Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1174

Chapter 1174: Clean Up The River

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"What do you want?" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

There are regulations in the miscellaneous area, each miscellaneous disciple needs to complete the miscellaneous tasks every day, and there is a day off during the month.

If you do not complete the chores for three consecutive days, you can be expelled from the chores.

Although Zhao Yuande was not afraid, he did not like trouble. He looked at the beard and wanted to know what medicine was sold in the gourd.

"There is a task you need to do this time, as long as you have done it for the first four days, I have no right to see it, otherwise I have the right to kick you directly out of the miscellaneous area." I'll fix your appearance.

Zhao Yuande frowned. He knew that the other party must have done this by Bai Song. The other party must want to die.

However, he is not worried. Now that Deacon Zhong can't do without him, he will never let himself be in Baisong's hands.

And this Baisong didn't know how powerful he was after his lesson, and he dared to come and murder himself, saying that this time he should make the other party unlucky than last time.

"Take a look!" Zhao Yuande reached out.

"Here you are!" Luobei handed him a note.

Zhao Yuande took a look at it and saw that it said, Xuan Jizong cleared the river channel outside the mountain gate.

He immediately frowned, and if it was within the Xuanji Sect, there were rules restricting anyone to dare to kill him publicly.

However, it was a bit bad to have the Xuan Ji Sect. Bai Song is now the pinnacle of the world, and it is a very simple thing to secretly kill himself, and he will not even be discovered.

But Zhao Yuande's eyes flickered, and he immediately had a strategy in mind.

"Okay! I took it, but I don't think there is a time limit. I can't go to something today. I can take it tomorrow!" Zhao Yuande agreed, but it was delayed by a day.

"Okay! No problem, follow you!" The beard waved his hand carelessly.

At this time he was secretly complacent, as long as you go, you will die outside, and no one will stop my eyes from now on.

Zhao Yuande put away the note and strode towards the teleportation array.

The next moment he appeared in the city of Xuanji Zongfang and found Wanyao Pavilion.

Soon he appeared on the second floor of Wanyao Pavilion, sitting opposite the old man of Wanyao Pavilion.

"I don't know what materials my son needs this time?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande, and he was secretly surprised.

The young man in front of him was more powerful than the level when he came last time. It seems that the young master is right. This child is not a thing in the pool.

"Well! This is the list of materials I want. Seniors look at it!" Zhao Yuande handed a list of points to the other party.

Looking at the material on the list, there was not much, and I asked the guy to help Zhao Yuande go down to Zhang Luo.

"Actually, I still have one thing." Zhao Yuande pondered for a while, said, "I don't know if you Shen Tu clan has a strong Emperor Realm here?"

" do you know..." The old man was shocked, and then a heavy murderous intention appeared on his body.

"Okay! Seniors don't be nervous, I don't know you, how can I cooperate with you!" Zhao Yuande said lightly, with a profound expression on his face.

The old man stayed for a while, but it became clear in an instant.

If you say that the other party is just a casual cultivation, how can there be no way to do so, the other party must have its own channels, even like the young master, it is also a clan of a certain family, otherwise how will the young master take care of me. Make a good relationship.

With this thought, the old man's complexion gradually slowed down.

"We are strong in the Emperor Realm, naturally, do not know what the son does?"

"Hey! I'm still too flamboyant and stared at by a few outside disciples! Someone might kill me tomorrow, so I hope to hire a strong man from the Emperor Realm to protect my safety." Zhao Yuande did not hide.

"Oh! Can you elaborate on who is going to kill you?" The old man nodded, explaining that he felt reasonable.

"Bai Song, the disciple of the outer door ranks ninth, the world's triple peak cultivation practices! Jin Linger, the granddaughter of Elder Jin Zheng, is also the world's triple peak cultivation practices." Zhao Yuande said.

"It turned out to be these two people. Although their cultivation practices are only in the world, but the combat strength can already be shoulder to shoulder with the early emperor strong, I will send a strong emperor peak!" The old man's tone was weak, and it seemed that he sent a emperor peak. The strong are very casual.

This made Zhao Yuande very interested in the identity of the old man.

"Shen Tu Palace, Shen Tu family's Xifu, the world's double true spirit realm...intermediate ingredients..."

It turned out to be just a steward? Zhao Yuande could not help frowning, but was disappointed.

But what he didnt know is that the Shentu family is divided into the south, northwest, and middle five houses. These five houses cover 90% of the strength of the Shentu family. The Xifu administration does not sound amazing, but the actual rights are free. Mobilize all the powerful under the fairyland.

If it were not for the Lord of Shen Tu Palace and the West Mansion, that is, the grandfather of Shen Tu Zong had a life-long friendship, he would not get such a position.

There is no chance to accompany Shen Tuzong Dao, Xuan Jizong, to conduct trials.

"Thank you, Senior! I don't know how much fairy jade is needed to hire this strong man?" Zhao Yuande can't just be favored by others, can he be passive in the future cooperation.

"Five thousand high-grade fairy jade!" Shen Tu Gong reported the price.

As soon as Zhao Yuande heard it, he knew that the price was a bit cheap, but he didn't break it, he could save a little.

Soon he returned to his cabin.

At this time, there was only 50,000 Lingyu left on him, and there were originally 120,000. As a result, 50,000 hired the Emperor's Peak Strong and 20,000 to buy various materials.

But at this time he was not worried that he would not have Lingyu in the future.

He decided that after he entered the inner door, he opened a food shop in Xuanjifang City. With the inheritance of eating Dao, Lingyu was not rolling in yet.

He began to practice the resurrection of Yuanshen in the wooden house, waiting for the next day.

The next day, when he came to the big river that traversed the sect gate, he could not help being speechless for a while.

The task given to yourself is to choose the best place to kill yourself.

Clearing the river here is just a joke.

How wide the river is, he can't see the opposite bank with his eyesight. He wandered around here and went back directly to say that the task was completed. There is absolutely no doubt.

Here is simply the best place to kill and destroy the mouth. After being killed, it is directly thrown into the river, and then the beasts in the river eat the body one by one, and no one can find out that he died here.

"Haha! Zhao Yuande, are you admiring your cemetery here?" At this moment, a cold and ruthless voice sounded, and a young eagle-eyed young man appeared on top of Zhao Yuande.