Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Hole Trick

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"I... I heard you came out of the task, and I thought..." The girl blushed with shame.

"They are the pinnacle of the world, aren't you afraid?" Zhao Yuande asked curiously, wanting to know what the other party thought.

"Sorry! But I know they dare not kill me. My master is a superb fairy, supervising the outer gates and miscellaneous areas. Everyone is afraid of her old man." Fan Ying said of the master, his face was full of confidence. She stared fiercely at the opposite person and said, "You dare to secretly kill Zhao Yuande. This is a serious violation of the rules. I must let the master severely punish you!"

"Fan Shimei...I didn't..." Bai Song even said that he didn't even believe it. He simply said half of it and shut up.

Jin Ling'er looked at Fan Ying, and inexplicably a strong jealousy and hatred came out of her heart. If this girl didn't show up, now Zhao Yuande has been tortured, and his heart will be happy.

And now this girl appeared in the sky, and the name of Fengxianxian made her jealous and mad, and her grandfather was also an elder, but why do you treat yourself so!

Envious of the jealousy, she simply got rid of it.

"Brother Bai! I think..." Jin Linger made a beheading gesture in his hand.

"You are crazy! She is a disciple of Feng Jue Xian Ren, and it is said that she is extremely loved by Feng Jue Xian Ren. If we kill her, I am afraid it is really impossible to escape!" Bai Song was startled by Jin Linger and hurriedly passed Soundtrack.

"Can we live without killing her? Don't say Fengshen Xianren, even if Deacon Zhong will make us feel better?" Jin Ling'er's eyes burst out with a terrible, ruthless light, "And you forgot, we As long as they are clean, they have no evidence that the two of us did it. We are entertaining a few brothers and sisters in Dongfu... After killing them, we both took on the task of going out and went away. It's really impossible for us to go far across the domain. I don't believe they will chase us because of these two little characters across the domain!"

"Sister Sister's words are serious!" Bai Song heard the other party's words and couldn't help but move her heart!

It is the best result to be able to get this kind of beauty and go high with yourself!

"Can I still deceive my brother?" Suddenly, Jin Ling'er's eyes flickered. Although she was not old now, but she was beautiful and moving, this eye almost knocked down Bai Song directly!

"A good couple of dogs and men!" Zhao Yuande saw that the two had done so and knew that they had already made the determination to kill themselves.

"Zhao Yuande, if you are lucky, there will be a beautiful woman to accompany you, and you will die well!" Bai Song regained his vitality and looked very proud.

"You... what are you going to do!" Fan Ying was naturally not a fool. She also saw the decision of the two. Her body trembled slightly, but she still didn't give way to Zhao Yuande's body.

"Kill you!" Bai Song shouted and took a shot towards Zhao Yuande.

The power contained in this palm, the power of the sky, is enough to smash a mountain directly in one palm, and directly shoot a strong man in the early stage of the world into a puree.

Zhao Yuande and Fan Ying simply couldn't survive under this palm.

"Humph! Want to kill us..." Although Fan Ying's face changed, but it was still not messy, it would be crushed when he took out a jade charm.

"Okay! Give it to me! Don't waste this hole card!" Zhao Yuande saw Fan Ying's jade symbol and knew that it was valuable. The other party came to save himself, and he couldn't let the other party use the life-saving hole card.

He gently held Fan Ying's hand, and then directly popped up the storage space containing the small world that Shen Tu Palace gave him.

A yellow shadow suddenly rushed out of the small world and suddenly turned into a horrible giant with a height of 100 feet.

The coercion of the giant was terrifying. Before Baisong's palm hit him, he felt an irresistible terror.

"What! The Emperor's Peak Powerhouse!" His complexion changed greatly, holding onto the palm of his hand, and turned to pull Jin Ling'er, who was already stunned, to escape.

"Humph!" The huge giant eyes flashed, and a golden light came out.

Jin Mang's speed is incredible, and the next moment has come behind Bai Song.

"Be careful!" Bai Song felt the crisis and pushed Jin Ling'er away.


Bai Song's body was instantly penetrated by golden light, and a large hole was revealed in front of his chest, which was as large as a fist.

"Brother Bai!" Jin Ling'er exclaimed, and his face suddenly moved.

If Brother Bai didn't push himself just now, I'm afraid he was the one who was penetrated.

She turned her head and looked horribly in Zhao Yuande's direction. With a bite of silver teeth, she shattered a magical rune directly.

She took Bai Song's body faster than the electric light, and disappeared in the sight of Zhao Yuande and her blink.

Seeing the two escape, the giant's body slowly shrank and turned into a black-faced monk. He took the small world's storage ring in his hand with one move.

"Mr. Zhao, the task has been completed, and I will go too!" The body of the black-faced monk disappeared in front of the two.

"Goodbye Senior!" Zhao Yuande beckoned, but sighed in his heart, hey, 50,000 high-grade spirit jade just used up!

"They are finally gone!" Fan Ying saw the crisis relieved and her body softened.

Zhao Yuande's eyes were fast and he directly supported each other.

The gentle body leaned in his arms, and a girl's fragrance came, and Zhao Yuande couldn't help but shake his heart.

The girl also felt that she had fallen into a warm embrace, a strong male breath came, and she almost couldn't breathe.


The girl hurried out of Zhao Yuande's arms, and her heart was like a small deer.

"Are you all right!" Zhao Yuande asked with concern.

"No... it's okay!" The girl's eyes secretly glanced at Zhao Yuande, but unexpectedly Zhao Yuande also looked over her at this time, and the two of them stared at each other, as if separated by an electric shock.

"That... Actually, I was looking for you to give you this thing!" The girl took one out of her arms and stuffed it directly with Zhao Yuande.

Before Zhao Yuande could clearly see what it was, he saw the girl's face blushing into the sky and disappeared in front of him the next moment.

Feeling the warmth in his hands, he couldn't help but stunned.

The most difficult thing to do is to be blessed by the beauty, how should I return her?

Forget it, dont care anymore.

Zhao Yuande held his chaotic mind and saw a slap-sized jade box in his hand.

As soon as he opened the box, he immediately felt a blazing flame coming from the box, and when he fixed his eyes on it, he saw a bright red ball lying quietly inside.

What a powerful flame!