them came up, even Zhao Yuande was dumbfounded.

This weight is too big! A serving turned out to be a pot!

But soon he came back to God, but he inherited the Taoism, and he had cultivated a black vortex in his body. These things said that he just entered a black vortex in a circle in his stomach, and he could eat more no matter what.

I have to say that the food is pretty good, with all colors and flavors, and Zhao Yuande eats with relish.

But everyone around me was stunned.

"This guy is like a bottomless hole alone, where has he eaten?"

"Who knows, maybe there is a void channel in the stomach..."

"Hush! Come on, do you know who he is?"

"He? Looks strange, is it famous?"

"He was Zhao Yuande, who killed the fat man with a punch!"

"What! It turned out to be him... no wonder!"


The shadow of people's famous trees, Zhao Yuande's name spread instantly in the cafeteria.

After knowing that he was Zhao Yuande, everyone felt reasonable.

The other party's physical strength is terrible, and it would be surprising if you don't eat so much.

"Hey! Give me ten more each!"

Zhao Yuande greeted the handyman just now.

Soon the food he needed was served again, and the smile on the face of the handy disciple became aware of Zhao Yuande's identity.

"You tell me, so many miscellaneous disciples, how come there are so many flaming wolves and red sun rice?" Zhao Yuande thought about this question, and never thought of the answer at all.

"Hey! Brother, you really asked the right person! Others really don't necessarily know.

In fact, our Xuanji Sect is not just a 100,000-mile area seen on the surface, but also attached to many small worlds around it.

Some of these small worlds imprisoned a large number of war slaves, and these slaves planted all kinds of Spirit Milling Valley for us!

Others are planted with a large amount of elixir. There will be a lot of handymen who will take the task of removing grass and insects, fertilizing irrigation.

In some small worlds, a large number of various beasts are raised, and there are a large number of outside disciples and internal disciples to practice every day.

During the trial, a large number of beasts will be killed. These high-level beasts will be sent to the inner door, the next one will be sent to the outer door, and the worst will be sent to our miscellaneous area! "

Zhao Yuande couldnt help but secretly utter his tongue. Only tens of thousands of handy disciples need so much food. What about the outside door, the inside door and even the true story?

The huge thing of Xuan Ji Sect requires massive resources every day, and the depth of its foundation is not imaginable at all.

With a total of forty foods, Zhao Yuande felt a wave of spiritual power, and a trace of fire element came back from the black vortex.

He seized this opportunity to pour the spiritual power into the limbs and continue to refine his physical body, and the element of fire was led into his sea of knowledge and began...

His eyes opened all of a sudden, almost a bit!

"Give me a second..." Zhao Yuande shouted and shook the entire cafeteria.

However, no one dared to disagree with his powerfulness.