Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1188

Chapter 1188: Three Treasures

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"Seven elders, you help me choose three things. I bet with Sun Yang of the Sun family, but don't lose face to us!" Lei Zhenzi is also very respectful of this old man, and his words are mentioned in the words. Two cases were reached.

This is already a matter of promotion to Zongmenzi, and the seven elders are not tolerated.

"Young Master, rest assured, leave it to me!" The Seven Elders looked in Sun Yang's direction and nodded slightly to Sun Yang. "Old Man has seen Master Sun Shao."

"Seniors are more polite!" Sun Yang nodded.

"Since that is the case, let's start!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, and began striding down the meteor along the avenue, looking at the items one by one.

"It's a big gamble! It's a big gamble! Master Sun's young master and Tian Yizong young master are shocking!"

"Come and see!"


The news seemed to have wings and spread out in an instant, but a dozen breathing hours, the whole street was surrounded by countless curious onlookers. Even if there were countless powerful fairies in the sky, even high At this time, the high cloud also has several strong breaths that are looking down.

"Old man Sun, who do you think can win these two little cubs!" An old goatee touched the goatee of his jaw and looked at the old man with a red face on the opposite side.

"Just the dust, I think that the kid is not simple. You see his eyes, his wisdom is calm, as if everything is in control, it can't be pretended, maybe my grandson's family can win." The red-faced old man called the old man Sun A glare below.

"Oh! The Beizhengxiao of that day also has some skills. If I see it right, he has the heavenly eyes!" The old goatee said lightly, "I think this Beizhengxiao should win!"

"It's not as good as the two of us!" The red-faced old man suddenly smiled, "I have a Bijing Shenshi, I lost it and gave you the Bijing Shenshi, and won the Qipinxiandan that you only got. Qiaolinglongdan gave me, how?"

"Old man Sun, you have been coveting for a long time! OK, I will promise you!" The old goat goat nodded for a moment.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had walked from one end of the street to the other, and he swept the objects on both sides.

In the end, three of the treasures were selected.

A slap-sized celadon vial, the vial seems to have been corroded, and the bottle's mouth is blocked by a stone-like thing, and the thing blocking the bottle's mouth seems to have been pryed by someone, leaving a trace of the bottle's mouth A slight crack in the silk.

The celadon vial exudes a faint spirit, letting people know at a glance that it should be a real treasure.

A three-foot-long wooden sword, the material seems to be a kind of flat peach fruit tree that is often found in the fairy world. In ancient times, the wooden sword made of this peach fruit tree had the effect of favoring and avoiding evil, so it will basically be in the home of the dynasty. This kind of thing.

This wooden sword is engraved with a flying golden eagle, which looks mighty.

The last one is a jade card, which is engraved with dense characters, as if it were some kind of symbol for sacrifice.

"I'm done!" Zhao Yuande put three things in his hands and a smile appeared on his face.

At this time, the old man has also selected three of the many items.

One is a cyan big tripod with a height of several feet. The tripod is simple. The dragon and phoenix are depicted on the top. The dragon and phoenix are lifelike.

One is a bronze long sword with a sharp edge, but it has no aura or even immortality, just like a weapon for mortal combat.

One is a black vase three feet high, with a goose neck in the mouth, and a yellow flower is still inserted at this time. Obviously this thing was used as a vase before.

"Senior! Please!" Zhao Yuande nodded to the seven elders.

"Wait a minute! These things have to be paid to Xianyu first, and then they are the two!"

"The Tianyizong side is worth a total of 890,000 top-grade fairy jade! And these three pieces from the Sun family... a total of 50,000 top-grade fairy jade!" When the middle-aged man in white sees three things in Zhao Yuande's hands, he can't help but also slightly For a while, these three are probably the cheapest of all!

The Seven Elders of Tian Yizong randomly dropped a storage ring, and the middle-aged man in white caught his roar and nodded.

"Brother Zhao..." Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande and had to pay him the bill.

"No!" Zhao Yuande also lost a storage ring, which contained all his wealth of 50,000 high-grade fairy jade.

This left Sun Yang a little stunned. This guy is a handy disciple. How can there be fifty thousand top grade fairy jade on his body?

But then it was relieved that the other party must not only be a disciple of Xuan Jizong's miscellany.

The children of many large families will be sent to a large group for trial. Starting from the handy disciples, this person said that the food recipes were passed down from his own family. It seems right.

"Which of you two first talk about the three treasures in your hand?" The middle-aged man in white is the manager of this Jianbao Street. He also read these things, and there is no special discovery. curious.

"I'll come first!" Tian Yizong's Seven Elders nodded slightly to the people around them, and placed the sizable blue ding in front of him.

"If I guessed this Ding correctly, it should be a Ding Ding in the ancient times! In the ancient times, there were all kinds of treasures, alchemy techniques are relatively shallow, and there is no system for alchemy. On the contrary, this kind of big Ding without cover is the most popular among alchemists. I initially estimate that this Ding is also worth at least millions of top grade immortal jade!" The seven elders said a big pass, and also said that Ding's Value, but did not say why there is so much value, which makes you feel a little scratching your ears.

"Millions worth? Also ask the seven elders to talk about why they are worth millions?" Zhao Yuande actually knew that this great tripod was an ancient refining medicine tripod, but he didn't know why it was so valuable.

"Oh! Is there an alchemy master present?" The seven elders looked around.

"Haha! Bei Zhengxiao, you are competing with my Xuanji Sect disciple, and I came to join in the fun." At this time, there was a hearty voice in the sky, and a thin old man slowly fell on the field.

"Master Deacon!" Zhao Yuande saw this figure, and he couldn't help revealing a trace of surprise on his face.

The coming person is Deacon Zhong of Alchemy Peak.

Deacon Zhong turned his head to Zhao Yuande and nodded slightly, with shock and relief in his eyes.

"Zhong Wuliang, I knew that you would not be able to hold your breath. Congratulations, congratulations! I haven't seen you in years to hear that you have advanced to the Immortal Master." Elder Seven saw the deacon Zhong's appearance without any surprise, "Since you are here, Just talk to this little guy, why is this great tripod worth millions?"