Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Alien Invasion

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"Two people, this is my first delicious "Golden Dragon Dragon Soup"." Zhao Yuande put two large bowls of meat soup on the table and continued, "This food can enhance the physical strength, if you used to rule on water If you have some insights, you will find a big surprise! I will continue to prepare the next food, please use it slowly!"

Before waiting for the two to ask, Zhao Yuande had already left.

"Good fragrance!" Helian Qingyang's nose fluttered, feeling the aroma floating around, and the spirit was shocked.

"The rule of water! My direction is the rule of water, and now it has been a little successful. The next step is to form the field of water. As long as the field is prototyped, my combat effectiveness will be improved again. The next three-domain youth In the war..." Sima Feiyun looked at the bowl of meat soup in front of him, but he had drifted elsewhere.

"Brother Sima, let's get started!" Helian Qingyang can't wait to scoop a spoonful of meat soup into his mouth. "Well, it's delicious...the sweet fragrance is smooth and the entrance's delicious..."

Helian Qingyang tasted it bit by bit, every spoon was scraped and scraped by the side of the bowl, I was afraid to waste a bit!

Seeing the state of Helian Qingyang, Sima Feiyun's curiosity was suddenly aroused, and he also scooped a spoonful into the mouth.

"it is good!"

When Sima Feiyun felt the unparalleled novelty experience in his mouth, his eyes brightened instantly!

"This is..." The next moment Sima Feiyun felt the same experience as Ji Yuling. He couldn't help but immerse himself in it, unable to extricate himself.


Sima Feiyun took a long breath, and now the meat soup in the bowl had been eaten, and his face showed great joy.

"Brother Sima?" Helian Qingyang on the side looked at each other with a smile, and he already saw the result from the other's expression.

"Okay! Thank you Brother Helian for bringing me here. In the future, as long as Brother Helian needs anything, my Sima Feiyun will definitely not talk twice!" Sima Feiyun really thanked each other.

The bowl of meat soup just now has made a leap forward in his understanding of the rules of water, and he also feels that his physical strength has increased by at least 10%!

"Brother Sima is polite, this is only a trivial matter, trivial matter!" Helian Qingyang hurriedly waved his hand, but he was very happy!

This is what Helian Qingyang waited for. With the support of Sima Feiyun, he wanted to see those people who dare to look down on themselves!

Recently, Helian Qingyang joined the Zhongyu Alliance and became a deacon. He participated in several battles against the demon clan, and also made a lot of credit.

However, in the final ranking evaluation, he was ruthlessly brushed down. After inquiring from many sides, he found that the only person who stepped on top of his head was a young man who had not been on the battlefield. The only other person who was stronger than him was his background!

You have to know that every promotion of the same rank represents a doubling of worship. How could he agree to this kind of thing, he found the elders in charge of his team, and the conclusion he got was unacceptable, others said this It's the decision above!

The elder also vaguely proposed that the man's grandfather was a strong man in the league, so that he should not be troublesome.

Soon Helian Qingyang's dissatisfaction with the assessment was spread. The young man found him with a group of fox friends and ridicule him, because he had no background and no power behind him!

Well now, with Sima Feiyun in, he feels that he can finally stand upright!

The next two dishes were eaten by two people. Although a total of 4.2 million middle-grade spirit jade was consumed here, the combat effectiveness has at least increased by more than 40%. This kind of good thing can not be found anywhere. !

"Brother Zhao, are you interested in going to my Sima's house, condition that you let Brother Zhao open!" Sima Feiyun looked at Zhao Yuande with burning eyes before leaving, looking forward to his answer.

"Hehe! Brother Sima, I am a free cloud wild crane. I don't want to be restrained. Sima's family will not go! But when Brother Sima wants to come, I welcome at any time!" Zhao Yuande directly rejected the other party.

Just kidding, not to mention the Sima family, even if the Ji family, such as a family with endless years of inheritance, he would not go, and when he went, he became a tool for others. I am afraid that he will lose his freedom forever!

"Haha! My understanding of the rules of water has deepened a bit!" Before Zhao Yuande walked into the back hall, he heard Ji Yuling's excited scream, "If you go on like this, I will achieve the field within three years." Realm! The 18-year-old strong in the realm, I think those people will talk more!"

"This girl is only fifteen! What did she grow up eating?" Zhao Yuande unconsciously glanced at the choppy mountain on the girl's chest, and she couldn't help swallowing her mouth!

"Yijie and Heifeng haven't come back after they have been out for so long, what will happen? These two guys like nothing to find trouble, not mine to see!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the still immersed in joy Ji Yuling turned and walked out of the back door of the world's first gourmet.

At this time, the sky outside was almost dusk, and the sunset dyed the sky of Yunxia into a blush!

Zhao Yuande strode on the streets of Shenxu City in a stride, feeling the unceasing crowd of people coming and going, there was a kind of ethereal in his heart!

"Hey, have you heard that our war with the underground demon clan has stopped!"

Zhao Yuande suddenly heard someone around him, and he turned to look at two young people.

"Yes, I heard that the two ancestor-level strongmen fought for ten days and ten nights in the wild, and in the end, no one could help anyone, so they had to make peace!"

"It seems that the underground demon clan and the Zhongyu Alliance have also signed a covenant to jointly fight against the invasion of foreign aliens!

"Alien invasion? Who listened to you?"

"Just at Lingxiao Tea House..."

"Has that family already started to move?" Zhao Yuande remembered everything that happened in his previous life, and he couldn't help but feel a sense of urgency. "Let's first find out what happened and talk about it!"

His steps accelerated towards the Lingxiao Tea House.

Lingxiao Tea House is located on one of the most prosperous main streets of Shenxu City. Directly opposite it is Shenxu Square, which is also the entrance of Shenxu!

There are still some days before the opening of the Shenxu, but the flow of people is obviously more than usual.

As soon as he walked into the teahouse, Zhao Yuande felt the black wind and the breath of Yijie on the second floor.

He reached the second floor and found that the two guys were drinking tea quietly. At this time, the second floor was very lively, and several people sat in the middle of the face and discussed dignifiedly.

Can these two guys drink tea quietly? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little weird!

But immediately he knew why, because of the conversation between the people in the middle.

He sat down next to the two guys, and both of them gently nodded their bills of lading to him.