Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1180

Chapter 1180: No Tears In The Coffin

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Zhao Yuande listened to the words of several people, and his expression gradually showed interest.

Unknown treasures from ancient times? Treasure that cannot be identified? These... these are not prepared for yourself?

Your own eating appraisal technique can fully identify these things, but this is an opportunity for your own development!

However, there are not many fairy jade on my body, only 50,000 high-grade fairy jade, I am afraid it is not enough at all, it seems that we need to separate some ways to earn some fairy jade!

Looking at Zhao Yuande's leaving with excitement in his face, these handy disciples suddenly showed strange colors in their eyes.

In their hearts, there is another guy who wants to get rich and crazy.

No matter what they thought, Zhao Yuande arrived in Xuanjifang City directly on the teleportation array. He just found a horn and replaced the clothes of his handy disciples. Then he swaggered on the streets of Xuanjifang City.

As soon as I entered the city of Xuanjifang, I suddenly found that people had won more than ten times than before. The main street was extremely crowded, and the crowded streets almost appeared crowded.

He had no choice but to pick up the streets with fewer people, but even the alleys that were not prosperous are now overcrowded.

Looking at the powerful existence flying around in the sky, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but shook his head secretly, and could only follow the flow of people a little bit.

Zhao Yuande was reluctantly following the flow of people, and suddenly felt that he was pushed back hard, and he was too close to the person in front, and directly hit the person in front of him.

"Boy, who the **** are you squeezing!" There was a fierce man in front of him, turning his head to stare at Zhao Yuande with anger in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. It's normal for so many people to squeeze down. Who dares to ensure that he doesn't touch others, what this guy wants to do.

"Ah! You crushed the fairy fruit I bought! Your kid pays me fairy jade!" Dahan suddenly escaped a cloth bag from his arms, and liquid was seeping out of the cloth bag at this time.

The other party opened the cloth bag, and really saw a thumb-sized fruit being squeezed, and everyone can smell the fragrance of the fruit.

"What! Squeezed out of the fairy fruit of the others, you guys are doing something, you are doing something big! Hurry up and show the fairy jade to others!" There was a voice behind him, and it sounded as if the two were singing together.

The people around me heard that something was happening, and all of them surrounded them suddenly, and surrounded them in the middle, and suddenly there was congestion on the road.

Zhao Yuande suddenly found something wrong in the performance of the two, and could not help glancing at the two.

"Wang Tian, the field has four levels of freedom, disciples in the Po Lang Pavilion, intermediate ingredients..."

"Zhu Feng, the field has four levels of freedom, disciples in the Po Lang Pavilion, intermediate ingredients..."

Seeing the results of the glance, I immediately understood that these two people must want to blackmail themselves.

"I crushed your fairy fruit? Have you made a mistake, you placed the fairy fruit in front, and you should find the person in front of you behind me! And you bought the fairy fruit without putting it in the storage ring, and you don't need jade The box is full, but wrapped in cloth! I suspect that you are deliberately blackmailing me!" Zhao Yuande looked at the two sharply and repeatedly raised his own questions.

When they heard Zhao Yuande's words, everyone nodded slightly and thought that what Zhao Yuande said was very reasonable.

Xianguo is very valuable. Who will put it in his arms? Even if he wants to put it in his arms, he will be packed in a jade box instead of cloth.

Seeing that Zhao Yuande's heavyweight in this field was not directly stunned, he was still plausible to refute himself. The big man couldn't help but feel a little flustered.

"Humph! You hit me, can you hit me if you don't hit me? Besides, Xianguo is mine, I love to put you where you want!" Dahan shouted, "You don't To compensate us, we called Xuan Jizong's law enforcement disciples to preach justice!"

"Boy, I think you still compensated! The law enforcement disciples of Xuan Jizong are all unreasonable. If they are caught back to the law enforcement hall, you may not be able to eat and walk around!" Seemingly kind words of comfort.

"Really? Since that's the case, please hurry!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were already swept over the squeezed fruit in the other's hand, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth.

"Good! Your kid doesn't see the coffin and doesn't cry!" The big man's face changed again and again, and then he broke his throat and yelled, "Law enforcement team, someone here is deliberately making trouble!"

The big man's voice is very loud and can be heard within ten minutes.

But in the blink of an eye, a team of powerful young practitioners flew in the sky.

These cultivators were dressed in red clothes, and the power of the avenue circulated on their bodies. They turned out to be inner disciples above the imperial realm of Xuanji Sect.

There was a huge amount of pressure on them, which made everyone around him feel a little short of breath.

The breath of being the first young disciple is even stronger, and the pedestrians around the oppression retreat again and again.

Most of the people you walk on this road are practitioners under Emperor Realm. Everyone seeing this group of law enforcement disciples can't help but change their face, and they feel fear.

"What's going on?" The young man headed for the dragon and martial arts, with a majestic momentum. At first glance, he was a figure who had been in high position for a long time.

Zhao Yuande also felt the slight oppression and couldn't help but sweep away the soul.

"Zhang Zhengyi, a disciple of Xuanji Sect's inner disciples, the emperor's peak, intermediate ingredients..."

"He...he pushed me deliberately, squeezed one of my fairy fruits, and didn't want to compensate, and his attitude was extremely rampant!" The big man gritted his teeth and said with added vinegar.

"Yes, this is the kid. I advised him not to listen. Zhang Yang is arrogant and sloppy!" The man next to him said quickly.

Zhang Zhengyi looked at the big man, and the squeezed fruit in his hand, and then looked sharply at Zhao Yuande.

However, after his eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, Zhang Zhengyi couldn't help but slightly surprised. A small monk in this seemingly inconspicuous field was not afraid of his own momentum, but he was calm and calm in the face of his fierce eyes.

Suddenly, he felt that this matter might not be what Dahan said.

"But what they said is true?" Zhang Zhengyi did not directly draw conclusions, but asked you Zhao Yuande.

"It's completely nonsense, there is no authenticity, the two of them are clearly a gang, this person pushed me behind, I hit him, he bought Xianguo and put it in his arms...the two still sang one and one "Zhao Yuande reiterated the cause and effect.

"What do you say?" Zhang Zheng glanced at the two of them, and he couldn't help frowning slightly. He wasn't confused. Upon hearing it, he knew what Zhao Yuande said was true.