Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1178

Chapter 1178: Promotion State

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This man fell in front of Zhao Yuande, looked at him up and down, and then set his sights on the miserable bearded man.

The bearded big man was so painful that his tears and his nose were flowing out. Seeing the mighty young man appeared as if he saw a savior, he gurgled in his throat and shook his head, as if he was mad with sheep.

The embarrassed young man frowned again and again, his eyes clearly showing contempt.

"Are you Xuan Jizong's miscellaneous disciple?" The mighty youth no longer looked at the beard, but looked at Zhao Yuande with burning eyes.

He knew that Xuan Jizong's disciples killed each other in a felony, and wanted to see how the other party's murder was broken by himself.

"Sun Yang, the Sun family heir, the realm of sixfold heavens, Qianyuan fairy body...high-end is extremely difficult to capture."

When the other party was looking at Zhao Yuande, Zhao Yuande was constantly looking at him. Although this person was a good man, he was only in the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm, but his physical body was very powerful, even stronger than himself.

This surprised him a bit. Although he had never heard of the physique of the Qianyuan Immortal Body, he would not be weak at first.

"Yes, I am a handy disciple of Xuan Jizong." Zhao Yuande was not nervous about this Sun Yang, but he was a little helpless. It seems that the purpose of killing this bearded beard this time cannot be accomplished, and It is very likely that this matter will be caused.

I don't know what to do when the Sun Family's Louchuan came to Xuan Jizong?

"Why are you killing him? I see it well. He should also be a handy disciple of Xuan Jizong!" The mighty youth was a little surprised by Zhao Yuande's calmness, which gave him a trace of curiosity.

"It's simple! He wanted to kill me, but he wasn't as good at killing me!" Zhao Yuande made a helpless expression.

"Don't think I don't know your Xuanji Sect's rules. It is also a felony to kill the same kind of people. If you are serious, you can be killed directly. Are you not afraid?" The big eyes of the mighty youth showed curiosity.

"Are you afraid of being useful? I'm afraid you won't see it?" Zhao Yuande shrugged and said lightly, "Since it's useless, what am I afraid of!"

Zhao Yuande's answer made the mighty youngsters stunned, and some could not help but wonder what to say.

What I didn't expect was that this mighty young man was also a wonderful flower. He froze for a while and suddenly laughed.

"Haha! Okay, that's good! You're very interesting and angry with me! You continue, continue!" The mighty youth laughed and flew up into the sky, his voice continued to come, "Remember, my name is Sun Yang, we will definitely meet again in the future!"

The bearded young man who looked at the flying sky with a beard, can't help but really show the look of despair in his eyes.

"Look, look, this is not your savior!" Zhao Yuande was too lazy to tell him more, kicked his beard directly with one foot.

His body flew over the Xuanji River, and before it fell, it exploded into countless flesh and bones and sprinkled in the river.

As soon as the flesh and bones entered the river, the **** smell immediately attracted the **** fish.

But the evidence of the existence of Kung Fu Beard in this world disappeared!

Zhao Yuande glanced at the building ship that disappeared in the depths of Xuan Jizong and couldn't help but think of the guy named Sun Yang just now. Just as the other party said, Zhao Yuande also thought this person was very interesting!

"The fairy road is long, and I should meet again in the future!" Zhao Yuande's mouth showed a smile, spreading his speed toward the mountain gate.

After returning to the miscellaneous area, no one bothered him to practice, he began to use the earth's core to melt the fire beads to understand the rules of fire.

Geocentric melting beads of fire is indeed a piece of immortal treasure, Zhao Yuande only a few hours, he felt the active fire element in the void suddenly became clear.

In the next moment, flames flew around him, and he seemed to be bathed in warm sunlight.


Zhao Yuande, who is practicing, didn't even know the flame around him in this matter, and he had lit his wooden house.

"It's on fire! It's on fire!" Countless miscellaneous disciples shouted and rushed towards the log cabin area.

The residences of these handy disciples are all here, and most of their belongings are placed in the house. Once the fire breaks out, don't come back and put it out quickly.

"So noisy!"

Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and suddenly found himself bathed in fire, surrounded by blazing flames, and the surrounding wooden houses were all lit.

Startled in his heart, he hurriedly stopped practicing.


He took a sip, and the flames around him seemed to come to the nest like Ruyan, and all the rivers and seas were inhaled by him.

The flames suddenly extinguished all around, and everyone looked at this scene inconceivably!

Many handy disciples looked at Zhao Yuande with envy and jealousy in their eyes.

"He realized the rules of flame, and he was born a strong man in the field!"

"A few days ago, that Shen Zong broke through. Today, he broke through again. I don't know how many people will break through. We will also work hard!"

"Hey! Go away, go back to practice after the task is completed, and there will be 20 days to conduct external assessment. It is a basic condition to become a strong field."


Many disciples looked at Zhao Yuande enviously, and they all made up their minds to work hard.

Now that you understand the rules of fire, the incoming field of formation of fire is simply a matter of falling asleep.

In these three days, the thing about the disappearance of the beard was also known.

However, after all, the handy disciples were not officially disciples, and they hurriedly searched and gave up if they didn't find them.

Although many people think that this matter is related to Zhao Yuande, because the beard is to monitor Zhao Yuande and never returned.

However, the bearded beard is fierce, and Zhang Yang is domineering. No handyman disciples have a good impression on him, so no one has objected.

Soon another steward was selected.

This manager is a handy disciple. An older sister is in the doorway. This guy knows that Zhao Yuande is against the sky. He has seen that the fat man was killed alive, and his beard was also missing because of Zhao Yuande.

So he saw that Zhao Yuande was practicing all the time, so he didn't dare to disturb the other party and let the other party do the task.

In just five days, there was a burst of sound in the sky, and Zhao Yuande was promoted to the realm.

He looked up at the sky and found that the clouds were rolling, and the electric dragon was coiled in the clouds.

"Hurry to leave the miscellaneous area, otherwise the sky-tribulation will spread to too many places." Zhao Yuande hurriedly blocked his strong breath, his body flashed, and rushed out of the miscellaneous area in the envy of many people.

Her breath was closed, the dark clouds in the sky gradually dispersed, and the weather of the sky-tribulation disappeared.

Zhao Yuande's speed was so fast that after rushing out of the mountain gate, he flew up into the sky and flew towards a distant mountain.