Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162: Wan Yao Ge

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After half a day, Zhao Yuande finally walked out of the cafeteria with a feeling of satisfaction.

Everyone looked like a monster watching him leave, and no one spoke for a long time.

Zhao Yuande eliminated 60 portions of each of the two kinds of food. Let's not talk about the physical tempering of the body. The control of the fire element has reached a limit and a bottleneck.

It is no longer possible to save these low-level foods.

Now he is missing a small breakthrough opportunity, as long as he finds this opportunity, he can immediately master the rules of flame, and can be promoted to a yin and yang unity at any time.

He walked out of the cafeteria and came to the teleportation array with a little thought. He planned to go to the so-called Xuanjifang City to find an opportunity to sell the Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan.

Xuanjifang City was selected in the teleportation array.

With a flash of light, he appeared in a hall of teleportation.

Suddenly a rush of noise rushed into his eardrums, as if a person had suddenly entered the trouble from the deep mountain, making him a little uncomfortable.

Dozens of teleportation arrays in the main hall continue to illuminate, with powerful cultivators coming in and out from time to time.

Unconsciously, he was forced to retreat again and again by a strong breath.

"You are a miscellaneous disciple, the mission channel of the miscellaneous disciples is over there, don't hit the strong ones, otherwise you will die ugly!" A voice rang in his ears.

He turned his head to see that he was a guard wearing a black robe. The costume should be an outside disciple who took over the guard task.

"Oh! Thank you, Brother!"

Zhao Yuande hurriedly walked in the direction pointed to by the other party and found a narrow passage.

The passage leads directly to a narrow alleyway between two rows of tall buildings.

He looked at no one around for four weeks, replaced the grey clothes of the handy disciples, and put on a Tsing Yi.

Then he walked carefully to the street.

The street here is very wide, 100 feet wide, and the street is clearly divided into three or five areas.

People walking in the areas near both sides are generally walking in the world! Two more people walk under the fairyland! The most central road is a person above the fairy land surrounded by immortals.

However, the road is only aimed at the weak. The strong above the fairy monarch do not need to walk at all. They take a variety of powerful fairy boats to swim in the sky and shuttle.

This embodies the immense hierarchy system of the fairyland, and it also gives people an impetus to continue to grow stronger.

There are two shops on the main street, and the tower is high.

He saw the golden light above some treasure buildings, and thousands of Ruixia! Some of the auras above the treasure building were shrouded in white mist! There are also Dao Dao Shenmang soaring into the sky, the surrounding voids are constantly broken and reborn!

Zhao Yuande felt all the strong men on the street, and countless powerful breaths eased together, making his heart a bit ups and downs.

Although he knows that there are Xuanji Sects making rules here, it is not allowed to kill people in Xuanjifang City, but this is a world of flesh and meat. All the rulers are only strong, so if the strong want to kill No fear of rules.

He carefully left this main street and walked to another road that was not bustling.

Most of the people traveling on this road are strong under the fairyland. Occasionally, some practitioners with lower cultivation levels can be seen. For example, the former one is so familiar with how to see the back.

"This is Shen Zong!" Zhao Yuande even saw Shen Zong's figure here. He couldn't help but show a smile in his mouth. "What's this guy doing, don't... I'll keep up and see."

He hung far behind Shen Zong, and soon arrived in front of an unremarkable shop.

Shen Zong also put on ordinary clothes at this time, looked around and found no suspicious people tracking, and went directly to the store.

"Wanyao Pavilion! It turned out to be a panacea store. What secrets does this Shenzong have?" Zhao Yuande approached the Wanyao Pavilion while thinking.

It is said to be Wan Yao Pavilion, which is actually just a two-story building, but the bursts of herbal incense from it are extraordinary.

But after a long time, he didn't see anything unusual.

"If you don't enter the tiger's cave, you can get the tiger son, go in and see!" Zhao Yuande strode to the Wanyao Pavilion.

"This son, what kind of elixir do you want to buy?" As soon as he entered the Wan Yao Pavilion, a young man in Tsing Yi stepped forward with a smile on his face.

"Oh! Do you collect elixir here?" Zhao Yuande asked while looking at the shop.

The Wanyao Pavilion is not a big place. There are only some counters on the first floor, and a variety of pots are placed on the counter.

The elixir is detailed with labels, and the name and effect of each elixir are clearly written.

On the other counter is a sample of a variety of elixir. There are thousands of Zhao Yuande's glances.

At this time, there are several cultivators in the shop who are buying immortality medicines, and are discussing the price with the shopkeeper.

Zhao Yuande did not see Shen Zong's figure for a week, and suddenly knew that this person must have been on the second floor.

"Accept! I buy and sell panacea in Wanyao Pavilion, no matter what panacea you are, we will charge it, but the price is 20% less than on the market. You know that we can't buy or sell at a loss!" A person who observes and observes.

Although the other party seems to be low, it gives him a very special feeling, like a dormant dragon in the abyss!

This feeling is very magical, and even Tsing Yi Xiaogu was startled.

So he is very respectful of Zhao Yuande's attitude.

"In this case, you call someone who can be the head of the house! I have a big deal to do with him." Zhao Yuande waved to the Tsing Yi little man.

"Okay! You are waiting." Tsing Yi Xiao hesitated a little, instead of disturbing the shopkeeper at the counter who was talking about the price, he turned and ran up to the second floor.

But in a short time, Tsing Yi Xiaogu hurried down, and made a gesture of reverence respectfully.

"This son, please go to the second floor!"

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded and followed Tsing Yi Xiaozhuang to the second floor.

The second floor is slightly larger and divided into two rooms.

Zhao Yuande walked into the house and saw a young man talking with a spirited old man.

The cultivation of the old man is not high, but there are also the cultivation of the world's dual true spiritual realm. Under the appraisal technique of Zhao Yuande, the old man's information is undoubtedly revealed.

The old man seemed very respectful to the young man, and the young man was sitting calmly and calmly.

Zhao Yuande saw at a glance that this person was Shen Zong. Without a doubt, although the other party changed his appearance, he couldn't change his indifferent eyes and his arrogant temperament.

"Brother Shen, I didn't expect to see you here, this shop will not be yours!" Zhao Yuande saw this scene and suddenly smiled.

" did you recognize me!" Shen Zong looked at Zhao Yuande, a panic flashed in his eyes.

But he quickly calmed down, and now there is a strong man in the world, this strong man is enough to suppress the other party.