Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1163

Chapter 1163: Aroma

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"This is not important, the important thing is that today I am here to do business with you!" Zhao Yuande was not nonsense, took a small bottle directly from his arms, and then poured the Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan into his hand, with a faint smile on his face. , "This is a top grade Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan, I don't know what price you can pay?"

"Supreme Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill! This son, can you show this pill to the old man?" Hearing Zhao Yuande's introduction, and at the same time feeling the refreshing aroma from the elixir, the old man who was still sitting still just now Suddenly stood up in shock.

"Naturally!" Zhao Yuande handed the panacea directly to the other party without any taboo, without worrying that the other party would swallow the end, or seek money and death.

"Yes! It's the top grade Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan! And soon after it was refined, the medicinal effect did not lose any trace!" The old man carefully observed for a while, and smelled the smell of the medicine, and immediately affirmed the truth of Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan Fake, the old man held this Dan in his hand, his eyes flickered, and asked, "I don't know where this Dan comes from?"

Shen Zong on the side was also staring at Zhao Yuande, wanting to know the answer.

"Oh! This Dan Nai is a gift from Deacon Alchemist Zhong Zhao!" Zhao Yuande's smile was deep and unpredictable.

"What! Deacon Zhong of Alchemy Peak, did he really refine Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill and promote the Master of Immortal Pill!" Shen Zong naturally knew that Zhao Yuande went to Alchemy Peak to do alchemy boy, but he didn't expect the other party to be so lucky. .

"Actually, it was the Xuanhuang Chiyang Pill made by Deacon Chung, otherwise, do you think he would give me a top-grade pill?" Zhao Yuan's German language was dull, but what he said shocked the two before him. Change is extremely exciting.

" are proficient in alchemy! And you can..." Shen Zong's voice became much sharper with shock.

"Okay! Now this is your business. Do you want to do it?" Zhao Yuande did not answer each other's questions, but said lightly, "If we do, we will talk about the price immediately, and if it is good, I will lift my legs and leave."

"Do it! Why not do it! This son, make a price!" the old man said.

"You buy, you bid, but you don't want to lie to me, otherwise we will have no cooperation after this time!" Zhao Yuande kicked the ball to the other party.

"Well! Or... I'll take one..." The old man just pointed his finger and was interrupted by Shen Zong on the side.

"Wait, I have something to tell you!" Shen Zong gave Zhao Yuande a deep look, turned his head and nodded slightly at the old man, then strode out of the room.

"Sorry, son, I will leave for a while, wait a moment!" The old man smiled apologetically at Zhao Yuande, and then left with Shen Zong.

But after a dozen breaths, the old man came back.

"Hehe! The son has been waiting for a long time, waiting for a long time!" The obvious old man is more enthusiastic about this Zhao Yuande, "I just discussed with my young master, we will buy it with 200,000 top grade Lingyu!"

"Two hundred thousand!" Zhao Yuande was surprised.

You have to know that the value of one piece of elixir is about 200,000. They received this piece of Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan 200,000 and they might not make any money at all.

But instantly understood the meaning of the other party, the other party is showing his favor!

Now that the other party has shown his favor, and now it is the time when he needs help the most, he has no excuse to agree.

Taking advantage of this advantage, he also felt a little grateful for this Shenzong. Although the other party missed an opportunity when he was in a grudge ring, he helped himself at this time, and it was considered a charity!

And the other party will definitely not talk about it, so he will not have to worry about the crisis caused by the exposure of money.

"Deal! But I still need some elixir, can I buy it from your store." Zhao Yuande nodded, and then made his own request.

"This is natural! The Wanyao Pavilion is small, but the materials are complete. As long as the son wants it, even if we don't have it here, I can help you deploy it!" The old man patted his chest.

"it is good"

When Zhao Yuande came out of the Wanyao Pavilion, his face was covered with a smile.

This time it was a full return. He purchased a large amount of elixir elixir suitable for his current state, which is enough to meet his current cultivation needs.

In the end, he had 120,000 high-grade fairy jade left, which has been able to support this state for a long time.

In addition to buying these, he also asked the old man to help him purchase storage rings, furnace tripods, even a few sets of clothes, some spices and daily necessities.

To know that all the storage space on his body was destroyed by self-detonation, some important things have been placed in his body world, and at this time he is only a yin and yang unity, and he cant open the space channel attached to the black dimensional space. In the inner world of the body, he has a smooth body all over, even without a piece of spirit jade!

This time it was a complete repurchasing of everything, and when I went back, I also wanted to find a quiet place to make food, and then use the food to re-enter the peak of cultivation.

After discussing with the old man, Shen Zong never appeared in front of Zhao Yuande again. It is estimated that he did not want to walk too close to Zhao Yuande, but left himself early.

Back in the miscellaneous area, he looked for a wooden house with no people around, and he began to get busy.

This time he purchased basically all elixir materials that can elevate the soul of the gods and a small amount of elixir that elevates the fire element.

He began to classify them one by one, collecting all the ingredients of each cuisine, and then arranging which one to eat first according to the strength of the medicine.

Soon he decided that now the understanding of the law of fire has reached a bottleneck, and a little opportunity is needed. It would be better to first enhance your own power of the soul and start to make gourmets in this area.

He had three days without doing chores, but he had to take advantage of these three days to raise the power of the soul, and it would be better to raise it to the fifth or sixth level of the field.

"Huh! What smells so fragrant..."

In a wooden house not far away, a handy disciple suddenly smelled a strange fragrance. He couldn't help being attracted by this fragrance, and came to a wooden house in the direction of the coming.

"Who is inside?" The handy disciple opened the door of the cabin.

As soon as we opened, he suddenly saw a brave young man fiddle with a big ding, and there were bubbling bubbles in the big ding, and the scent came from the big ding.

"This... what is so fragrant!" This handy disciple walked involuntarily towards Dading, wanting to see what was cooked in it.


A loud scream exploded in his ear.

He looked up and saw Zhao Yuande's appearance.

"Ah! It's you..."

This handy disciple was so scared that his face changed greatly, and his body could not help but trip over the threshold, and he ran out of the wooden house with a crawl.