Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1172

Chapter 1172: Deacon Bell

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Deacon Zhong fell from the hall hole and stood in front of Zhao Yuande for a long time.

Looking at Zhao Yuande with a pale face, Deacon Zhong sighed softly: "Hey! Little guy, don't be afraid, as long as you don't make mistakes, I can't shoot you! Actually, I don't want to get angry, just years ago. The old injury has not healed, and it will always burst when I am angry. If I dont vent it, I am afraid I will go crazy!"

Zhao Yuande looked at Deacon Zhong inconceivably, only to understand that the other party was caused by the latent injury in the body, but why did the other party say this to himself? This is somewhat out of the ordinary.

However, it is too dangerous to go on like this. If you really provoke the other party that time, you will be killed by the other party.

"I don't know what kind of injury the senior suffered. My Zhao family is an alchemy family. Especially for the unique research on pharmacology, the senior may wish to tell me, maybe I can help the senior." Zhao Yuande carefully worded, he This is for my own safety considerations, and I have to risk this request.

"Oh! When I was in the Heaven Tribulation, I was taken advantage of by the Devil and left a trace of magic marks deep in my heart. As long as I was emotional, the Magic Mark would break out and try to control my soul!" Deacon Zhong witnessed Zhao Yuande Helping him to refine the miracle of Xuanhuang Chiyang Dan has an inexplicable trust in Zhao Yuande.

Moreover, because of the relationship between the magic marks, he was grumpy and moody. Then there are people who are willing to make deep contact with him, all of which are due to interests. He has no friends who can talk at all.

Just like a widowed old man, the longer the children stay away from seeing them, the more lonely their hearts will be, and there will inevitably be many words to be told to their children at the next meeting, even repeated over and over again!

Even the fairy is still human and needs to communicate, so he is willing to speak to Zhao Yuande.

And as soon as he said it, Deacon Zhong felt a sense of pleasure.

"It turned out to be the reason of Heavenly Demon Tribulation!" If Zhao Yuande realized, he knew that Heavenly Demon Tribulation should be the great disaster when God Emperor Peak was promoted to the fairyland.

It is said that Tianmo Tribulation is very terrible, and it is the most test of human nature and perseverance.

Generally, promotion to the fairyland requires a lot of people to help protect the law, especially the timely reminder is the most important when the Heavenly Devil Tribulation.

In addition, among the people who protect the Fa, there are strong Buddhist monks, Buddhist chants, and six-character mantras are the nemesis of the devil.

When the person in front of him hit the fairyland, he obviously did not make such preparations, otherwise he would not leave this disease root.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande thought for a moment, "I don't know if Deacon Zhong has tried to find a strong Buddhism to help resolve it. I think that if there is a strong Buddhism who can master the six-character mantra, it should be effective!"

In fact, Zhao Yuande was involved in the six-character mantra of Buddhism. When he showed the wooden fish to him at that time, he realized the last three words of the six-character mantra, Bao Mian.

If these three words are passed to the other party, the magic marks in the other party's heart should be able to subside.

But he doesn't have too deep a relationship with the other party now, and he is guilty of crimes. He doesn't know the other party very well now. If he rashly teaches the other party, he probably won't wait for thanks but kill him.

If one day, he was promoted to the outside door, he had a certain position in the sect, and more importantly, after the relationship between the two went further, he might consider this matter.

Hearing Zhao Yuande discussing Buddhism, Deacon Zhong couldn't help but believe it.

You have to know that Buddhism has almost never appeared in the fairy world. You can know that Buddhism exists, and all are great forces.

Zhao Yuande, a miscellaneous disciple who only has one yin and yang, has this kind of insight. Even Deacon Zhong, who is well-informed, is very shocked, and believes more what Zhao Yuande said.

"Actually, I have searched many times, but Buddhism's hidden world does not appear in the fairy realm at all. They are usually in the lower realm. After a few years of searching, I gave up!" Deacon Zhong smiled helplessly, and he talked with this little handyman, gradually There is a feeling of equal communication, and I feel that there are many mysterious places in this little handy disciple.

In fact, he sometimes gave birth to the idea of directly catching this little handyman to search the soul, to see what secret he was hiding, did he know a lot of Danfang.

But this kind of thought just passed away in a flash. In fact, he was very honest and had his own bottom line. He would not do such a thing that violates his heart.

"Oh! If you can find the solar torch, the three-flavored real fire, the innate flame, maybe you can try it," Zhao Yuande said again.

"How precious is the innate true fire, no one will come up with it. I have tried this method." Deacon Zhong shook his head again and again.

"If you can catch a devil, maybe you can learn the solution from his mouth." Zhao Yuande again put forward his own opinions.

"This... Heavenly Demon is in the void space. Unless there is Heavenly Devil Tribulation, it will not appear in the fairy realm. There is an entrance in the Demon Realm that can directly lead to the void space. However, our Xuanji Sect is too far away from the Demon Realm. It will take more than ten years, and even if you are in the Devil Realm, you may not be able to enter the void space... Hey!" Deacon Zhong said with a heavy sigh here, and his face was also showing helplessness.

This idea is actually the simplest, but it is also the most simple!

Deacon Chungs repair is more than enough to defeat the ordinary demon, but he has nowhere to go!

"Okay! Let's go here for now! Let's study the problem of Jiuqiao Lingsu Dan! I still have two materials left. If I can't make it after two trials, then let's do it first!" After Deacon Zhong sighed, he rearranged his mood and turned his attention to the refining of Jiuqiaoling Sudan.

"Master Deacon, I'm actually a bit puzzled, why does the material appear..." Zhao Yuande timely put forward his own opinions, and made the truth clear and clear, so that Deacon Zhong's thin old face showed a beam of joy.

"Good! Good! You have a unique insight, I never thought, we will try!" After listening to Zhao Yuande, Deacon Zhong hurriedly began refining again.

One day and one night, the red furnace started.


Deacon Zhong looked at the three immortals in the Dan Furnace, and was a little surprised.

"This... this is Jiuqiaoling Sudan, yes, but... but it's inferior!" Deacon Zhong's obvious face showed disappointment.

"Mr. Deacon, this is already a success!" Zhao Yuande saw the three elixir with dark golden light, and he couldn't help showing a slight joy on his face, he said, "We have found the right way, I'm afraid it is just a certain Minor adjustments have been made to these elixir. Master Deacon, congratulations! I think we can study up to two or three times to refine the top-notch Jiuqiao Lingsu Dan!"