Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179: Xianbao Conference

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After realizing the realm of the realm, you can use the power of the realm to counteract the immense gravity of the fairy realm, and you can roam the sky at will.

After an hour, he returned to the miscellaneous area with satisfaction.

This Sky Tribulation was not as powerful as imagined, and Zhao Yuande could vaguely guess the reason.

Tian Dao is like a teacher, and the lower realm of Tian Dao is equivalent to a primary school teacher. At that time, Zhao Yuande's performance in the lower realm was like a genius who could easily cross the level. Naturally, this teacher of Tian Dao could not just ask the knowledge of primary school, but also ask the middle school. knowledge.

In this way, the students around them naturally feel incredible, feel incomprehensible, and feel unpredictable.

The Celestial Realm is equivalent to a high school teacher. Zhao Yuande now only shows the level of high school students. Naturally, he asks the knowledge of high school, so it feels nothing strange.

Now that I have been promoted to the realm of the realm, I will first consolidate the realm of the realm, the spirit in my body will once again be replaced by one-tenth of the energy of the spirit, and then I will start practicing the resurrection of Yuanshen!

The progress of the realm of the realm is no longer promoted by the accumulation of the aura alone. The realm of the realm is divided into six small realms of longevity, day, day, freedom, divine appearance, and heavenly king.

The meaning of longevity is that as long as you reach this level, lifespan can directly reach ten thousand years, which is called longevity.

And the sky and sun are the need to travel the soul of the soul to the emptiness, break through the shackles of the power of the world, and reach the endless starry sky to chase the sky and the sun.

Destiny Realm is to see the whole world in the endless starry sky after breaking through the power of the world.

Freedom, in the context of observing the operation of the world, grasp the destiny, find the context of one's own destiny, and detach from oneself.

God looks at the situation, controls himself, transcends himself, and forms a dharma in the understanding of the powerful power in the mind.

Heavenly Realm can control everything in its own realm, and it is the realm of the realm.

These six realms are simple to say, but they are not simple to practice.

However, for a person like Zhao Yuande who has two cultivation experiences, as long as the soul is strong enough, he can directly cultivate to his comfortable state in one breath!

The next phase of the gods needs to be carefully figured out. Before he exploded, his gods always felt that it was a bit unsatisfactory to use. This time, it is important to re-consolidate the gods.

As for King Realm, it was just a matter of thought for him.

So now he only needs the constant strength of the soul, and promotion to the world is not difficult.

As long as he is promoted to the world, he can take out his original inner world from the black-dimensional void channel of different dimensions, and his original treasure resources will return.

It is not difficult to make use of resources to make rapid progress and return to the peak before the explosion.

No one has come to him to complete the task of the miscellaneous area. Zhao Yuande can probably guess the reason. He also enjoys leisurely and wholeheartedly began to practice the resurrection of the Yuanshen, so that his own soul is constantly strong, and his own knowledge of the sea continues. Solid.

Eight days later, he has reached nine times of the resurrection of the soul and successfully entered the first floor.

After entering the first floor, he obviously felt that his knowledge of the sea was extremely stable, even more stable than the knowledge of the sea before he did not explode!

The strength of the soul should reach the level of the Sixth Powerhouse in the realm of the realm, and his physical body has also been slightly improved in the last Heavenly Tribulation, and it should be comparable to the mid-world powerhouse.

So he should now be able to fight against the world's most powerful players, although he can't compare to the metamorphosis before the self-detonation, but if he speaks out, it will be enough to attract the attention of many powerful people.

Now there are only twelve days left for the examination and test of the disciples outside the school. First, we cannot continue to break through. Otherwise, the four or five areas of practice will appear directly in the assessment, which is bound to cause surprise.

In the fairy realm, it is not the lower realm, but it is the strong man who has countless fairy realms. He is no longer the chaotic holy body invincible in the lower realm.

Now if I expose too much cultivation speed beyond ordinary people, I am afraid that people will soon be caught searching for dementors and taking away all my secrets.

So now he can only stop cultivating for a while, instead of continuing to break through, he has to go out and turn around.

"Hey! Have you heard? Baihezhou's once-in-a-century Xianbao Conference started today in our Xuanjifang City!"

"What! I said that a few days ago, there were constantly terrifying strongmen coming to our Xuanji Sect. I also saw a huge building ship almost covering the sky..."

"I also saw it, I heard that it was one of the five forces of the Sun Family's Eighth Grade Sinbao Qianyu Chonglou!"

"Not only the Sun family, Shen Tujia family, Tian Yizong, but also the Baidi Palace has super powers coming. It is said that the first deputy palace master of the Baidi Palace, Jinxian Emperor, came here in person!"

"Emperor Immortal Emperor! The fairy of the world's first beauty, the misty fairy? She also came..."


"Hey! What Xianbao meeting? What's going on?" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and asked puzzled.

"Go...don't...ah! It's Brother Zhao... Brother Zhao, we don't know it's you..." It was very unpleasant to be interrupted by Zhao Yuande, but when I saw who interrupted them, it was suddenly His faces were scared pale.

But they were extremely puzzled. This guy didn't even know about Xianbao Conference? Is he really from Baihezhou?

"Okay, come on!" Zhao Yuande waved his hands impatiently.

"Yes! The so-called Xianbao Conference is a grand event opened by the five forces of Baihezhou in order to make Baihezhou more prosperous. Swap out babies that your family forces don't need."

"This kind of event is once a thousand years, and every time I choose a different location. After millions of years of opening experience, Xianbao Conference has gradually developed into the most important event in Baihezhou. Here is not only an exchange of Xianbao, but also Various other treasures will appear."

"Yes, even some unidentified objects handed down from ancient times, as well as items with indistinguishable effects obtained from the major immortal possessions, major secret areas, and caves!"

"According to legend, Kunyu, the first elder of my Xuanji sect, bought an unknown treasure thousands of years ago, but was inadvertently inspired. It turned out to be an eighth-grade fairy... Elder Kunyu I sold the treasure to the sect, in exchange for a huge amount of wealth that ordinary people can't imagine, and then used this wealth to cultivate and become the first elder!"

"If only we could get such a treasure..."