Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1177

Chapter 1177: Get You On The Road

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Zhao Yuande felt the power of horrible flame from it. If he used it to comprehend the rules of flame, it would definitely be more effective, and using it to comprehend the rules of flame would be extremely valuable!

"Earth-centered fused fire beads, a product of immortal treasure, a special product in the lava lake of Xuanji God Volcano, possesses a powerful flame power, and can comprehend the power of flame..."

After seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande suddenly had it in his heart, but it turned out to be an immortal treasure!

Yipin Xianbao didn't even look at his eyes before he blew himself up, but now he's only in a state of yin and yang, and the girl who sent him his treasures is also in the fivefold **** state, and basically has no contact with Xianbao. This kind of thing.

The other party's fairy treasure is either a gift from the family or her master, Fengjue fairy. The other party can give you something like this. What kind of feelings does this contain?

Zhao Yuande doesn't know what the other person is thinking, but he knows that he can do such a thing.

He didn't know that he would have this charm, but he just let the other side do this just because he was on one side!

Of course, there is no way to say such a fate. There are too many things that fall in love at first sight.

It is perfectly normal for a young man to be deeply attracted by a mature man when such a young girl is full of flowers.

Especially this man, who was originally a man of two lives, has a special temperament that no one else has at all.

Otherwise, Zhao Yuande's five wives came from there, is it because of his strength?

Do not! It was the kind of charm hidden in his body that deeply attracted these girls.

"With this earth-melting fire bead, I can make sure that I successfully comprehend the rules of fire within three days!" Zhao Yuande confidently threw the box into the storage ring, and then turned away from the Xuanji River.

Seeing Zhao Yuande returning to the miscellaneous area, his beard was slightly stunned.

Did Brother Bai this time not deal with this kid? The beard was puzzled.

"Zhao Yuande, didn't you go to the task? Otherwise, why would you come back so quickly?" Luobei suddenly thought of this problem, he suddenly felt that he was thinking well, this person absolutely did not do the task, just walked around and came back Too.

Zhao Yuande was upset as soon as he saw this guy. There was such a guy who had been stumbling on himself. It was really not easy for him to live a leisurely life. He really wanted to slap him to death.

Suddenly a flash of light flashed in his mind, and a strategy came into his mind.

"I've been there!" Zhao Yuande's expression flashed, and his body unconsciously backed away.

This kind of performance let the other party see in the eyes, and immediately determined their own thoughts.

"Huh! You dare not complete the task arranged by Zongmen. Believe it or not, I will report directly to expel you from the miscellaneous area!" Luobei sneered, "I'm just fine today, I will go with you, If you dont go..."

The threat in his words is very obvious.

"Good! You are ruthless, let me go!" Zhao Yuande turned around and left, embarking on the road to the mountain gate.

"You don't want to be lazy, I'll go with you!" Luobei was afraid that Zhao Yuande wouldn't go. Several arrows followed him, his face showing a smug look.

Zhao Yuande snorted in his heart, you really dont go in the way of heaven, there is no door in hell, you break in, so dont blame me for throwing you into the river to feed the beast!

The two walked out of the mountain gate one after the other, and ran all the way quickly appeared on the bank of the river where Zhao Yuande had just arrived.

"Okay! Now that you're there, you can die!" Zhao Yuande turned around and looked at the beard with a smile on his face.

"You... what do you want to do? We are all handy disciples. If you kill me, you violated the sect!" Luobei felt a little bad, and the other party's performance was somewhat unexpected.

"I violated the patriarchal rules? Haha, it should be you who violated the patriarchal rules first! Do you want to plot to kill me here, do you think I don't know?" Zhao Yuande's voice suddenly became extremely cold and full of murderous opportunities.

The beard was stiff, but immediately thought that Brother Bai might be hiding around, maybe he was about to start to kill the opponent with one blow!

"You know you dare to be so arrogant, Brother Bai is behind you, and you will be killed by him in the next moment!" Luobei's face was grim and loud, and he wanted to be heard by Baisong.

"Haha! Bai Song, now he may have been seriously injured, and he is too busy! Come and kill me, you are not dreaming!" Zhao Yuande stepped towards his beard, his body exploded, giving the other party a strong sense of oppression.

"You... you bullshit! Who is Brother Baisong, how could you..." Luobei suddenly thought of Deacon Chung mentioned by Brother Baisong that day, and suddenly froze in his heart, could it be that the deacon master shot it!

Just when his face changed and he was thinking wildly, Zhao Yuande's body moved, and he slapped towards him with a slap.

Zhao Yuande's speed is too fast, even more absent-minded on this bearded beard, he didn't even hide, and was directly slapped on the face by Zhao Yuande.

Cheek beard only felt his head humming, his entire cheek bone was broken, his teeth were all contained in his mouth, his body flew out like a short-line kite, and fell directly on the river bank.

The river patted the bank, and a puff of water sprinkled on the head of his beard, his head suddenly sober.

He just wanted to speak, only to feel that there was no sound at all, and his face was so painful!

Now his eyes were full of panic, and his regretful intestines were green.

Knowing that the opponent is extremely powerful, he dare to come here with the opponent. This is simply the kick being kicked by the donkey.

"Okay, it's time to send you on the road!" Zhao Yuande stepped in front of the beard and stepped on the other person's head with one foot.

Just at this moment, there was a roar of noise in the sky, and a huge building ship came from the horizon.

The building ship is huge, as if it were a mobile city.

Zhao Yuande can clearly feel a strong breath from the building ship, and a very strong one, even comparable to the powerful Xianhongcheng fairy king he had ever seen.

The speed of the building ship is incredible. Just now, he was still on the horizon, and this moment appeared above Zhao Yuande's head.

A huge amount of pressure enveloped him in an instant, and the whole building ship stopped like a sky dome above his head.

"Stop it!" A figure flew down from the building ship. He was a young man with a burly figure, a leopard's head and eyes, and a stubble-faced face, especially if he had two swords in his eyes. This kind of sharp feeling.