Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182: Law Enforcement Is Fair And Honest

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The two law enforcement hall disciples who were about to fall down immediately stopped when they saw this thing. They turned their heads to Zhang Zhengyi and waited for his decision.

Zhang Zhengyi naturally also saw this thing, which is a token with three large characters'Alchemy Peak' on it.

"You... who the **** are you?" Zhang Zhengyi suddenly felt that this matter was a bit tricky. The other party was actually a person of Alchemy Peak. No wonder he could tell the true and false of the fairy fruit.

"This token was given to me by Deacon Chung!" Zhao Yuande did not say who he was, but only who gave it.

If he said that he was just a handy disciple, the other party would never take it seriously, or he might be directly cut off.

Lifting Deacon Jong out and acting as an elixir of the opponent is enough to deter the opponent.

"Zhong... Deacon Zhong!" Zhang Zhengyi suddenly felt the cold sweat in his head, but this was the most aggressive character in the deacon, let alone his own master, he must be stifled!

Today, I didn't expect myself to offend this person. The master knows whether he will kill him directly!

A few days ago, he heard that Elder Jins granddaughter didnt know why he offended Deacon Chungs alchemy boy, but after being humiliated by this force, he was directly thrown to the mountain of Elder Jin. The angry Elder Jin gave up directly The granddaughter, with a lot of gifts, went to pay guilt.

Legend has it that the alchemist boy is just a handy disciple, and the token that he can receive from him is definitely more important than the alchemist boy.

He has wronged him like this. If he gets to Deacon Zhong, let alone his master, even the ancestors can't keep himself.

At this time, Wang Haoran also felt the atmosphere was wrong. Zhang Zhengyi's face didn't look good. How could a deacon scared him like this.

"Brother Zhang..." Wang Haoran just wanted to say something, but was directly interrupted by the other party.

"Don't do it first!" Zhang Zheng waved his hands to stop the members of the two law enforcement teams, and he pointedly pointed at the Dahan Dao, "This matter is awkward, you... Show me the rotten fruit!"

As soon as the big man heard it, he suddenly felt something was wrong, and he turned his attention to Wang Haoran again for help.

"Why don't you dare? Come on! Take me to him!" Zhang Zhengyi said righteously and waved his hand.

Just now the two law enforcement team members directly rushed over, grabbed the big man directly, and handed the rotten fruit in his hand to Zhang Zhengyi.

Zhang Zheng smelt it pretendingly, his face suddenly showing a look of anger.

"This is really just an ordinary fruit! How dare you dare to come to my Xuanji Zongfang City to blackmail." Zhang Zhengyi looked like a power, and pointed at another disciple of the Palang Pavilion. Take it down with me and send it to the Law Enforcement Hall!"

Wang Haoran's face changed again and again, and he wanted to stop it, but he saw that the other party kept giving his eyes.

"Brother Wang, there is no way, I can only let them take them back to the law enforcement hall." Zhang Zhengyi's voice reached his ears at this time.

"Who is this person?" Wang Haohan asked with confusion.

"Hey! Don't say it, it's hard to say a word!" Zhang Zhengyi couldn't explain it to the other party, so he simply didn't say it.

"Brother Zhang, their crimes are already clear, so you don't need to bring them back to the law enforcement hall! These two black sheep don't know how many people blackmailed. If you let them continue to live, I'm afraid no one will agree!" Zhao Yuande looked around. To all the people watching around.

At this point everyone was fooled by this plot flip, but they did know that the identity of this young man seemed unusual, and it seemed that he was about to win this time.

Everyone likes to beat down the water dog. When they heard Zhao Yuande's words, they immediately responded.

"Good! Kill these two black sheep!"

"They commit crimes and die!"

"Blatantly doing this kind of thing in Xuanji Zongfang City, if it is not severely punished, who will dare to come in the future!"

"They dare to pick up the Xianbao Conference to blackmail, it's just boldness..."

"Kill them..."



The two disciples in the Polang Pavilion were suddenly scared, and they all turned their eyes to Wang Haoran.

"Master Wang, help!"

"Young Master Helps!"

The two were heartbroken and desperate.

" are you? I don't know you!" Wang Haoran ate both of them with both minds. Didn't they directly reveal that they were disciples of Polangge?


Everyone turned their eyes to Wang Haoran, and everyone knew the light in his eyes.

Although they were photographed by Wang Haoran's force, the disdain in their eyes could not be concealed.

Zhang Zhengyi found out that if you drag on, you might be dragged into the water, making a gesture of wiping your neck against the two law enforcement team disciples.

The two of them grasped the idea and patted it at the same time.


A sound of being smashed by watermelon sounded, the heads of two disciples of the Polang Pavilion were smashed, the soul of the sea **** was instantly broken, and the dead can't die anymore!

"Good! Good kill!"

All the people who watched the bustle suddenly applauded.

Seeing this scene, Wang Haoran's complexion suddenly turned ugly. He looked at Zhao Yuande gloomy, which is the life and death of his two brothers forced by this guy. He must find a chance to kill him.

Seeing that the two were dead, Zhao Yuande smiled at Zhang Zhengyi and said, "Brother is really law enforcement, fair and honest, and brother admires!"

"Hehe! Where and where!" Zhang Zheng smiled dryly, "Teacher brother was wronged!"

"Brother, can I go now?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other's eyes brightly.

"Yes! Anyway! This is the freedom of the younger brother." Although Zhang Zhengyi showed a warm smile on his face, his heart was gritted.

He only felt that today was his worst day, and finally he had to return his affection and bully an insignificant little person, but he did not expect to be beaten by the little person.

Why didn't this guy take out the token at the beginning, and it didn't happen so soon after it was taken out, is he trying to read his own joke?

Zhang Zheng hated Zhao Yuande, if he had a chance in the future, he would find this face in the first time.

"Brother goodbye!" Zhao Yuande stepped away with a smile.

"Brother Zhang, you must make this clear to me today, otherwise you and I will never be finished!" Wang Haoran saw Zhao Yuande walking away and approaching angrily, his attitude was very bad.

"Brother Wang, you don't have to be intimate! For your sake, I offended this person today. I just might not be able to deal with it in the future. It may even affect my future development. What is your fart thing!" Seeing the other party was aggressive, Zhang Zhengyi I was angry at the beginning, and suddenly broke out!

He glanced coldly at the other person, turned around and flew away.

Wang Haoran was suddenly left in place, flushed with embarrassment.