Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165: Bai Song

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One day later, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes in a sudden, and his eyes burst into light!


Feeling the change of his family knowledge, he couldn't help laughing.

"carry on!"

He started the second time... the third time cooking.

The miscellaneous disciples in the miscellaneous area were unlucky. The number of people going out to perform tasks was obviously increased, and the number of people eating in the canteen was also obviously increased. They were unable to resist the temptation of that fragrance. They could only avoid or Overeating!

Three days later, Zhao Yuande's soul finally broke into the triple destiny of the realm, and then he waited for the realization of the law of fire!

As long as you understand the law of fire, you will be directly promoted to the realm!

He walked out of the chalet, feeling the strange eyes around him, and he didn't care about just walking towards the place where the task was given.

But what he didn't know was that during these three days, Zhao Yuande's name had been passed to the outside door.

He is said to be a god, saying that he is a very powerful cook who can make very delicious food!

Not to mention eating, the taste alone is intoxicating.

It is also said that the food made by this person is not only delicious, but also has a certain auxiliary effect on cultivation, and can even be comparable to the panacea!

Legends vary, but at this time many outside disciples are curious about this cooking student.

It should be known that outside disciples can also accept several servants, and have the right to choose in the miscellaneous area, many people have born this idea.

"Brother, you don't know, I almost drooled at that time! I never smelled that fragrant smell! And after the kid had eaten, he started to practice, and I obviously felt him after he went out. The power of Gods soul is stronger!" At this time, in a cave house outside the door of a fairy spirit, the bearded man is standing respectfully in front of a young man in black.

The young man had a well-proportioned figure and his face was as sharp as a knife, especially a pair of eagles with sharp eyes!

"Oh! Was it able to enhance the power of the soul?" The young Hawkeye's eyes flashed, and his face was amazed, but the next moment his face showed a cold look, "You might have been interrupted by him Arm, want to revenge on him with my hand!"

"No... don't dare! Brother, if I lied to you to die out of heaven, let me go to tomorrow and be bitten by a monster!" The beard was so scared that he paled, and he quickly cursed and vowed that there was absolutely no such thing.

"If so, I must hold this person in my hand!" The young Hawkeye smiled a little in his eyes. "It seems that I am going to go by myself!"

"No! Without you coming in person, a handy disciple can let the brother go in person, so I will go to him. If he knows that the brother wants to accept him as a servant, he may not be happy to what extent!" Take the initiative to solicit.

"You must not give me any small tricks, if you let me know, you know my Baisong's means!" The young Hawkhead's voice came coldly into the ears of the beard, scaring him. .

"No! Never!" The bearded beard hurriedly promised again!

"Well! Go! Remember not to be too crazy, you are not my servant now, I haven't been able to come forward when I did something!" Bai Song, an eagle-eyed young man, waved his hand and signaled that his beard can leave.

Walking out of this cave house with a beard, I felt that my back was already damp, and I was soaked with cold sweat just now!

Although the beard is afraid of this white pine, he is not worried that his plan will fail.

He has been a man for a long time, and he also has his own way of looking at people. Zhao Yuande will definitely not be the kind of person who is willing to succumb to people! At this time, this will inevitably conflict with it!

He only needs to enlarge the contradiction slightly, which will inevitably provoke Bai Song's anger, and then this kid named Zhao Yuande will be over.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was in a good mood. He had just received a task of dispensing alchemy peaks and was heading for the teleportation.

Unexpectedly, a light flashed in the teleport, and a bearded man came out of it.

When Zhao Yuande saw Zhao Yuande's eyes, his eyes lit up suddenly, but he didn't expect the boy to come to the door automatically.

"Zhao Yuande, right! My brother..." The beard was smug, but before he finished saying a word, he found that the other party ignored him and walked past him.

"Zhao Yuande! You dare to ignore the orders of inner disciples, you are over! You are absolutely over!" The beard of his cheeks turned blue, and a glare of hatred flashed in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande ignored him at all and walked straight into the teleportation array. He chose the alchemy peak lightly.

"Damn it! Damn it! How dare you ignore me!" Luo Beard clenched his fists tightly, and the whole person looked like a furious rooster with long hair upright.

"Check for me! Check what mission Zhao Yuande has taken!" The beard rushed to the task release office in angrily, and the scary color on his face scared some of the handy disciples who issued the task pale.

"Master, Zhao Yuande went to Alchemy Peak, and the task was to sort out the medicinal materials!" A handy disciple found it and hurriedly reported it.

"Alchemy Peak... Good! Good luck, I'll wait for you to come back!" No matter how bold the beard is, don't dare to go to Alchemy Peak to make trouble, otherwise you will find death.

He simply sat in the mission release hall waiting for Zhao Yuande's return.

Sorting medicinal herbs is too simple for Zhao Yuande. He not only has a very professional alchemy experience, but also has the powerful skill of eating identification.

Others need one morning, and he is over in just half an hour.

He came to the teleport hall and was preparing to return to the miscellaneous area, but he saw a thin old man in front of him coming face to face. It was Deacon Zhong in Alchemy Peak.

"See Master Deacon!" The two disciples in black robe guarding the teleportation array saw the head bowed and saluted immediately.

"Master Deacon!" Zhao Yuande also hurried forward to salute.

Deacon Zhong was thinking about the problem, and it was a joy to see Zhao Yuande appear in his eyes.

He ignored the two black robe outsiders at all, but said to Zhao Yuande: "Zhao Yuande, why are you here?"

"The disciple took the alchemy peak's task of sorting medicinal materials and just finished preparing to leave!" Zhao Yuande replied cautiously.

"Oh! By coincidence, I happen to have a batch of materials to sort, so come with me!" Deacon Zhong didn't say much, beckoning Zhao Yuande, beckoning him to keep up.

Zhao Yuande stayed for a while, but soon he understood that the other party must have found something to do with him, and there were two black robe outside disciples beside him, so he let him follow him.

Following Deacon Zhong came to a hall full of herbal incense.