Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1164

Chapter 1164: Bearded

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This handy disciple has seen the situation where Zhao Yuande's punch will kill the fat man alive.

At that time, he still remembered that when everyone moved to the fat body, Yu Fat's body exploded, and countless flesh and blood splashed out like mud. .

The people present at that time seemed to have had a nightmare, and some people were even scared to cry directly!

"Close the door!" Zhao Yuande's cold and quiet voice came from the room.

The handy disciple was terrified and hurried up to close the door gently!

"Hey! Zhang Er silly, what are you doing here? Where does the fragrance come from?" Just when he was about to leave, a few people were walking towards him not far away.

"Which room did it come from, but the people in the room..." The person known as Zhang Ersi turned around and looked at the wooden house in horror, and ran away without saying anything.

"This two silly man is really silly. Is it a fierce beast in the house? It's too scary to scare him like this!" Someone looked at Zhang Ersi who had fled, with a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"This smell is so fragrant, my mother was hungry again!"

"I guess someone in this wooden house must be stealing food, otherwise how could it be so fragrant, even more fragrant than the elixir!"

"Hey! What are you guys doing?" Just as a few people were discussing, should they come in and ask for some food, someone was behind again.

"It turns out to be a trustworthy master! Master, are you doing something?"

These people turned their heads and saw that the person was a tall and strong man with a bearded face, but a pair of eyes were thieves, some of which did not match his rude appearance.

"This smells so fragrant, did someone steal Zongmen's panacea and hide it here!" Luo bearded man is in charge of it, and his nose is shaking, greed and longing are revealed in his eyes.

There are more and more people here, but in the blink of an eye these four areas are already crowded with people, and they are all attracted by this fragrance.

"Who is in the house?" The new manager, with a bearded beard, stood outside the house with a lot of energy and shouted!


A cold response came from the room.

Bearded beard, but the manager who was transferred just now, was originally a servant of a foreign disciple in the world. Now that he has this fat gap, he is a bit smug.

He was supported by an outside disciple of the world, and he came to this miscellaneous area less than an hour before teaching many disciples who were not long-eyed. He was very arrogant and indulgent!

However, he hasn't been fresh enough to do things, but he was scorned by the inexplicable people and direct in the house. How could he be in a good mood!

"Well, you are a thief, dare to steal Ling Dan and hide it in my miscellaneous area. Today, I will take you to the law enforcement hall!" Luo Zhibei was also shrewd, and he directly put a big hat on Zhao Yuande. If there is a fight at this meeting, even if it is a matter of regulation, it will not be a big deal!

He rushed up and kicked the chalets with one foot.

In the eyes is a young man with a cold eye, who is looking at himself coldly, and in front of the young man there is a big ding, the broth cooked in the big ding is gurgling.

Obviously he was wronging others!

But who is he, the manager of the miscellaneous zone, and there is a strong man in the world behind him.

His eyes rolled, and he immediately shouted, "Okay! You threw it into the soup pot in order to make it impossible for people to get it. If it wasn't for me, I was really fooled by you! Come on! , Grab me this kid and send it to the law enforcement hall!"

Hearing the order of the newly-increased manager, dozens of handy disciples behind him rushed in like a tiger, and Zhao Yuande would be captured.

"Zhao Yuande!"

Just when these people rushed in and wanted to start, they were all stunned.

"Mah! Why is this killing god!" There was a person trembling, so scared that he turned around and ran away.

"It's finished! He must never recognize me, or I will die!" Some people took the lead, and a dozen of them all rushed out of the cabin with their heads covered, faster than when they rushed in.


It's only an hour before the bearded man in charge of the affairs. Although he heard that the last manager was killed alive, he didn't know who was frightened. So he didn't know who Zhao Yuande was at all!

"Good! Good! It seems that you are the thorn in here, but in the eyes of my steward, you are nothing at all!"

The bearded man in charge simply rushed up and grabbed Zhao Yuande.

He seems to have endless changes in his palm, and this catch really makes people feel unable to escape.

However, Zhao Yuande didn't even think of hiding. He just flicked it on his palm directly.

The beard immediately felt an irresistible force coming, and his arm seemed to be hit by a hammer with a crisp sound.

The whole person flew out like a ball and threw it directly, crashing down on a wooden house and smashing it.

"Do you dare to do it to me!" The beard furrowed fiercely, almost going away.

He was about to rush again but was caught by a handy disciple.

"Admiral, you don't know, it was this man who was beaten to death by a fat man. You still..."

"What! Why didn't you say that early!" The bearded man slaps the face of this handy disciple.

The handy disciple really wanted to cry in vain. He wanted to take the opportunity to please the other party, but he didn't expect that it was a slap.

"How dare you dare to start in the miscellaneous area, it's really daring, I... I'm telling you to go to the law enforcement palace!" The bearded man really didn't dare to stay here for a long time, put a ruthless word and turned away.

But he saw Yu's miserable condition, and he was beaten into a bag of blood residue!

In fact, how dare he go to the Law Enforcement Hall, how can the Law Enforcement Hall take care of trivial matters, and bombarding him directly is the best result.

Zhao Yuande frowned and looked at the door that was kicked badly. He didn't even care about it anyway. Anyway, the taste of the door and the door was passed.

Knowing that Zhao Yuande was in the house, no one dared to come over, but smelled the scent from afar, and the Harazi at the corner of his mouth couldn't help but flow down.

Fortunately, at this time, Zhao Yuande's food has already been cooked. In order to let these people leave quickly, he has eaten all the food of the tripod into the stomach like hot.

The fragrance is gone, and all the people outside are gone.

At this time, he felt a huge wave in his sea of knowledge, and the powerful power of the gods and souls constantly fed back from the black vortex in his body...