Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185:

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"Do you think it is possible?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help rolling his eyes, this guy's head is too simple!

"Oh! It's impossible!" Sun Yang actually just released the excitement in his heart just now. He naturally knew it was impossible.

"Each recipe can only be eaten twice, and the second effect will be much smaller! And this recipe will only be effective if it is inherited by our Zhao family, and no one else will make it. Effective! Brother Sun should have just written down the process I made, you can let anyone try it at will." Zhao Yuande explained lightly.

"Oh! This..." Sun Yang blushed a little. He actually had this thought, but he was really embarrassed when Zhao Yuande said it was broken.

"It's okay, you are also common sense. Without this kind of psychology, it would be wrong!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and smiled, "You can find someone to try. But the material is wasted, don't blame me for not reminding you!"

"Brother Zhao, let's not talk about this, I don't know what other foods you can make, such as raising the realm, raising the perception, and raising the soul..." Sun Yang said a big pass, and his face was all expectation.

"These can be improved, but my realm is too low. The highest point is to help a powerful person at the peak of the world to promote the emperor realm, so that he can understand an ancient demon avenue!" Zhao Yuande felt it was time to throw a bombshell Too.

"You can still comprehend the Ancient Demon Avenue! How did you do it?" Sun Yang was even short of breath at this moment.

"Naturally, the materials have to be complete! To comprehend the Ancient Demon God Avenue, you must prepare a blood **** stone impregnated with the blood of the ancient Demon God, and then mix it with various anti-sky treasures, such as Heavenly Daohua, Emperor's Heart, Chaos Jinwu Blood..."Zhao Yuande successively spoke of dozens of rare elixirs, among which are elixirs that could not be found in the fairy realm.

"This...the value of these should be more than one million high-grade fairy jade!" Although Sun Yang was shocked by the value of these elixirs, he was even more shocked by the effect of mixing these elixirs, which could make the ancient jade deity alive.

However, he still didn't quite believe it and couldn't help suggesting: "We might as well find some more materials. I want to improve my own power of my soul. My power of my soul is always unable to keep up with my physical body, which hurts several brothers. They all say that my mind is simple and my limbs are developed.

"This is not difficult, but there is nothing in those materials that can enhance the power of the soul, we have to go out and find it." Zhao Yuande said.

"Haha! Brother Zhao, this is no less worrying. My Sun family has a lot of industry. I will take you to the Lingyao Pavilion!" When Sun Yang heard it, he was overjoyed, and he found Zhao's Lingyao Pavilion with Zhao Yuande. .

"A lot of magic medicines, fairy medicines, fairy fruits..." Zhao Yuande felt the wealth of the Sun family. The materials here can be said to be everything, compared with the Wanyao Pavilion in Shen Tuzong countless times.

"Did you see that? It is the treasure of the seven-horse fairy grass "Golden Wuhuang Bloodweed" of Lingyao's town pavilion, which can be refined from eight-pin immortal to Yangba blood! This immortal can not be found even in Baihezhou The second plant, some people once wanted to bid for 3 billion top grade immortal jade, but my grandfather didn't even care about it!" Sun Yang took Zhao Yuande to the third floor when he entered the Lingyao Pavilion, and watched a seven-leaf buckeye shaped like a golden black grass.

A powerful fairy spirit swayed around, and Zhao Yuande could feel that dozens of powerful forbidden formations were shaking beside this fairy grass. Not to mention him, even a fairy could not get close.

"Jinwu Emperor Bloodweed, Qipinxiancao, grows in the nest of the ancient **** Jinwu, absorbs the essence of the sun, Jinwu essence, and forms the first leaf in nine thousand years. In nine thousand years, it has a golden fire, a golden fire Bloodline...high-end ingredients...matching recipes..."

"Huh..." Zhao Yuande let out a long breath and couldn't help but sigh, "If this fairy grass is made into gourmet food, combined with several rare materials, it should allow a powerful person above the fairy land to have a golden fire Or transplant Jinwu bloodline! Unfortunately, I dont have the ability to make this kind of food yet!"

"Goodong!" Sun Yang almost choked to death without coming up, he looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably, trembling, " won't deceive me!"

"Brother Sun, do you think I'm so free?" Zhao Yuande shook his head and smiled. "Okay, don't talk about these unrealistic things! Let's go and see ordinary materials!"

"Okay!" Although Sun Yang agreed, he was a little absent-minded, constantly echoing what Zhao Yuande said just now.

Jinwu Shenhuo! Golden Black Bloodline!

Don't talk about these two things, even if an immortal emperor listens, his eyes will be red.

The ancient gods and beasts are not the so-called gods and beasts. They almost died out in the **** battle triggered by the great ape king in the ancient times. Their fighting power is comparable to the king of the fairy emperor, absolutely terrifying!

If an immortal emperor gains combat power, he can double it immediately, and if the old man gets a combat power boost, he may be able to grab the position of the master!

Of course, he just thinks about it now, and he still doesn't trust Zhao Yuande so much!

"This celestial robberia is good, and he can be used as the main medicine!" Zhao Yuande finally selected a small tree covered with black scales on the first floor. From time to time, black gas emerged from the small tree to let People can't help but feel a sense of terror in their hearts.

However, although this tree looks strange, it is a real top-level elixir, with powerful functions that can be refined into a Divine Pill!

"These are the necessary auxiliary materials, you can let them prepare." Zhao Yuande handed over a piece of paper filled with the name of the material.

Sun Yang took it, and then ordered to prepare.

This time the promotion of the Soul of God is naturally a matter of course. Zhao Yuande also took the opportunity to raise his own Soul of Soul to the sixth peak of the field. It can be comparable to the world's strongest in one step.

After Sun Yang's promotion, when he looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes were different.

"Shall we do a few more things?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande with a staring look.

"Okay! Brother Sun, making food is extremely consuming my energy. In theory, it can only be made once a day, and it is best to take it once a day. If it is not for Brother Suns kindness, it is impossible for me to spend energy making the second time. Three times it will affect the cultivation order!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand and explained, "And my cultivation is improved to produce higher-level cuisine, which is proportional!"

"Oh! It turned out that it was me, I was abrupt!" Sun Yang nodded, but his face still showed a surprise light, "But even with this limitation, it is much more effective than the Dan medicine, Dan All kinds of attention and care are needed when taking the medicine, and the refining of the panacea is more time-consuming and laborious. Brother Zhao, you can eat it completely. If it spreads, I dont know how many people will be rushing!"