Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183: Meet Sun Yang Again

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"Good! Zhang Zhengyi, whispered when you asked me, now you are majestic!" Wang Haoran gritted his teeth and stood in the same place for a long time, "You all watch what you see, leave me!"

Although Zhao Yuande let out a sigh of relief, his heart was indeed very depressed.

His strength is too weak, even two small areas of the quadruple dared to come and touch porcelain, to find his own trouble, if he had changed before, he would have slapped it directly!

" stop... say you!" Zhao Yuande was depressed, and suddenly heard someone quarreling behind him.

He turned his head to look around and found an acquaintance following him.

"Are your ears deaf! I told you that you haven't stopped for a long time." This man looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly stunned, "Are you promoted to realm?"

"It's you? Why are you here?" Zhao Yuande looked at this man with a weird look.

Wasnt that the Sun Yang of the Sun family who had to kill his beard and fell from the sky that day? He should not appear here in his capacity.

"Being able to meet again shows that the two of us are destined." Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande and smiled, "Haha! Let me know, my name is Sun Yang, someone from the Sun family!"

"Zhao Yuande, a disciple of Xuan Jizong's miscellaneous!" Zhao Yuande saw his name as if there was no deceitful conspiracy.

"Brother Zhao, I think you are very strong. Are you interested in communicating with us?" Sun Yang is really a real person. He just knew that there were not a few words in total, so he had to communicate with others.

"Oh! Good!" Zhao Yuande was also pleased, and wondered what kind of physique the Xian Qian Xian body was.

He patted one hand towards the other.

This hand seems to be light and fluttering, but it actually contains all of Zhao Yuande's physical strength.

"Come well!" Sun Yang saw that the other party was sent by the palm, not angering, but also extended a hand to meet the past.


The two palms intersect, and suddenly a dull sound is heard.

Between the two, countless cracks appeared on the solid bluestone ground, and an invisible impact burst into the surroundings and radiated instantly.

Countless cultivators walking around, were suddenly lifted by terrible power, and the whole street suddenly turned upside down.

And the two people stood at the center of the road with their palms at the same time, even fighting evenly!

When Zhao Yuande saw Sun Yang before, he felt that his opponent's physical body was stronger than himself, but he was promoted to the realm of the realm. After experiencing the baptism of the Heaven Tribulation, his physical body caught up again.

"Good!" Sun Yang felt Zhao Yuande's power, and his eyes showed a shocked look, but then a kind of admiration surged into his heart.

As the so-called hero cherishes the hero, he feels a sense of sympathy for Zhao Yuande.

In this realm, he has never seen someone who can be separated from his own body, and this person is very interesting and very temperamental.

The more important opponent is just a miscellaneous disciple of Xuan Jizong, but with his talent, he will soon rise, and it is definitely the best to be able to be friends with the opponent at this time.

This kind of person must be paid, but also deep!

Zhao Yuande also secretly admired this person's strength, and the other party's character was straightforward, and he was a friend who could make friends.

"Who is here to do it!"

Just when the two people sympathized with each other and couldn't help themselves, suddenly a thunderous sound came from far away.

The two not only changed their face when they heard it, but glanced into the crowd hurriedly, and disappeared after blinking.

"Brother Zhao, let me take you to a place where we can have a good chat!"

Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande quickly came to a restaurant.

This restaurant has 36 floors.

"Young Master, you are here!"

As soon as he reached the door of the restaurant, an old man in a black robe greeted him respectfully.

"Well! Take us to the eighteenth floor and serve us the best wine. I want to get drunk with this friend!" Sun Yang waved his hand and the old man hurriedly led the way ahead.

On the eighteenth floor, the two sat down in a elegant room by the window.

After a while, food and wine will be delivered continuously.

These delicacies are all cooked with the blood and flesh of various fierce beasts and precious elixir, which has certain benefits for cultivation.

Spirit wine is a kind of spirit fruit as the main raw material, and it also has a good effect on the recovery of the spiritual energy of the practitioner.

However, in Zhao Yuande's view, this is a waste. If these materials are made by him, the effect can be increased by ten times!

Seeing Zhao Yuande looking at the table full of food and wine, his eyes showed a distressed look, Sun Yang couldn't help but curiously asked: "Brother Zhao, do these dishes do not taste good?"

Zhao Yuande hesitated and sighed softly: "Hey! Brother Sun doesn't know, actually I am from the alchemy family, and there are a set of secret food recipes in the family. Not bad, if these foods are made by me, the effect will be at least ten times better!"

In fact, Zhao Yuande also passed this thoughtful thought. The other party was able to treat himself like this, and brought himself to taste this kind of food, that is, he regarded himself as a friend.

Zhao Yuande is naturally not stingy with his friends, and using food to help the other party all at once is indeed appropriate.

And Zhao Yuande originally planned to open a food shop, this time is an introduction!

He can open his own market in Sun Yang, and then use each other's network resources to make a fine food workshop, only accepting the powerful Sun Yang who has the status of backstage.

"Oh! This happened? Brother Zhao Jie wouldn't mind making it himself?" Sun Yangting's heart seemed to be crawling, tickling terribly.

"Why not, but I need a lot of accessories, but I need Brother Sun..." Zhao Yuande reminded.

"Anyway! My Sun family has various industries in Xuanji Zongfang City. I can get you anything you want!" Sun Yang patted his chest.

"it is good!"

Sun Yang took Zhao Yuande to a huge ice cellar behind their restaurant. There was a goose egg-sized bead in the center of the ice cellar, which exuded a white light.

"The good guy turned out to be a second-grade immortal treasure, frozen stone! Your Sun family is really rich and wealthy, and actually used frozen stone to make an ice cellar!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help wondering.

"Hey! The Xuanbing fairy gas contained in the frozen stone has a very good fresh-keeping effect on various foods, which is thousands of times better than that stored in the storage ring, and even a special ice will be stored after storage. It feels cool that many old customers revisited because of this!" Sun Yang introduced with a smile, "Brother Zhao, choose your materials!"

There are a variety of ingredients in the ice cellar, and even the blood of the fairy beast, fairy fruit, fairy grass...