Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1167

Chapter 1167: Outer Disciples In Dongfu District

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He turned and strode away, left the miscellaneous area, and entered the outer door.

It's still that cave house, or that brother Baisong!

After the beard entered, there were no more than ten breaths, and an angry roar came from Dongfu.

"Bold! A servant disciple who dared to ignore me, he wanted to die!"

A lot of people around the cave house have detected the soul of the **** and felt the person's anger.

They also wondered, how dare a handy disciple provoke this one!

This brother Bai Song, who is ranked ninth in the outer door, is a peerless genius who can be promoted to the emperor realm at any time. The most rare thing is that he is only 17 years old this year. The 17-year-old strong emperor is rare even outside the door. .

It is said that an elder has long taken his qualifications and waited for him to enter the Emperor Realm and accept him as a disciple!

Such a big man was ignored by a handy disciple!

"Brother Bai, brother Yutong begs to see!" Just then, a voice suddenly came from outside the cave.


Bai Song is now in a hurry, not to mention a mere Yutong, even if he is a few people in front of the outside door, he will not give a good face.

"Brother Bai, the younger brother is here to give you advice, about the handy disciple..." Yu Tong stood smiling outside the cave house at this time, and was not angry at the other person's wording.

Although they are all outside disciples, their status is within a thousand miles. Yu Tong knows that in the eyes of the other party, there is no difference between him and his handy disciples.

"Come in!" Dong Fuzhong was silent for a while, and then Bai Song's voice came.

Yu Tong entered Dongfu and saw Bai Song, who was sitting in the upper position, and a beard with a slap on his face.

"Have seen Brother Bai!" Yu Tong bowed his head and saluted, showing a sign of a flattering smile on his face.

"If you have anything, say it!" Bai Song glanced at Yu Tong, and said lightly.

He knew that Yu Tong was a younger brother who followed Li Donglei, that is, the role of a servant.

"Brother Bai, I know you want to take this Zhao Yuande as a servant, but this person has a backstage!" Yu Tong glanced at his beard and didn't continue.

"Okay! But anyway, he's mine!" Bai Song waved his hand.

"Yes!" Yu Tong continued hurriedly, "This handy disciple was taken by Sister Fan into the sect, and Sister Fan seemed to care about this kid..."

"Sister Fan? Sister Fan?" Bai Song frowned.

"Sister Fan Ying, she has been accepted as a disciple by the outside deacon Feng Jue Xianren!" Yu Tongdao.

"It turned out to be her!" Bai Song's face showed a trace of fear.

He will soon be promoted to the emperor, successfully enter the inner door, and the elders value it, and should not be afraid of deacon disciples like Fan Ying.

But the deacon is also divided into three, six, nine, etc. This fabulous fairy is a different kind of deacon. He was originally an elder, and later made a big mistake because of his business, so he was demoted to become a deacon.

Moreover, the cultivation of the Fengxian immortal is the peak of the immortal. It has a very large influence among the sect, and more importantly, he is in charge of the outer gate and the miscellaneous area!

"Brother Sister Bai, in fact, Sister Fan and this miscellaneous disciple are actually only one side of the relationship. There is no deep friendship between the two. If handled properly, it should not provoke the Fengxian Fairy!" Yu Tong said. Explain carefully.

"You have a way?" Bai Song immediately understood what the other party meant.

"As long as Brother Bai handed this over to me, I would definitely bring this kid over." Yu Tong's face showed a trace of ruthlessness.

"Okay! You do it! If it's done, I'm rewarded!" Bai Song nodded, "Zhang Shan, you are responsible for helping the younger brother."


"Thank you Brother Bai!"

Yu Tong and Luo Beard Zhang Shan slowly withdrew from Baisong's Dongfu.

"What should I do, please also express to Brother Yu!"


After a cycle, Zhao Yuande felt that his soul was stronger and stronger, and even the range of the sea was increased.

"When is it?" Zhao Yuande looked at the pale white sky outside. It was already early in the morning, and he unknowingly passed in the night of cultivation!

The noise of many handy disciples has been heard outside.

He stretched out and walked out of the cabin.

At this time, it was the time when tasks were assigned in the miscellaneous area.

Today he does not have to accept the task. Deacon Zhong asked him to go to Alchemy Peak to assist in refining medicine.

He went directly to the direction of the teleportation array.

"Zhao Yuande!" Just at this time, the voice of the beard came again, "You don't want to go, there is your task today!"

Zhao Yuande didn't even care about him, still walking slowly.

"It is a task given by a sister named Fan Ying!" Luobei said again.

"Fan Ying!" Zhao Yuande paced.

The little girl Fan Ying still has fresh memories, the other party is kind and honest, and seems to have a good impression of himself.

The fact that he can enter the Xuan Ji Sect is entirely due to Fan Ying. If the other party really has something to do, he cannot refuse.

"What task?" Zhao Yuande stopped and looked at his beard.

"This is a task note, you can see for yourself!" This time, the beard did not talk to Zhao Yuande this time. He handed Zhao Yuande a note directly, then turned around and left.

He opened the note and saw a small line of Juanxiu written on it, Waimen disciple Dongfu District, No. 1396.

Seeing the note, Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. This should be Fan Ying's Dongfu number. What did she want me to do in the past?

However, he still had to take a trip. Although he and Deacon Zhong had made a reservation today, it is still too early. It should not be too late to go to the outer gate disciple Dongfu District.

Thinking of this, he entered the teleportation array and chose the outer gate disciple Dongfu district.

Seeing Zhao Yuande in the teleportation circle, the corner of the beard's mouth not far away showed a yin and yin smile, and he said,'Boy, I see how you might be awesome for a while, you can't be a slave to me honestly when you meet Brother Bai. .

Luo Beard suddenly missed the days of being a servant under Baisong's hands. Although he was a servant, because of Baisong's relationship, many outside disciples were polite to him.

But I didn't expect to be so miserable after being in the miscellaneous area. I already knew that I wouldn't make it!

Zhao Yuande walked out of the teleport hall in the outer gate of Dongmen. Although there were black disciples outside the hall guarding, but no one asked, the handy disciples came here for nothing more than two things, one was cleaning and the other was white. The disciples called.

"Two brothers, how can I get to the 1396th?" Zhao Yuande came to the Dongfu District, and was suddenly shocked by the vastness of the Dongfu District. The Lingshan Mountains were dug out one by one in the mountainside. In Dongfu, he sweeps the Lingshan Mountain with more than 30 fairy spirits