Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1184

Chapter 1184: The Efficacy Of Food

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"Hehe! Brother Zhao, you can use it except these fairy beasts and flesh, fairy fruits. I dare not move, these are the ingredients that are only used by the restaurant to entertain the strong above the fairy king." Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande will Looking at these fairy beast materials and fairy fruits, he was startled and explained quickly.

"Oh! Brother Sun, rest assured, even if these things are made, the two of us can't take it anymore. I'm afraid they will die directly after eating." Zhao Yuande smiled and began to browse various ingredients.

"Storm lion blood flesh, ninth-order beast blood flesh, has a strong wind attribute power...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe Storm, improve the chance of understanding the law of wind, ingredients list..."

"Blood-ring fat remains blood, eight-tier fierce beast blood, has a trace of ancient fierce beast fat blood veins...Middle-level ingredients, matches the recipe "Sky Fire", improves the chance of enlightenment of the law of fire, list of ingredients..."

"Jinlinjiao blood flesh, eighth-order beast blood flesh, with meager true dragon blood veins...Middle-level ingredients, matching the recipe Dragon Blood Soup', increase the strength of the flesh, enhance the strength of the flesh, enhance the power of qi and blood, list of ingredients..."

"That's it! The flesh and blood of Jinlinjiao!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "Today I will let Brother Sun see and see my Zhao family's secret recipe!"

Zhao Yuande was confident and reported the supporting materials one by one.

"You, you prepare these materials and send them to me immediately!" Sun Yang ordered to the old man in black robe behind him.

"Young Master... These things are really..." The old man in black robe frowned, he was the housekeeper of this restaurant, he was very knowledgeable and knew the value of these things very well.

If these things are sold, they will be worth 30,000 to 40,000 high-grade fairy jade!

"Shut up, go and prepare immediately!" Sun Yang's face sank, and a pair of big eyes released the cold chill.

"Yes! Young Master!"

The old man took a deep look at Zhao Yuande and went straight to prepare!

Although he didn't know what the other party wanted to do, but the young master's order he had to respect.

"Brother Zhao, don't care!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande, seeming to be a little embarrassed for the old man's mouthiness.

"It's okay, this predecessor is right to worry." Zhao Yuande smiled faintly. "But Brother Sun will know in a moment, whether these things are worth the money."

"Is it really that magical?" Sun Yang began to be half-confident, but he promised Zhao Yuande because of face problems, but he didn't expect the other side to be so indifferent. With such an oath, his curiosity was instantly hooked.

"Brother Sun will know it in a moment!" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously, and he was confident. "Oh, yes! I will find a better sealed room later. I am worried that the overflow of taste will attract others!"

"Oh! This is simple." Sun Yang was even more curious when he heard this. Could there be any magical smell?

In less than half an hour, the old man in black robe prepared all the materials, and the two came to a secret room.

Zhao Yuande took out the furnace tripod and put it in the center of the secret room, and then began to sort the materials one by one. Like alchemy, they were arranged in the order of their input.

Just as he understood the rules of fire, he soon began to cook this dish.

Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande's various movements curiously, smelling the scent of fragrance gradually coming from the furnace tripod, and he could not help but shed Haraz.

He finally understood why Zhao Yuande asked him to look for a sealed room. If this scent spreads, I am afraid that all the guests of the restaurant will come around. This smell is too fragrant.

People cultivate to such an extent that they basically no longer need to eat to maintain their survival. Most of the people who come to the restaurant to eat are actually to satisfy the appetite, and some are together to make it lively.

He is the heir of the Sun family, and the Sun family is one of the five major forces in Baihezhou. From childhood to big, there is no mountain and sea flavor, no delicious delicacies, but I have never smelled such a fragrant taste!

His curiosity was almost aroused to the apex. He watched anxiously as he boiled the golden soup in the furnace, his mouth rattling involuntarily.

"Brother Sun, it will take some time, don't worry!"

"Brother Sun, don't get so close, I can't concentrate!"

"Brother Sun, be careful of your saliva, it is about to drip..."

"Brother Sun..."

After three hours, Zhao Yuande announced that the food was ready to eat.

"Ha! It's so fragrant, I don't know how it tastes!" Sun Yang had prepared tableware long ago, like a pug waiting by the furnace, especially with a pair of big eyes looking at Dingzhong's soup The haraz in the corner of his mouth could not stop flowing down again.

"Wow! It's so fragrant! It's so slippery! That's good... There is also a warm gas entering my meridian and flowing into my limbs..." Sun Yang praised as he ate, eating and eating, suddenly his eyes glared Go round, incredible!

"Quickly take this opportunity to eat more!" Zhao Yuande gave him several big bowls in a row.

Sun Yang's body feels hotter as he eats, and a strong breath in his body is indefinitely refining his flesh, muscles, and meridians...

"Immediately start running your exercises and try to guide these forces to refine the flesh!" Zhao Yuande's voice rang in his ears.

Sun Yang was shocked and hurriedly sat cross-legged as Zhao Yuande said and began to practice!

Zhao Yuande saw that Sun Yang was in a state of cultivation, and he hurriedly ate the rest of the food and began to cultivate.

Zhao Yuande is a familiar journey. He has had this kind of experience many times before, and there is also a black vortex in the body to assist absorption. However, in just a few dozen breaths, he has absorbed all the power in this cuisine and raised his body. The small realm is now about the same as the physical strength of the strong men in the later stage of the world.

"I... my flesh! It turned out... actually... a huge increase!" At this time, Sun Yang, who was sitting cross-legged and practicing, suddenly opened his eyes and grew his mouth inexplicably, speaking more It's stuttering!

"Congratulations to Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"This... how is this going to happen? Why is my flesh improved so much at once? Is it really this... the problem of the food?" Sun Yang still can't believe it at this time, his mouth is open.

"Don't doubt, this is the secret recipe of my family!" Zhao Yuande was serious and his face was full of pride.

"Really?" Sun Yang asked again in disbelief.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Then...Is it possible to make a dozen or twenty servings? I've eaten it out. Wouldn't the flesh be directly comparable to the fairy! Haha!" Sun Yang couldn't help laughing when he thought of this.

Laughing forward and back, laughing wildly, if this is not a secret room, I am afraid I don't know how many people will be recruited to watch.