Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1170

Chapter 1170: Roll

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"You don't want to lie to us. How can Deacon Zhong care about your existence, it's a big deal. I'll choose another handyman disciple to send it!" Although Bai Song was worried, he would never believe Zhao Yuande's words.

"Yes! Absolutely impossible! Deacon Zhong will not pay attention to you at all. You are talking nonsense!" Jin Linger didn't believe that a handy disciple could only attract the attention of a fairy princess. This is Nonsense.

"OK! If you don't believe it, you can go to Alchemy Peak with me." Zhao Yuande smiled coldly.

He had originally planned to take out the token, but when he thought of taking out the token, the other party would not dare to go, and then how could he use this power to hit their faces well.

"This..." When they heard that Zhao Yuande was so calm, they seemed to have some fear, and he couldn't help but hesitated.

"Why? The two disciples outside were so timid?" Zhao Yuande sneered, "If so, then I'm leaving!"

Zhao Yuande turned around and didn't care about the black faces of the two.

"Humph! We'll go with you, and I don't believe it!" Jin Linger's complexion changed, and he made a decision with a bite.

"Teacher! Let's debunk this kid's disguise together!" Bai Song saw that Jin Ling'er had already decided that if he hesitated anymore, he would have dropped a lot in his heart.

This Jin Ling'er is now his own goal. If he can catch it up, becoming a disciple of Elder Kim is already a sure thing!

"Then let's go!" Zhao Yuande's voice trembled slightly, seeming a little guilty.

Both of them are powerful in the world. Seeing this change of Zhao Yuande, I was immediately determined!

But at this time only Yu Tong seemed to think of something.

"Brother Bai..." Yu Tong wanted to say something.

"Okay! Go back!" Bai Song turned around and looked at it, waving at him.

Yu Tong's eyes flickered, and he swallowed what he wanted to say.

The three reached the Alchemy Peak through the teleportation.

Zhao Yuande led the two straight to the third branch hall.

The two felt something was not right. Why did the guy at Alchemy Peak become eager when he arrived, an ominous hunch instantly enveloped their hearts.

Zhao Yuande came to the entrance of the third branch hall, and suddenly there was the voice of Deacon Zhong.

"You're here! Come in! Why are there two outside disciples following behind you?" The voice seemed a little unhappy.

"Huh?" Bai Song was shocked in his obvious heart. He had never seen Deacon Zhong nor heard Deacon Zhong's voice, and could not distinguish it at all.

Is this kid talking true?

But Jin Ling'er's complexion turned pale, and she heard the voice, knowing that it was mostly true.

"Master Deacon, I originally planned to come early this morning, but I was deceived by these two people into the outer door disciple Dongfu District and said that I should be a servant. I want to help Master Deacon Alchemy how to agree to this unreasonable request, so it is flat Rejected! But the two didn't believe it at all and obstructed everything. I can only raise the name of the deacon lord. After they heard it, they still had to follow up to confirm that I couldn't help but bring them!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly The matter was repeated in its entirety, without adding oil and vinegar, it was completely seeking truth from facts.

Bai Song and Jin Ling'er's complexion changed, but they didn't dare to stop it, and they couldn't find any rebuttal words. They could only stand behind Zhao Yuande with anxiety.

They stared fiercely at Zhao Yuande's back, wishing he could rush directly to eat him raw.

A violent wind blew past, and the sullen, thin old man stood in front of Zhao Yuande, his eyes staring at the two behind him.

"Your dogs are so daring! How dare you do such a thing. Believe me or not!"

"Master Deacon spares his life, we don't know if he wants to help Master Deacon alchemy, otherwise we will not dare to give us a hundred guts." Bai Song had no sharp eyes, no arrogant attitude, and now only promises It seems to be a frightened young hen.

"Master Deacon, I am the granddaughter of Jin Zheng, Jin Ling'er, I..." Jin Ling'er wanted to raise his grandfather's name and let the other party sell a face to his grandfather.

But she didn't care about this, it seemed to poke the horse honeycomb.

"Are you using Kim Jong to press me? Kim Jong is so great. Anxious, the old man even scolded him! You go back and tell this old guy, I don't have time to make the panacea he wants to make, his The good-granddaughter takes someone to take my alchemy boy!" Deacon Zhong scolded his face with a change of face, pointing at Jin Linger's nose.

"This..." Jin Linger suddenly stayed in place, and the whole person was stupid.

She didn't expect that the other party would have this kind of reaction after mentioning Grandpa's name. If this was brought, she would have to be killed directly by Grandpa!

"Master Deacon..." Jin Ling'er also wanted to explain a few words.


Deacon Zhong swept his sleeves, and a huge force wrapped around them and flew out.

"This..." Even Zhao Yuande was shocked by the deacon's temper.

This is really like the rumor, this deacon is very moody and very paranoid.

He did not allow others to refute what he had identified. If he had trained you, you would listen quietly, and after the training, it would be fine.

If you dare to explain or refute a few words, then you are not far from death.

If this Jin Ling'er was not a disciple of Elder Kim Jong, I'm afraid it wouldn't be swept away by one sleeve, but would shoot them to death with a slap!

Bai Song and Jin Ling'er only felt that a gust of wind had struck them, and they were completely imprisoned by the power of terror, and then they threw them directly out of Alchemy Peak.

Both of them were imprisoned, and felt the wind whispering in their ears, felt the scenery under them change, and quickly flew to a mountain.

"This direction is..." How did Jin Linger feel familiar with the mountain ahead.

At the next moment, her complexion suddenly changed. Wasn't this her grandfather's mountain?

"Who..." An old voice came from the mountain.

"Old man Jin, you ask your good-granddaughter!" A voice came down and burst into the mountain.

"Brother Zhong...what happened?" The old voice was puzzled.

"Humph!" The rest was just a heavy cold hum.

They grabbed the two with a big hand and then retracted directly to the mountain.

Above the mountain, an old man opened his eyes suddenly in a hall of fairy spirits.

Bai Song and Jin Ling'er shivered and fell in front of the old man. They knew they were finished!