Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1187

Chapter 1187: Gambling

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But as Zhao Yuande said, she is now only a guard assigned by Zongmen, the purpose is to protect the young master's safety.

Zong Men gave the death order, even if they died a hundred times, they would not let this young master lose a single hair!

This is the status gap, and this is the status gap!

"Good! Everyone in your area dare to yell in front of me! You don't understand Zunbei!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande holding the opponent's dead point directly, and hurried to follow up. Falling water dog, he continued sternly, "Lei Zhenzi, what do you mean? To humiliate me and humiliate my friend by borrowing a servant, do you want to tear the two of us off because of this?"

Although Lei Zhenzi was arrogant and unscrupulous, he knew that the kid on the opposite side represented the Sun family, and at best he represented only his own ancestor. The people of the Sun family are all dog tempers. If you treat them well, they will It will be good to you, but if you humiliate them, waiting for the other party's crazy bite.

The two of them have the same status, and they are noisy. Even if they are injured and lose face, it is just a dispute between the two children.

But if your guards humiliate each other, this nature will change...

Thinking of this, Lei Zhenzi hurriedly slapped Li Meier's face.

"Damn things, you dare to be unreasonable to Brother Sun, and to brother Sun's friends, what is your identity, and don't kneel down to me, and apologize!" Lei Zhenzi made a face, and a pair of eyes glanced coldly. Li Meier.


Li Meier was suddenly stunned and looked at the other person inconceivably. He couldn't believe the other person even said this.

"Huh? How dare you not listen to me!" Lei Zhenzi's eyebrows twisted, facing the north side of Qiao Beifeng, "Give him three breaths, otherwise kill me! I don't need such a disobedient minion!"

"You..." Li Meier's eyes glared at the boss. At this moment, she was going crazy. She felt that her chest was about to explode, and a burst of blood was spinning in her throat, as long as she opened her mouth.

At this time, even Sun Yang and Zhao Yuande were a little shocked by this decisive and ruthless!

"If this son does not fall, he will definitely become the leader of Tianyizong, and it will definitely be a big threat in the future. I think your Sun family still needs to make preparations in advance. It is best to find an opportunity to kill him!" Zhao Yuande passed the message to Sun Yang .

He had never seen a boy with such a heart, absolutely a terrible enemy.

"Sister, kneel down and apologize, otherwise I won't be able to save you!" Qiao Beifeng rushed to Li Meier.

"I...wrong! I am guilty of Master Sun and this son!" Li Meier thumped on the ground with a thump, and put his head on the ground, his voice full of despair and humiliation.

A lot of people have been attracted by what happened here at this time around four weeks, and they couldn't help but look at each other when they saw this situation.

"Forget it!" Sun Yang waved his hand.

Engaging in such a small person will insult his identity as the young master of the Sun family.

"Get up!" Lei Zhenzi's voice was cold.

Li Meier is like a clay sculpture, without a trace of expression on his face, and the whole person is standing sideways.

But Zhao Yuande could feel the killing intention of the other party in his heart!

"Did I just talk about Lei Zhenzi, would you dare to take it?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with a smile.

Now that he has enemies, he must suppress the opponent at all costs, and it is best to make the opponent lose confidence!

"Oh! My identity is noble, it is impossible to gamble with my life!" Lei Zhenzi waved his hand.

"In that case, let's bet your life as a guard?" Zhao Yuande pointed at Li Meier.

"Brother Zhao, are you sure?" Sun Yang grabbed Zhao Yuande. He didn't want Zhao Yuande to bet his life. This person was the best choice as a friend.

"Brother Sun still doesn't believe me?" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly at him and blinked slightly.

Thinking of Zhao Yuande's magical technique, Sun Yang inexplicably gave him a blind trust.

"Okay! Just follow Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Since you want to gamble, then gamble! I don't want to take advantage of you, this kind of mortal life is worthless. If you win, I will not only give her to you, but also lose to you 100,000 top grade fairy jade But if you lose, your life is mine. You will go with me and become my servant of Lei Zhenzi!" Lei Zhenzi's face sneered in a dark manner.

"Okay! Lei Zhenzi is really happy, and is worthy of being one of the young masters of Tianyizong. How about we decide the outcome with three pieces? Compare the value of three things! Not only is it a loss, but also three treasures are given to The other party!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sneer for a while. I have the appraisal technique. Everything here can't escape my magic eyes. Will I lose?

One hundred thousand top grade Xianyu and this woman will soon become my loot!

"It's up to you!" Lei Zhenzi waved his hand broadly, "Qiao Beifeng, called me the Seven Elders and asked him to choose three treasures for me!"

"Yes!" Qiao Beifeng behind him heard a strange smile on his face and turned to find someone.

"Lei Zhenzi, are you still looking for foreign aid?" Sun Yang said dissatisfiedly, "In doing so, some rules are broken!"

"What's the rules? You didn't say yes in advance, it's no rules, I'm right to find someone to help!" Lei Zhenzi's mouth was slightly cocked, complacent.

"Brother Zhao, if not me too..." Sun Yang turned to look at Zhao Yuande, his face anxious.

"It's okay, as long as it's not the strong man above the fairy monarch, there is nothing terrible!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, indifferently.

"Young Master is looking for me?" At this moment, an old voice came into everyone's ears, and an old man with a thin figure described dry and appeared in front of Lei Zhenzi.

"What! It turned out to be this predecessor!" When the old Kuchao appeared, someone suddenly exclaimed.

"How? You know this senior?"

"You don't know, this predecessor is simply a god's eye. Last time I saw with my own eyes that he chose six things here, all of them are real treasures!"

"What! He has such a vision, this is impossible..."

"I saw it with my own eyes. One of them is a five-grade Xianbao Ding. It was a magnificent place on the spot, and the inside of the Ding has a powerful spirit. If it is not the power of this predecessor, it will almost break the space directly. Run away!"

"The turmoil that day turned out to be because of this..."


There was a lot of talk.

Lei Zhenzi listened to these remarks and showed an extremely smug smile on his face. He even looked at Zhao Yuande provocatively.

"This guy..." Sun Yang gritted his teeth.

"It's okay! It's okay!" Zhao Yuan De Lao is here, Zhi Zhu is holding it.

Zhao Yuande's performance made Sun Yang even more endlessly curious about him!

In the end, what kind of hole card does Brother Zhao have?