Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1171

Chapter 1171: A Strong Companion Is Like A Tiger

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"Speak! What is it, how did you provoke that old thing?" The old man's voice was not loud, nor did he have terrible power, and he was very calm.

However, the two were even more terrified. This notoriously hard-hearted man, even if Jin Ling'er was his granddaughter, he would kill if he was in a bad mood.

"Grandpa, things are like this..." Jin Ling'er said the cause and effect of the matter tremblingly, and she dared not talk nonsense.

But she knew that her grandfather, if she dared to talk nonsense, would be found dead in the future.

"Damn it! You just offended this old thing just for a handy disciple! And you put on my face, you are so **** it!" The old man was kind of murderous.

The two of them suddenly felt as if they were little white rabbits stared at by a hungry tiger, and a feeling of terror surged from the bottom of their feet to the top of their heads.

"Grandpa spares life! spares life!"

"Elder Rao Fate!"

The two of them flinched back and forth, and they had no doubt that the other party would slap them to death.


The old man glanced at them and waved his hand.

The two of them, like Meng Amnesty, climbed up and walked out of the hall three steps, and then ran down the mountain with confidence.

"Hey! One of you is a genius that I value and one is my granddaughter. I will kill you all, but in the future..." The old man's eyes were gloomy.

"How can I make a remedy for this old thing? Elixir is the key to my breakthrough. If this old thing goes wrong... Hey!"

Bai Song and Jin Ling'er rushed down, and then they let out a breath.

They glanced at each other, knowing that this time they were planting a big heel, which almost prevented them from climbing up.

The remorse in the hearts of the two people is almost beyond words, only feel a bit of bitterness in his mouth!

"Sister... do we just let that kid go?" Bai Song looked at Jin Linger unwillingly.

Great prospects, the status of the elder disciple is already comparable to the true disciple, and he passed by because of this little handy disciple!

After being given up by Elder Jin, he would never be accepted by other elders.

He lost a chance to cross two levels, so that he could only step by step from the inner disciple and then to the true disciple.

You should know that the treatment of the true disciple is very different from that of the inner disciples. If he can have the treatment of the true disciple after he is promoted to the emperor realm, he can be promoted to the **** emperor realm within three years!

And if the treatment of the inner disciples, the time to be promoted to Divine Emperor Realm is at least doubled.

It is the so-called step-by-step difference, not to mention that he is still two steps away, which makes him cry without tears, how can he be willing to let go of the handy disciple who hurt him to this point.

"Never let it go!" Jin Linger gritted her teeth, she was going crazy!

This is really a disaster for me, but I was invited by Bai Song to eat a meal, but I did not expect the food to be eaten, but was pitted alive by a handy disciple!

"I want to smash him to pieces..."

At this time, Zhao Yuande had entered the third branch hall.

He was still inexplicable for Deacon Zhong's sudden outburst just now. How could it be so hot because they mentioned the name of Elder Kim, is this really paranoid to this degree of moodiness?

If this is the case, you must be careful, don't touch the other side's mold, otherwise you don't know how you die.

"Zhao Yuande, forget the unpleasant things just now, and focus my attention!" Deacon Zhong saw Zhao Yuande's eyes flickering, seeming to know what the other party was thinking, and explained it without knowing why, "Actually, I always can't get used to it. Old man Jin, this time happened to humiliate the other party."

Zhao Yuande didn't speak, but he was relieved.

But after turning around, he also felt very miraculous, why did the other party explain this to himself.

"Okay, let's start now! This is Danfang, you look at it first, and after reading it, help me divide the materials." Deacon Zhong handed a piece of paper to Zhao Yuande, which was densely written with various materials. Name, and refining method.

Zhao Yuande took a closer look, and found that the Danfang had a few more elixir than the Danfang in his mind, and the various ingredients were slightly different, but the methods of controlling the fire and the Dan were almost the same.

He did not directly express his opinion, but silently equipped various materials and arranged them in order.

There was a faint smile on Deacon Zhong's thin face. This handy disciple was meticulous and organized. He was definitely the most satisfied alchemist boy he had encountered in recent years.

The next step is alchemy. The refining of this elixir is very cumbersome.

Although Zhao Yuande meticulously carried out various requests of the other party, he finally heard a loud noise from the Dan Furnace when the Elixir was about to be released.

Although the furnace was okay, the furnace lid was lifted high by the violent force and directly knocked the roof of the third branch hall out of a big hole.

"Why? Why? Why did it fail, we follow the meticulously stated in Danfang, why did it fail? How could this be?" Deacon Zhong's eyes were flushed, and he was about to succeed all day and night, but at the end The moment has failed.

He wanted to find someone to vent, but the only person in front of him was Zhao Yuande, and Zhao Yuande did nothing at all. Although he was furious, he knew that it had nothing to do with the other party!


Deacon Zhong rose sharply into the sky and rushed out of the ceiling of the hall.

Then Zhao Yuande heard a loud noise in the sky.

He raised his head and looked out through the hole, and found that a huge black hole appeared in the void above his head, which was actually bombarded by Deacon Zhong.

Almost half of the Xuanji Sect was shocked by this loud noise, and many people looked in this direction.

Suddenly found Deacon Zhong in the sky, many people couldn't help but twitch in the corner of their mouths.

They have long been accustomed to this violent temper, as long as alchemy makes mistakes, either roaring in the sky, or killing alchemy boy, or destroying everywhere!

"Boom boom!"

There were several successive explosions.

The distance from the outside gate is very heavy here. Many outside disciples felt the power of terror, and all of them were terrified.

And Zhao Yuande's complexion changed again and again at this time. Deacon Zhong looked thin and didn't expect to be so grumpy.

If you just made a mistake, you will definitely be slapped by the other party.

He finally understood how terrified the hearts of the alchemists in the past were, and the truth that the strong companion is like a tiger.